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  • - It's really sticky.

    - 這好黏牙喔!



  • Hi, I'm Danielle.

    嗨,我是 Danielle。

  • - Hi, I'm Micah.

    - 嗨,我是 Micah。

  • - Hi, I'm Joelle.

    - 嗨,我是 Joelle。

  • - Hi, I'm June.

    - 嗨,我是 June。

  • - Hello, I'm Howard.

    - 哈囉,我是 Howard。

  • - Growing up in San Francisco as a Chinese and Korean family, we definitely ate a lot of dumplings growing up.

    - 作為在舊金山長大的中韓混血家庭的成員,我們對水餃可說是知之甚詳。

  • Now I'm challenging my family members to each make their own individual dumplings and then we're gonna have a taste test to see who's is the best.


  • - My dumplings are unique, because they look like little clams, like little ocean bivalve situation.

    - 我的水餃很特別,因為我把它們做得像一顆顆小蚌殼,彷彿在海中的貝類一樣。

  • I don't know what I really put in them.


  • I really aim more for the aesthetic, and hopefully they taste good!


  • - So this one is Danielle's, which is sort of obviously by the ruffle.

    - 從餃子邊緣的荷葉邊一看就能明白,這個肯定是 Danielle 做的。

  • I think it's very cute, but not Chinese or Korean.


  • - These look like Uncrustables.

    - 看起來簡直像是無邊三明治。

  • So I can't say that's particularly appetizing.


  • However, I shouldn't judge just on aesthetics.


  • - Give it a good grade for the way it looks.

    - 光憑外觀的話,我能給個高分。

  • - But Danielle always does this and I always make fun of her for it, so whatever.

    - 不過 Danielle 每次做菜時都這樣,然後我也總是拿這個來笑她,所以隨便啦。

  • - It definitely looks like she threw some kimchi in there, 'cause it's kind of pink.

    - 從看起來有點粉紅的這點來看,她應該放了一些泡菜進去。

  • It's interesting, because to fold it this way, you have to add less filling.


  • - There's like lots of like loose skin.

    - 感覺周圍很多額外的水餃皮。

  • - I would say this is a pretty good dumpling as well.

    - 我覺得這水餃真的還蠻不賴的。

  • I taste the pork first and then I could also taste a little bit of the chives.


  • - This tastes like only pork.

    - 感覺只有豬肉的味道。

  • - I like this one.

    - 我喜歡這個。

  • She adds some kimchi for the spice, which I like.


  • I do wish she were heavier on the shrimp though and not the pork, 'cause it is just kind of like a little meatball.


  • - I feel like it didn't have like the normal soy sauce, sesame oil.

    - 我感覺裡面沒有放正宗水餃應該要放的醬油和芝麻油。

  • Yeah, it just doesn't taste Asian, but it tastes fine.


  • - I give it a solid eight.

    - 我給八分。

  • - I think maybe a six, only because I don't like the skin flaps.

    - 我覺得大概六分吧,主因是我不喜歡多餘的水餃皮。

  • - An eight or a nine, I really liked it.

    - 滿分十分我給九分或八分。我真的蠻喜歡的。

  • - Five to six.

    - 五到六分吧。

  • - Mine has a little bit of everything.

    - 我在水餃裡包了各式各樣的東西,什麼都來一點。

  • It's just like a solid pork dumpling.


  • I also think that mine are folded really nicely.


  • I actually made it for myself for lunch today, and I thought they were pretty good.


  • Taste good with soy sauce.


  • I think they're cute.


  • - It looks good! It's got a little bit of design to it.

    - 看起來好棒!看來包的時候有花點心思在外型上喔。

  • - It's like a four fold situation.

    - 看起來是摺了四次。

  • Isn't it like the more folds, the longer you live or something, no?


  • - It looks like she includes some veggie, which is good, 'cause Micah doesn't normally like vegetables that much.

    - 看起來裡面包了一些蔬菜。這點很棒,因為 Micah 平時沒有很喜歡吃蔬菜。

  • - Taste good.

    - 味道很好。

  • - I like it a bit, flavored a little bit better. Seasoned better.

    - 我喜歡,我覺得這個口味更棒。調味得更好。

  • - Tastes like a meatball texture.

    - 口感有點像是肉丸子。

  • - The seasoning is very light.

    - 幾乎沒什麼調味。

  • I kind of wish she included a little bit more spice, maybe some more like soy sauce or ginger.


  • I can definitely taste a lot garlic.


  • - I taste mostly pork, so it's pretty one dimensional.

    - 主要都是豬肉的味道,讓口味有點單調。

  • - I wouldn't change anything about it. I think it's pretty good.

    - 我覺得沒有什麼需要改進的地方。挺不錯的。

  • - I think it's like a seven.

    - 差不多七分吧。

  • - I like it with the sauce, maybe a nine.

    - 搭配醬油很讚,所以我給九分。

  • - It's kind of bland. I'd give it maybe like five?

    - 有點太清淡了。我會給大概五分左右?

  • - A seven.

    - 七分。

  • - My dumpling is just a classic rendition.

    - 我要用經典手法來呈現我的水餃。

  • I added a lot of different types of seasonings.


  • Obviously, salt and pepper, but also ginger, garlic, and my secret ingredient is truffle.


  • - I can automatically tell who's everybody is by the way they fold their dumplings.

    - 我光從包法就能看出水餃是誰做的。

  • - So this is dad's.

    - 這肯定是老爸包的。

  • - And I like these the most, 'cause they have the most filling, so.

    - 我最喜歡他的水餃了,因為他的餡料總是包得最多。

  • - I'm excited to try my dad's, 'cause I know it'll be very heavily stuffed, but I also saw him put a lot of like very strange seasonings that I don't know if they belong in dumplings.

    - 我對試吃老爸的水餃感到非常興奮,因為我知道這些水餃的餡料非常紮實。但我也看到他放了一些我不太確定和水餃搭不搭的奇怪調味料進去。

  • - It's really sticky.

    - 好黏牙喔。

  • It's like stuck to the roof of my mouth.


  • - My dad used a food processor to blend everything together.

    - 我爸用了食物調理機來把所有東西都攪在一起。

  • - I like seeing the chunks of stuff in it to know that it was like sort of made by hand rather than put in a food processor.

    - 我比較喜歡能看到塊狀的原料,這樣比較有手工製作的感覺,而不是把什麼東西都丟進食物調理機裡。

  • - So I don't really love how it tastes.

    - 我不是很喜歡這個味道。

  • It's... The texture's a little too mush.

    它... 口感有點太鬆散了。

  • - I actually think it's pretty good.

    - 我其實覺得還不錯欸。

  • I don't know why I'm so surprised.


  • There's just like a lot in there.


  • - I just think there's a little too much going on.

    - 我覺得味道有點太雜了。

  • I can't really tell what the distinct flavor is.


  • - I don't know how to feel about this one.

    - 我不知道該怎麼評價這個水餃欸。

  • Maybe I'll give it like a seven.


  • - Five out of 10.

    - 十分裡面我給五分。

  • - I would say it's an eight out of 10.

    - 我覺得十分裡面八分吧。

  • - I would give it a five out of 10, but since I know Howard made it and he never makes dumplings, I would say for effort a nine out of 10.

    - 十分裡面我給五分,但既然這是 Howard 做的,而且他從來沒有做過水餃,作為對他努力的獎賞,我會給九分。

  • - In my dumplings, I like to include a lot of vegetable, and honestly, the less meat, the better.

    - 我喜歡在我的水餃裡加入很多的蔬菜,然後老實說,肉類越少越好。

  • I like seafood in mine, so I added shrimp, but no pork.


  • I also like a lot of different seasonings, so I used five spice, I used XO sauce, and of course, soy sauce and sesame oil.

    我也喜歡用上一堆不同的調味料,所以我用了五香粉、XO 醬,還有必不可少的醬油和芝麻油。

  • And hopefully, it tastes all right.


  • - Nothing extraordinary about it, but looks fine.

    - 看起來沒什麼特別的,但也沒什麼問題。

  • - Nice folds.

    - 包得很好耶。

  • - The traditional way to wrap things.

    - 這就是傳統包東西的方法。

  • It's supposed to look like gold nuggets, I think they call it ingots that the Chinese people use to trade.


  • - Mm, there's a lot of kimchi.

    - 嗯,裡面放了很多泡菜。

  • - This one's a lot chunkier.

    - 這個好像包得比較大顆。

  • - It doesn't have the traditional flavor profile that I'm looking for.

    - 還是沒有我尋求的那種傳統的味道。

  • I can't put my finger on it.


  • - It's a little spicy.

    - 有點辣。

  • More spicy than I like, because it has kimchi in it, which sadly I don't like that much.


  • - There are lots of vegetables, lots of kimchi, which I like.

    - 裡面有好多蔬菜和一堆泡菜。這點很棒。

  • I think it's pretty flavorful.


  • - It feels very healthy.

    - 感覺很健康。

  • - I would want more meat and more garlic.

    - 我會想要更多的肉和大蒜。

  • - Out of ten, I would give it a good seven and a half.

    - 滿分十分的話,我會給個七分半。

  • - Six.

    - 六分。

  • I keep noticing how spicy it is.


  • - I would rate it an eight out of ten.

    - 滿分十分的話我給八分。

  • - Seven point five.

    - 七點五分。

  • - I think I made them the traditional Chinese way, the way my mother made them and she's from Shandong province, which is known for all their dumplings and noodles.

    - 我用的是母親教我的傳統中式做法,而她來自以水餃和麵食聞名的中國山東省。

  • I added also a little bit of tofu, which is more an element that my Korean mother-in-law introduced to me.


  • And I made homemade wrappers, instead of the store bought wrappers.


  • - I'm the most excited to try my mom's, because she made these skins by hand.

    - 我對老媽的水餃最期待,因為她的水餃皮是自己手工做的。

  • - Such a luxury to be able to make homemade skin, so I'm really excited.

    - 能夠自製水餃皮真的是很奢侈的一件事,所以我真的很期待。

  • Obviously that means they don't look as perfect, but I don't mind.


  • - I hate to say it, but it looks the worst.

    - 我不想這麼說,但這水餃從外觀上看起來是最糟的。

  • It looks kind of wimpy and there's no real form to the dumpling.


  • - Tastes like ravioli.

    - 吃起來像義大利餃一樣。

  • - Hmm, this has a very different flavor.

    - 嗯,這個味道非常不一樣。

  • She didn't use any kimchi, at least not that I can see.


  • I can definitely taste like the five spice seasoning that she used.


  • - I feel like it has the right level of juiciness.

    - 我覺得這個多汁的程度剛剛好。

  • I don't know, someone like Danielle's were like a little dry.

    怎麼說呢,像是 Danielle 做的就有點太乾了。

  • - It feels like a harmony of textures.

    - 各種風味相當平衡地融合在了一起。

  • - It's not really that flavorful, which is why I think it tastes like ravioli.

    - 沒有什麼味道,所以讓我覺得吃起來像是義大利餃一樣。

  • - I don't like the flavor profile of mom's either.

    - 我也不喜歡老媽做的味道。

  • It has to be a nice balance of both meat and some of the vegetables.


  • I like a little bit of heat.


  • - I think the skin is really doing a lot for it.

    - 我覺得這個皮真的立了很大的功勞。

  • - I'll probably give this like a nine.

    - 我大概會給這份九分吧。

  • - I give this kind of a low score, six.

    - 我給這份偏低的分數,六分。

  • - I think it's probably a nine out of ten.

    - 我覺得滿分十分的話,我大概給九分吧。

  • - I think a six for dumpling, but a nine for ravioli.

    - 以水餃來說六分,但以義大利餃來說九分。

  • - Yay, I won! The traditional Chinese flavors taste the best!

    - 耶,我贏了!傳統中式風味是最棒的!

  • With the handmade, homemade skins.


  • Thank you!


- It's really sticky.

- 這好黏牙喔!

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