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  • Oh, hey, everyone.

  • I don't know about you, but I love listening to music.

  • I guess most people do.

  • There are so many musical styles in English that you can use them to make learning more pleasurable.

  • In this video, I'll give you four tips to learn English with music.

  • Oh, and if you're a teacher, I have an extra tip for you at the end of the video.

  • Our first tip: You can choose a song you like and read along with the lyrics while you are listening to it.

  • That way you can read the words at the same time, helping with your comprehension and pronunciation.

  • Spotify now has a section where you can read the lyrics of the song whilst you are listening to it.

  • Our second tip: You can print out the lyrics and try to translate it into your own language.

  • Many songs use different expressions and idioms, so when people translate them to their own language, it makes sense to them what they are singing and hearing.

  • To help you translate, you can use the Online Cambridge Dictionary, which has more than 20 languages and options.

  • Our third tip: You can practice the song with apps like LyricsTraining.

  • In this app you listen to the song and complete the lyrics with the missing words.

  • They are great to practice listening and your overall comprehension of the song.

  • Our fourth tip: Sing.

  • After you've seen and practiced the lyrics, put the song on and sing to practice pronunciation and have fun.

  • Here is an extra tip for teachers.

  • Ask your students to bring or send you examples of songs that contain the grammar or vocabulary topic you are studying.

  • It's quite motivating for them, especially teens and adults, when they can find a practical example of what they are studying and connect it with a musical genre they enjoy.

  • Now you can enjoy music you like while you learn and practice English at the same time.

  • What kind of music do you enjoy listening to?

  • Do you have any other ways to learn English through songs?

  • Tell me in the comments section.

  • If you enjoyed this video, be sure to give it a big like, and share it with your friends, family or students.

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  • I'll see you soon. Bye.

From the other side


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4 tips for learning English with music(4 tips for learning English with music)

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