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Oh god! It's so bad on my toes.
(Guys describe girl beauty secrets)
(How does a push-up bra work?)
They kind of just like..
I have no idea.
It must be something with these straps.
It's probably paddy? This is my guess.
I feel like it works, well.
(What are the steps to applying makeup?)
There are steps? You just like put on makeup....(laughing)
It's just like a house you're gonna start with the foundation.
After the foundation there's a powder process?
Step 1:foundation.
Uhm, step 2:make up.
I guess you work your way up?
Here, and then go outwards.
I didn't even know there were steps.
(How do you do "the hair towel thing?" )
I feel like I got this down pretty good.
Okay, so it's something like, you know like the Karate Kid.
Like that?
You drape it!
You curl it!
and you flip it!
I heard of pasties as a child, when watching the VMAs.
and seeing Lil Kim.
pasties are like pastries, they're like a dessert.
For a smooth look with or without your bra...oh.. I get what they do.
That's where the nipple goes.
(How do you walk in high heels?)
Again magic.
By showing great strength and character.
You just put these on and start walking. I don't think there's a trick to do it.
Alright, yeah, it's not easy.
I feel... very tall.
XX. It's tap-dancing the mother XXX.
It's not as strikingly uncomfortable as I thought. I feel like a few hours in this though...
I'm an ignorant man, when it comes to that.
It's like shackle on my feet.
I feel like I'm walking on fire.
Thank you.


男扮女裝,才知道原來當女生這麼不容易!Guys Explain Girl Beauty Secrets.

21610 分類 收藏
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