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  • So this video is going to be different from what we're used to making.


  • That's because this past weekend Kichijoji, which is our hood, hosted their matsuri.


  • We've seen pictures of it every year that we've lived here,


  • but we've always been traveling when it happened, but THIS year we could FINALLY SEE IT IN PERSON.


  • I just wanted to share some of the vibe and explain why this is special.


  • Matsuri translates to "festival" and there are no specific matsuri days that apply to all of Japan.

    Matsuri翻譯為 "節日",沒有適用於所有日本的特定Matsuri日。

  • Like how "December 25th IS Christmas”, there's no set date for this festival.

    就像 "12月25日是聖誕節 "一樣,這個節日沒有固定的日期。

  • And the dates vary from area to area,


  • but almost every local area has at least one matsuri late summer or early Autumn related to the rice harvest.


  • So these golden objects being hoisted up in the air are portable shrines called, "Mikoshi"

    是以,這些被吊在空中的金色物體是被稱為 "Mikoshi "的便攜式神龕。

  • and it's believed a divine spirit is temporarily riding in them.


  • The festival starts in the morning at a local shinto shrine where the spirit leaves the large shrine to enter the mikoshi.


  • You'll notice they're jostling the mikoshi quite a bit.


  • That's done on purpose, and it's to give the spirit a good time. To make them laugh and feel happy.

    這樣做是有目的的,是為了給精神一個好時機。 要讓他們笑,讓他們感到快樂。

  • Kind of like the joy you get from a ride at an amusement park.


  • Though it's not as cool as a roller coaster. I wonder if some places just put their shrines on roller coasters. I doubt it.

    雖然它不像雲霄飛車那樣酷。 我想知道是否有些地方只是把他們的神龕放在雲霄飛車上。 我懷疑。

  • Anyhow, by celebrating loudly and happily, they're aiming to bring good luck and a good harvest for the year to come.


  • The mikoshi's are paraded around Kichijoi while passing through the various shopping districts.


  • I didn't really see any shrines in the residential areas.


  • But that didn't mean that I couldn't hear them a few blocks away. It's loooooud this time of year.

    但這並不意味著我在幾個街區外就聽不到他們的聲音。 每年的這個時候都很吵。

  • For this matsuri the local business owners are wearing special cotton indigo coats called a "happi". How super appropriate is that!

    在這次祭祀活動中,當地的企業主都穿著特殊的棉質靛藍大衣,稱為 "Happi"。 這真是太合適了!

  • (And yes, they're wearing underwear ya perv. In fact I met a dude that I knew who was part of the festival,

    (是的,他們穿著內褲,你這個變態。 事實上,我遇到了一個我認識的參加節日的人。

  • and he said I should be a part of it next year.


  • And when I was about to wipe away a tear from being so touched for being invited


  • he flashed me by lifting up his happi and showing his white thong underneath.


  • Fully outlined, moose knuckling. And this was in a big crowd of people.

    充分勾勒出的輪廓,麋鹿的指頭。 而這是在一大群人中。

  • I don't think that's part of the festival, but if it is


  • I won't be showing anyone my Johnson next year, so stop your fantasizing)


  • which represents the shopping area that they're Located in.


  • You might have noticed they're not all wearing the same happi,


  • The Kichijoji matsuri was a two-day affair, and the local traffic and business didn't stop for it.


  • We saw exhausted people holding heavy shrines while waiting for the lights to change, or while trying not to block traffic.


  • And they were super exhausted. I was only there for a couple of hours in the afternoon,

    而且他們超級疲憊。 我下午只在那裡待了幾個小時。

  • but they were going well late into the night. There were break stations available so that people didn't pass out.

    但他們一直進行到深夜。 有休息站,以便人們不至於暈倒。

  • For real, I did all of this research after filming this,


  • and even though I didn't really know what was going on at the time,


  • I couldn't stop smiling, and everyone around me was also smiling non-stop.


  • You can't help but feel happy.


  • If you're in Japan around this time of year, and there's a shrine festival going on, make sure you go. You'll love it.

    如果你每年這個時候在日本,而且有一個神社祭祀活動,一定要去。 你會愛上它的。

  • And while I wasn't able to participate in it this year, I still want to help my neighbourhood.


  • So leave a smile in the comment section below,


  • so that Kichijoji can have a good year of good luck and good harvest.


  • Though I'm not sure if the spirits check YouTube comments.


  • We've got another video coming this week. Stay tuned, and we'll see you soon!

    本週我們將有另一個視頻。 請繼續關注,我們很快就會見到你!

So this video is going to be different from what we're used to making.



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日本神社節 (Japanese Shrine Festival)

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