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  • Oh, oh, Phoebe.

  • -Oh, hi. -Hi.

  • So, how'd it go at the doctor's?

  • Oh, well, okay.

  • Hey, you know, how when you're, um you're walking down the street, and you see three people in, in a row and you say, "Oh, that's nice."

  • -Yes. -Ok.

  • Yeah, well, good news.

  • You're gonna have three babies. Ah!

  • -Three babies? -Uh-huh.

  • Oh, I finally got my band!

  • Oh, oh, we're gonna have a big family.

  • I always wanted a big family.

  • Oh, my God, I'm so glad you guys are happy.

  • I was so afraid you were gonna be all freaked.

  • -Oh. -Why would we be freaked?

  • No, cause, you know, maybe it's harder to raise them, and the added expense and, ugh.

  • Oh.

  • Right.

  • No, back to happy. Back to happy!

  • No, no, no. No.

  • I-it's gonna be fine because, um, because I teach home ec, and, uh, I can have 30 kids making baby clothes all year long.

  • You know, it'll, it'll be like my very own little sweat shop.

  • You know, I've been thinking ever since you said that we're gonna have triplets, the best thing for me to do is drop out of college and get a job.

  • -No, Frank. -No, you can't quit college.

  • No.

  • You're in college, really?

  • -Yeah, refrigerator college. -Yeah.

  • Yeah, you know when we found out we were gonna have a baby, you know, I figured, you know, like, I should have ... like a career, you know

  • And I love refrigerators.

  • You can't give up on your dream.

  • No, it's okay.

  • We're gonna, we're gonna have three kids, and that's, that's a different kind of dream.

  • Three kids and no money.

Oh, oh, Phoebe.


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Friends: Phoebe is Having Triplets (Season 4 Clip) | TBS

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