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All right. So let's draw a figure.One thing I always start out with a pencil,
because you can always erase it, and it's a good way to just get the basis going.
So I always start with the head. Just think about proportion as you're doing it. The head, then the neck.
We do a straight line under the neck. A good trick is to make an X here for the body. And
it's great that we're doing this in pencil, as I said before,
because all of this can go away later.
From here, we work with a lot of elongated triangles. I'm going have this girl have her
hand on her hip. So I'm doing these elongated triangles, even a little triangle for the hand,
because you're going to smooth it out later. We'll give her a little arm, hanging down.
It can even cross into the hand, as I just did. We'll give her some legs, and
you basically segment the legs into triangles.
This is how you establish the kneecaps, you do like little inverted triangle that way.
And even a little inverted triangle for the foot, as well.
All right. Now we go in and we smooth it all out.
She kind of has a short neck, but I'm not that concerned, I can always erase that and fix it, so whatever.
Basically drawing her outer silhouette now. I'll give her some bust, give her some hips.
This is such a great trick because everybody knows how to draw a triangle, and then you're just smoothing over, smoothing over.
She's turning out on the curvier side, but I can always fix that later as well.
I'll give her her feet. Which I probably want her in high heels.
All right. So, once you've gotten this process down, you've gotten it all smoothed out,
you're happy with this, you're happy with that, and in fashion illustration you always elongate the form.
And the reason why is you have more room to render the clothing.
And that is why we make them so tall and lanky. It gives us more space to render details.
Okay, now I go in with my pen. I like a nice roller pen, you can use felt tip, whatever you like.
And I ink it all in. I hate drawing hands, but I will give a good attempt for you.
I'll just give her like a weird mitten, but whatever, you can fix that later. That's why we have White-Out.
It's never a bad idea just to put her hands behind her body,
because it's all about the clothes, it's really not about her hands.
And even if I'm doing these lines kind of feathery, you can always go over it again
later with a thicker pen and really tighten it up. I'll give her some calves, a foot,
and I'll have her have some high-heeled shoes on. She's pivoting her foot out.
I'll lose this calf on this side and give her a calf on that side that tells me that her foot is
being pivoted out. I'll give her a crotch.
All right, so I've done the basic structure, so now I go in with my eraser and I get rid of all of the pencil.
That arm is not pretty, but whatever, I can fix that later.
So after a few little corrections, she'll be good to go, you can scan her into your computer. And
that's how you draw a figure.


如何繪製時尚服飾的設計圖 (How to Draw a Figure | Fashion Sketching)

3932 分類 收藏
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