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  • OK. Welcome to my day in the life.

  • Stacie is helping me out so I could show you my day.

  • Hi, Stacie.

  • Thank you for doing this.

  • It is Saturday so I usually wake up pretty late.

  • And then I get up and try not to trip over things, and I open the blinds.

  • Dreamhouse, please open the blinds.

  • It's pretty great having a smart house.

  • I just love this view, it is so fantastic.

  • Hello, Malibu, good morning!

  • On Saturdays, I like to slide down the stairs.

  • You know my stairs turn into a slide, right?

  • I mean, when you've got creative parents mixed with kids and architects.

  • I love my house. It's such a dream.

  • And then I like to make myself a smoothie.

  • Oooh! How does an avocado, blueberry, honey smoothie sound?

  • Yum!

  • Girls! Pancakes with blueberries!

  • Yes, please.

  • Family Saturday pancake breakfast... yum!

  • Sometimes I sing or play the piano to help me wake up.

  • Taffy likes to join me.

  • Things might be different

  • Not what you think

  • But there's a whole world that's out there to see

  • Just gotta let go

  • Nice job, Taffy.

  • That was really good.

  • You feel more awake now too.

  • Or I get myself moving on the trampoline.

  • Maybe not such a great idea right after Saturday family breakfast, though.

  • Or I like to walk on the beach and hear the ocean.

  • Such a peaceful way to start the day.

  • Sometimes I surf.

  • Sometimes I snack.

  • Or go back to bed.

  • Read, draw, maybe even take a nap if it's been a long week.

  • I mean it is Saturday, right?

  • But not today, because...

  • Today I am going to Nikki's fashion show.

  • She's been teaching a design course at the rec center.

  • So first, I am going to show you my Saturday make-up routine.

  • I've already washed my face and I already have a moisturizer on with an SPF of 30.

  • I then put on a little blush.

  • Like this.

  • And a little mascara to make my eyes pop.

  • Like that.

  • And then that's usually it.

  • I'm not really a big make-up person as a rule, but in this case for Nikki's special event, I'm going to do a little bit of this.

  • I don't know if you can tell, but it's pink sparkles.

  • See!

  • And that's it.

  • A day in the life of me.

  • Thank you, Stacie.

  • Well, I'm off to the show.

  • I'll let you know how it goes.

  • Bye.

  • P.A.C.E.

  • Hey, everyone. I hope you're loving my vlog. Be sure to comment, like, and subscribe so you can get the latest and greatest Barbie vlogs and more.

  • Oh, and let me know what you want to see in the comments below. I'll be reading them. So you may just see what you ask for. Stay tuned. P.A.C.E.

OK. Welcome to my day in the life.


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