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  • Did you know that one of fast food's most popular orders was the result of divine intervention?


  • The year zero, Jesus of Nazareth is born.


  • 33 AD, Jesus of Nazareth claims he is the king of kings.


  • Later in 33 AD, those other kings hear about this.

    公元 33 年晚些時候,其他國王也聽說了此事。

  • Soon after that, Jesus of Nazareth is promptly crucified and dies.


  • Three days laterpsych! Jesus is totally risen.

    三天後⏤天啊! 耶穌完全復活了。

  • Then, a bunch of other stuff happened.


  • The Middle Ages, followers of Jesus, aka Catholics, abstain from meat, dairy, and eggs on Friday and all of Lent, the ancient annual 40-day Catholic guilt-a-thon.

    中世紀,耶穌的追隨者,又名天主教徒,在周五和整個大齋期期間不吃肉、乳製品和雞蛋,大齋期是古代一年一度的為期 40 天的天主教負罪馬拉松。

  • The 13th century, St. Thomas Aquinas clarifies that fasters should only abstain from meat from land animals because it makes us too happy, too horny, and too flatulent.


  • I guess that's true, maybe except for the horny part.


  • But anyway, that means fish is okay.


  • After that, a bunch of other stuff happens.


  • May 15th, 1940, Dick and Mac McDonald opened McDonald's favorite barbecue.

    1940 年 5 月 15 日,迪克和麥克麥克唐納開設了麥當勞最喜歡的燒烤店。

  • 1948, McDonald's scales down to a burger and fries joint.

    1948 年,麥當勞縮小規模,成為漢堡和薯條店。

  • Using a Ford-style assembly line, they begin to get increasingly popular.


  • 1958, a young restaurant manager named Lou Groen sees an ad for McDonald's franchise opportunities and buys one for a few hundred bucks on the Ohio-Kentucky border, right by Cincinnati.

    1958 年,一位名叫盧·格羅恩的年輕餐廳經理看到麥當勞特許經營機會的廣告,並在俄亥俄州和肯塔基州邊境(辛辛那提附近)花了幾百美元買了一個。

  • September 13th, 1961, under Ray Kroc's guidance, the increasingly popular McDonald's rebrands with a now iconic golden arches.

    1961 年 9 月 13 日,在雷·克羅克的指導下,日益受歡迎的麥當勞進行了品牌重塑,採用瞭如今標誌性的金色拱門。

  • Things are great.


  • Also in 1961, things are not great for Lou Groen.

    同樣在 1961 年,盧·格羅恩的日子卻並不好過。

  • Sales at his franchise are brutal, and he only has three employees: himself, his wife, and some dude named George.


  • To make things much, much worse, McDonald's only sold burgers and fries, and 90% of the people in his region were Catholic, which meant they ate zero meat during Lent, and hardcore believers abstained every single Friday for the entire year.


  • Catholics back then took the whole no-meat thing super seriously; ask an Irish grandma, or an Italian grandma, or any old lady with a crucifix that looks like they are judging you.

    那時的天主教徒非常重視不吃肉的事。 問問愛爾蘭奶奶,義大利奶奶,或任何戴著十字架的老太太,看起來他們在評判你。

  • March 1962, Lou is in dire straights; Lent is upon him and his wealth of customers hath dried up.

    1962 年 3 月,盧陷入困境。 大齋期即將到來,他的顧客財富已經枯竭。

  • But Lou notices the Big Boy down the street is slinging fish sandwiches in place of their burgers and the church-going crowd was biting hard.


  • So, on the third day, Lou fooled around in his kitchen, fried some fish, added some tartar sauce, and created a new McDonald's fish sandwich.


  • He took it to the McDonald's McBrass for approval, and they were like, "Number one, we don't want our stores to smell like fish, and number two, we were kind of working on our own meatless burger, too."

    他把它拿到麥當勞 McBrass 尋求批准,他們說:「第一,我們不想讓我們的商店聞起來像魚,第二,我們也在開發自己的無肉漢堡。」

  • Okay, let's rewind a little bit.


  • At the same time Lou was eyeing up local fish fries, McBrass and McDonald's also noticed that Roman Catholics around the country are flocking away from the Golden Arches during this Lenten time of perpetual guilt.


  • So, Ray Kroc had an idea.


  • What's the obvious protein substitute that every red-blooded American would readily swap for their beef patty?


  • Yes, of course, the pineapple.


  • Quick tangent: In the 18th century, pineapples were so rare and novel rich people used to rent them for one night just to show them off at parties.

    快速解說一下:在 18 世紀,鳳梨非常稀有,新奇的富人常常租用它們一晚,只是為了在派對上炫耀。

  • Okay, back to the story.


  • Yes, Ray Kroc proposed the advent of the Hula Burger.


  • One thick slice of grilled pineapple, two slices of traffic cone orange American cheese between two plain buns.


  • Yes, it is in fact a cheese and pineapple sandwich.


  • Ray Kroc really liked his Hula idea, but being the ever shrewd businessman, he also saw the potential of Lou's fried fish, so he made a wager.


  • Ray told Lou, "Well, Lou, I'm gonna put your fish sandwich on a menu for a Friday, but I'm gonna put my special sandwich on, too."


  • "Whichever sells the most, that's the one we'll go with."


  • Good Friday, 1962, the no meat knockout.

    1962 年耶穌受難日,無肉淘汰賽。

  • In one corner, weighing in at approximately 142 grams, Lou Groen's fish sandwich.

    角落放著盧·格羅恩的魚三明治,重約 142 克。

  • In the other corner, weighing in at also approximately 142 grams, Ray Kroc's Hula Burger.

    在另一個角落,重量也約為 142 克,是雷·克羅克的呼拉漢堡。

  • Lou sold 350 fish sandwiches that day.

    那天,盧賣了 350 個魚三明治。

  • How many people opted for the Hula Burger?


  • That's right, six.


  • In 1965, Ray Kroc might have lost that battle, but he certainly won the entire war.

    1965 年,雷·克羅克可能輸掉了那場戰鬥,但他無疑贏得了整場戰爭。

  • They named the new sandwich the Filet-O-Fish and officially made it the first new menu item ever added to McDonald's menu.


  • And obviously, it was a big hit, and not just with Lenten-bound Catholics.


  • Other people with dietary restrictions, moral issues, or religious beliefs that prohibited them from eating beef now had a reason to take communion under the Golden Arches.


  • Also, people who just liked fish.


  • Over the next 50 years, the Filet-O-Fish inspired fish sandwiches from almost every player in the fast food game, including an entire chain.

    在接下來的 50 年裡,麥香魚激發了幾乎所有快餐業參與者(包括整個連鎖店)製作魚三明治的靈感。

  • Also, McDonald's released a very short-lived menu item called Fish Bites that somehow I'm just hearing about now.

    此外,麥當勞還發布了一個非常短暫的菜單項,名為 Fish Bites,不知何故我現在才聽說。

  • To this day, McDonald's sells hundreds of millions of Filet-O-Fishes every year, and still, a quarter of their sales are made during Lent.


  • Created out of desperation, inspired by divine intervention, designed for mass consumptionthank you Jesus, and more importantly, Lou Groen, for the Filet-O-Fish.


Did you know that one of fast food's most popular orders was the result of divine intervention?


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