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  • Hey Psych2Goers, welcome back to our channel.

  • Do you often feel drained and unhappy in your relationship?

  • The person you once fell in love with just doesn't seem to be there.

  • And the relationship seems to have taken a turn in the wrong direction.

  • Healthy relationships sometimes take work, but the positive feelings often take the front seat.

  • They say they love you, but because of the negative feelings, maybe you sense their love for you might be a toxic one.

  • To help you identify if this may be the case, here are seven signs their love for you is toxic.

  • Number one: You give up on your needs because they just don't care.

  • Have you expressed your needs and wants in a relationship to your partner, only to have them ignored?

  • It's unhealthy for our needs to be suppressed or put off.

  • And this goes the same for our relationship's needs.

  • Perhaps you desire a strong connection, affection, or respect, but every time you bring up what you need as a couple, a fight erupts.

  • Maybe they bring up accusations as a deflect, or maybe they decide to mock your needs instead.

  • These are all toxic relationship behaviors.

  • You may even give up on bringing up the topic because you simply want to sway away from another argument.

  • But, suppressing your feelings is never healthy.

  • Instead, both of your needs should be discussed in order to set the relationship back on a healthy track.

  • Number two: hostile communication.

  • Does criticism take the lead in your conversations with your partner?

  • Are arguments a regular occurrence?

  • Do you expect your partners sarcasm around every corner?

  • A healthy couple should value kindness and respect.

  • Respect and communication are one of the most important aspects of any relationship - without them your connection may falter.

  • Sooner or later, you may even avoid meaningful discussions.

  • Hostility, sarcasm, and criticism are all signs of toxic communication.

  • Number three: You put in all the work.

  • Do you find that you're the only one putting in the effort?

  • Successful relationships require effort from both sides.

  • You may think you need to work just a little harder.

  • Give a little more of yourself in order for the relationship to last.

  • You feel exhausted.

  • Look back and ask yourself: "Have they ever put in any effort?"

  • "Do they simply not care?"

  • It's important to remember work from both sides needs to be given in order for a healthy relationship to last.

  • Number four: They're jealous.

  • Trust is huge in a relationship.

  • If you can't trust each other, that should be a red flag.

  • If your partner often gets ridiculously jealous and takes it out on you, there's likely some trust issue is present.

  • This may even lead them to extreme behavior.

  • Do they over question you after a night out with friends?

  • Do they try to control your actions and enforce rules?

  • All, toxic behaviors.

  • Number five: Resentment.

  • Does it ever feel like your partner is keeping a tally sheet of all the mistakes you've made?

  • They can't seem to stop bringing up past mistakes to use against you, even when you thought you'd resolved them.

  • Holding onto graduates won't benefit anymore.

  • If they continue to hold on to their frustration and resent you, it will likely only grow.

  • Number six: They're controlling.

  • Does your partner seemingly question your every move?

  • Have they suggested as that of over-restricting rules for you to follow?

  • Controlling behaviors are extremely toxic and could even be a sign of abuse.

  • You should never have to feel like someone else controls your actions as if they own you.

  • And number seven: Dishonesty.

  • Communication and respect play a huge role in the strength of any relationship.

  • But honesty is just as important.

  • Communication has to be sincere in order for it to work.

  • And if you respect someone, you know they deserve the truth.

  • If your partner often lies to you or simply avoids certain topics, it may be a sign there needs to be a change, whether that means having an honest, open conversation or for you to move on.

  • So, do you relate to the signs?

  • Share with us in the comments section down below.

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Hey Psych2Goers, welcome back to our channel.


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7 Early Signs of a Toxic Relationship

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