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  • Ok, ok, Roger was creepy, but he was nothing compared to Pete Carney

  • Which one was Pete Carney?

  • Pete the Weeper?

  • Remember the guy that used to cry every time we had sex?

  • "Uh, was it good for you?"

  • Yeah, well, I'd take a little crying any day over "Howard the I win guy."

  • "I win, I win."

  • I went out with the guy for two months.

  • I didn't get to win once.

  • How do we end up with these jerks?

  • We're good people.

  • I don't know, maybe we're like some kind of magnets.

  • I know I am.

  • That's why I can't wear a digital watch.

  • There's more beer, right?

  • Oh!

  • You know my friend Abby who shaves her head?

  • She says that if you want to break the bad boyfriend cycle, you can do, like, a cleansing ritual.

  • Pheebs, this woman is voluntarily bald.

  • Yeah.

  • So, we can do it tomorrow night, you guys.

  • It's Valentine's Day - It's perfect.

  • Ok, well, what kind of ritual?

  • Ok, we can um, we can burn the stuff they gave us.

  • Or?

  • Or, or we can chant and dance around naked, you know, with sticks.

  • -Burning is good. -Burning is good, yeah.

  • Ok, so now we need, um, sage branches and the sacramental wine.

  • All I had is-is oregano and a Fresca.

  • Um, that's ok!

  • Ooh.

  • Ok.

  • All right, now we need the semen of a righteous man.

  • Ok, Pheebs, you know what, If we had that, we wouldn't be doing the ritual in the first place.

  • -Can we just start throwing things in? -Um, yeah, ok!

  • Oh.

  • Ok, um.

  • Ok, Barry's letters.

  • Adam Ritter's boxer shorts.

  • Ooh, and I have the, uh, receipt from my dinner with Nokulule Oon Ah .

  • Here's a picture of Scotty Jared naked.

  • -Oh. -Let me see.

  • Hey, he's wearing a sweater.

  • No.

  • -Ew. -Ew.

  • Ok, and here we have the last of Paolo's grappa!

  • Wait, Rachel, isn't that almost pure?

Ok, ok, Roger was creepy, but he was nothing compared to Pete Carney


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