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  • Hi everyone it's Jennifer with  your question of the week


  • This is more of a spelling tip this  week and of course we'll talk about  


  • how to pronounce the sound, but the  question revolves around the letters c  


  • h and how do we know how they are pronounced. So  let's go ahead and take a look. Okay so we have  


  • two letters typically these two letters stand  for one sound and that's the ch sound or the ch.


  • So to make that ch sound what you're going  to do is you're going to touch the tip of  

    是以,為了發出這種聲音,你要做的是,你要觸及到 "小 "的尖端。

  • your tongue to the back of your top front teeth  and then the tongue pulls back for the ch ch/

    舌頭伸到上門牙的後面,然後舌頭向後拉,做ch ch/的動作。

  • You can see my lips are slightly rounded and  we see this in words like cheese and much


  • So again this is the default pattern.


  • We have two exceptions for you. We have the k sound and this is in words  


  • that are more greek in derivation and again two  letters are going to be one sound the K. To make  


  • a k sound tip of the tongue is low in the mouth  back of the tongue is pull up air just puffs out  

    k音 舌尖在口腔內的位置較低 舌後部拉起,空氣噴湧而出

  • and we see this pattern and the  word chemistry stomach and school.


  • And then last we have these two  letters ch pronounced as the  


  • sh sound the s h sound again typically two letters  accounting for one sound for this sound your lips  

    sh音 s h音 又是典型的兩個字母佔一個音,這個音是你的嘴脣。

  • are rounded your tongue is not touching your  teeth and the air just continues to move out


  • We see this in words again  typically a french derivation  


  • in words like champagne and machine and mustache.


  • So again we have three ways  to pronounce the letters c h

    是以,我們又有三種方法來發音字母c h

  • The overarching general rule is we're going  


  • to pronounce this as CH and we see  that in words like cheese and much


  • and we can also pronounce them like a k sound  when they're in more of a word that comes from  


  • greek and we would see that in  chemistry stomach and school


  • and then last sometimes we  pronounce these letters as an sh  


  • in champagne machine and chicago  my state my hometown i'm sorry um 


  • and the reason we do this is because  those are more french in derivation


  • So give it a try I know people are going to notice  the difference if you found this helpful we'd love  


  • a like and a share don't forget to subscribe  if you're looking for more help you can check  


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Hi everyone it's Jennifer with  your question of the week


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