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  • Seid ihr das Essen? Nein,

  • wir sind der jager!

  • Countless flowers crushed forever, Left for dead and names forgotten

  • Fallen birds long to be taken By a wind that's foul and rotten

  • Praying while the gods ignore you Leads to fear that makes you cower

  • But to change the fate before you Means to fight with all your power

  • Pigs who languish in their cowardice

  • Cannot step over corpses that clutter their path

  • Will you be complacent, always obeisant Or wake the starving wolf inside you?

  • Shame from the cage we gilded with sorrow Gives us the will to fight for tomorrow

  • Even a lamb content in its pasture Can be transformed into a

  • Jager

  • Longing for blood and headed for battle Now we are wolves where once we were cattle

  • Raising the cry we charge into twilight

  • Fire-red Bow and Arrow

Seid ihr das Essen? Nein,


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B2 中高級

神木之CSO[CSO×神木之景OP]。 (進撃のCSO【CSO×進撃の巨人OP】)

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