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  • This is North Korean state media footage of leader Kim, Jong-un from July last year.


  • And this is him about a year later, where he appears to look thinner.


  • Kim's weight loss has gotten a lot of people alarmed.


  • From citizens.


  • [Korean] We were most heartbroken when we saw our dear General Secretary had become emaciated.

    [韓文] 當我們看到我們偉大的領導人變消瘦時,大家都心碎了。

  • And some North Korean experts have raised questions about his weight loss and what that means for the Kim regime.


  • We don't know precisely why Kim, Jong-un has shed some pounds, but what's clear is how Kim, Jong-un's thinner figure is being used as propaganda inside North Korea.


  • South Korean Spy Agency estimates believe that Kim, Jong-un has gained about 14 pounds a year since taking over as the country's leader nearly a decade ago.


  • This weight gain is intentional.


  • North Koreans like their leaders to be plump.


  • Also, Kim, Jong-un has tried to style himself, both literally and figuratively, like his grandfather, Kim, Il-sung, who is revered across North Korea.


  • But these are tough times for the Kim regime.


  • They're battling with the pandemic, but the regime has decided to seal off its borders, and that's created economic strife.


  • Certainly, sanctions still exist, so Kim, Jong-un, at various meetings, has been urging his citizens to sacrifice more, to tighten their belts.


  • Kim, Jong-un has mentioned, uh, potential food shortages.


  • So the fact that Kim, Jong-un himself looks, by his own standards, more gaunt, this as a propaganda point can be used to project to North Koreans that Kim, Jong-un is alongside with the shared sacrifice, that times are difficult for him, too.


  • There is no topic that's more off-limits inside North Korea than the leader's health.


  • Experts say the fact that state media, which is heavily curated and orchestrated, chose to run interviews articulating concern for Kim, Jong-un because of his weight loss shows that this is not a grave health concern but rather, perhaps a rallying call.


  • Experts say this is more of a message to bolster spirits and to really reinforce that Kim, Jong-un is a person for the people, a leader for the people, more so than an outward message.


  • But to the outside world, this is yet another reminder of where Kim, Jong-un's attention is at the moment.


This is North Korean state media footage of leader Kim, Jong-un from July last year.


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金正恩變瘦了?!減重背後的意圖是什麼?(What North Korean Propaganda Tells Us About Kim Jong Un’s Weight Loss | WSJ)

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