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  • Our first guest is beyond adorable every time he’s here

    第1位來賓 每次來都表現得超級可愛

  • Please welcome 5-year-old Kai Langer

    歡迎5歲的Kai Langer!

  • Hi, Kai. I’ve missed you. -Hi

    嗨 Kai 好想你喔 -嗨

  • I haven’t seen you in a long time -Thank you

    好久不見了 -謝謝

  • What have you been doing with your cute little outfit?

    你這身衣服真可愛 最近如何呀?

  • I’ve been well and I... I...

    我很好 而且…

  • and I missed you and I missed your face

    我好想你 好想念你的臉

  • So I hear you have big news. Youre gonna be a big brother

    我有聽說一個大消息 你要當哥哥了

  • Youre gonna have a little sister


  • Yeah. -That’s exciting

    對呀 -很開心吧?

  • Yeah, I can’t wait. – I bet.

    對!我等不及了! -我就知道

  • What do you think? Do you have ideas on what you would name her if you could?

    如果你能幫她取名字的話 會叫她什麼?

  • Yeah, I’ll name herDad

    我要叫她 把拔

  • Dad? I think that’s a fantastic name.

    把拔? 這名字太棒了

  • I actually think I should get another dog to name it Dad.

    我想我該再養隻狗狗 也叫牠把拔

  • So that’s what you’d name her, as Dad.

    所以你要叫她 把拔?

  • Yeah. –Do you think theyll go along with that, your mommy and daddy?

    對 -你覺得你爹地媽咪會同意嗎?

  • Yeah, they said okay.

    會呀 他們已經答應了

  • They said okay?


  • So now theyll have a little girl named Dad.


  • And what if it was a boy? Do you have a good name for a boy?

    如果是弟弟要叫什麼? 你有好主意嗎?

  • Zoo.

    叫 動物園

  • Zoo?


  • These are all really good names. Why Zoo?

    你取的名字都好棒 為什麼叫動物園?

  • Because I know how to spell Z-O-O.

    因為我知道怎麼拼 Z-O-O

  • Oh.

  • And so youve turned five


  • And it seems to me, I don’t know if I’m making this up


  • But it seems like youre taller than the last time you were here?


  • Uh-huh, and my head’s 21 inches

    嗯哼 而且我頭有21吋喔

  • and daddy’s 23


  • And his is only 2 inches bigger


  • You all just sit around measuring your heads?


  • Yeah


  • So your head is 21 inches around,


  • and your dad’s is 23 inches? -Yeah

    你爸的是23吋? -對呀

  • That means youre as smart as your dad, almost, right? -Yeah

    所以你幾乎跟你爸一樣聰明 -對!

  • Cause your heads are the -I’m super smart


  • Youre super smart? Well, I actually think you are super smart

    你超級聰明? 嗯 我也真的這樣覺得

  • They think youre super smart, too.


  • The last time you were here, youve been singing Bruno Marssongs

    上次來的時候 你唱了Bruno Mars的歌

  • cause youre a big Bruno Mars fan -Yeah, uh-huh.

    你是他的大粉絲 -嗯哼 對呀

  • Today, youre not gonna sing Bruno Mars? -NO.

    今天 你不唱Bruno Mars了? -對

  • What are you singing? -Katy Perry.

    你要唱什麼? - Katy Perry

  • Which song by Katy Perry?

    Katy Perry的哪一首歌?

  • Roar. -Roar?

    怒吼 -怒吼?

  • Oh, I can’t wait to hear it. Okay, you want to sing for us now?

    我等不及想聽你唱了 唱給我們聽吧?

  • Yeah. - Okay, great.

    好 -太棒了!

  • I used to bite my tongue and hold my breath,


  • scared to rock the boat and make a mess.


  • So I sat quietly,


  • agreed politely.


  • I guess that I forgot I had a choice.

    我好像忘記了 其實還有選擇

  • I let you push me past the breaking point.


  • I stood for nothing,


  • so I fell for everything.


  • You held me down, but I got up.

    你把我推入谷底 但我又爬了起來

  • Already brushing off the dust.


  • You hear my voice. You hear that sound.

    聽聽我的歌聲 聽聽那個聲音

  • Like thunder gonna shake the ground.

    像響雷 撼動了大地

  • You held me down, but I got up.

    你把我推入谷底 但我又爬了起來

  • Get ready 'cause I’ve had enough.

    全副武裝 我受夠了

  • I see it all, I see it now

    我看透了 我已懂了

  • I got the eye of the tiger, the fighter,

    我有了虎般銳眼 像名鬥士

  • dancing through the fire


  • 'Cause I am a champion


  • and youre gonna hear me


  • ROAR


  • Louder, louder than a lion.

    咆嘯 聲大過獅吼

  • 'Cause I am a champion and youre gonna hear me

    我才是贏家 你會聽到我的

  • ROAR


  • Oh oh oh oh oh oh

    吼 吼 吼 吼 吼 吼

  • Youre gonna hear me


  • ROAR


  • Now I’m floating like a butterfly.


  • Ah, you have the whole song.

    噢 你唱完整首了耶

  • Youre so good


  • And I understand that youre


  • trying to learn how to play the drums, is that right?

    現在在學打鼓 對嗎?

  • Cause you like the drums? -Yeah.

    嗯哼 -你喜歡打鼓? -對呀

  • And do you have a drum set? -Not yet.

    你有爵士鼓了嗎? -還沒有

  • Okay, well, you do now

    嗯 現在你有了

  • Because our friends at Guitar Center want to give you a drum set.


  • Look at your brand new drum set.


  • Thank you. - Youre welcome. - I love you

    謝謝!! -不客氣 -我愛你!

  • How about that? Youre gonna play the drums

    喜歡嗎? 來打看看

  • Sorry, folks. Your parents....

    抱歉 小弟 你爸媽…

  • Your parents are backstage going, “Oh, no!”

    你爸媽還在後台 噢不!

  • Youre gonna be so good at this, aren’t you?

    以後你會成為鼓王 對吧?

  • Look how fun thatll be?

    看 這有多好玩

  • And then play a little something for me.


  • Yep. Yep. Yep. Excellent

    對 對 對 太棒了!

Our first guest is beyond adorable every time he’s here

第1位來賓 每次來都表現得超級可愛

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