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  • i'll bet he bores this [ __ ] out of the  neighbors and the relatives sam's made law review  

  • he's got a big case he's making  he's arguing he's making an argument

  • i think my father would have enjoyed  seeing me graduate from law school

  • i think he would have liked that an awful lot

  • i ever tell you i wrote a paper about your father  in college yeah one of the best trial lawyers ever  

  • yes he was and if i were dawson and downing  i had a choice between you and your father to  

  • represent me in this case i'd choose you  any day of the week and twice on sunday  

  • you should have seen yourself  thunder away kendrick

  • did you put jessup on the stand  

  • nope you think my father would have that's  the evidence we got not in a million years  

  • but here's the thing and there's  really no way getting around this  

  • neither lionel caffeine or sam weinberg our  lead counselor for the defense in the matter  

  • of u.s versus dawson endowment so there's  really only one question what would you do

  • john johann go get the car joanne  please get in the car look joanne  

  • go in joe i apologize i was angry i'm sorry about  what i said i'm gonna put jessup on the stand

  • all right what do you suggest we do i say we hit  jess up with the phony transfer order that's a  

  • transfer order without a witness we have a witness  a dead witness and in the hands of lester attorney  

  • that'd be a problem oh look at this last night  he's swimming in jack daniels and now he can  

  • lead to all buildings in a single bound i'm  getting my second wing sit down both you good  

  • jesus told kendrick to order the code red kendrick  did and our clients followed the order the  

  • cover-up isn't our case to win jessup needs to  tell the court members that he ordered the code  

  • red and now you think you can get him to just say  it i think he wants to say it i think he's pissed  

  • off that he's got to hide from us i think he wants  to say that he made a command decision and that's  

  • the end of it he eats breakfast 300 yards away  from 4 000 cubans that are trained to kill him  

  • and no one's gonna tell him how to run his  unit least of all the harvard mouth and his  

  • [ __ ] white uniform i need to shake him put  him on the defensive and lead him right where  

  • he's dying to go that's it that's the plan that's  the plan how are you gonna do it i have no idea i  

  • need my bat your what i need my bad i think better  with my bat where's my back i put it in the closet  

  • you put in the closet i was tripping on  it don't ever put that bad in the closet

  • stay here i'm going to the office for a while

  • he does think better with that bad

  • hello sam i need you to do something for me

  • what's going on gotta go out to andrews

  • where's sam he's on his way  did he get the guys yeah  

  • listen uh can i talk to you for a second yeah sure

  • how you feeling well i think jessup's  gonna have his hands full today

  • listen danny

  • when you're out there today if you  feel like it's not gonna happen  

  • you feel like he's not gonna say it  don't go for it you could get in trouble  

  • i'm special counsel for internal affairs and i'm  telling you you could get in a lot of trouble  

  • my lieutenant commander galloway you're not  suggesting that i back off a material witness

  • if you think you can't get him yeah

  • all rise

  • where's sam he's on his way

  • call your first witness where is he he'll be  here don't worry lieutenant call your witness

  • defense calls colonel nathan jessup

  • colonel jessup would you raise  your right hand please sir  

  • do you solemnly swear that the testimony you will  give in this general court martial will be the  

  • truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth  so help you god yes i do you have a seat please  

  • sir would you state your name rank and current  billet for the record please sir colonel nathan  

  • r jessop commanding officer marine ground forces  guantanamo bay cuba thank you sir he's not here

  • colonel when you learned of santiago's letter  to the nis you had a meeting with your two  

  • senior officers is that right yes the platoon  commander lieutenant jonathan kendrick and the  

  • executive officer lieutenant colonel matthew  markinson yes and at present colonel markinson  

  • is dead is that right objection i'd like to  know just what the defense counsel is implying

i'll bet he bores this [ __ ] out of the  neighbors and the relatives sam's made law review  


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A Few Good Men 法庭01 2(A Few Good Men 法庭01 2)

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