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  • Hi everyone this is Jennifer from Tarle  speech with your pronunciation question.  

    大家好,我是來自Tarle speech的Jennifer,請問你的發音問題。

  • Our question today is how dopronounce the word laboratory,  


  • and that is a place for scientific explorationSo quick tip first, if this word is too difficult  

    而這是一個科學探索的地方。 所以先快速提示,如果這個詞太難了

  • to say you can just say lab for short  and everyone is going to understand you.


  • So to say the word lab correctly start with  the l: tip of the tongue is behind the top  


  • front teeth, lips are kind of pulled backmake sure you don't pucker them. We do not  


  • want that. And then we are going to move to  that short a sound wide open circle mouth,  


  • tip of the tongue down, back of the tongue pulled  way high up, and then end with the b, close the  


  • lips and the air puffs out of the mouth. lab lab lab 

    嘴脣和空氣從口中噴出。 實驗室 實驗室 實驗室

  • so again you can stop watching  the video if that works for you,  


  • but if you want to say the longer wordlet's get into the rest of the lesson


  • So we're going to talk about four syllables lab ra  tor ee labra tori laboratory laboratory laboratory

    所以我們要談的是四個音節 lab ra tor ee labra tori laboratory 實驗室。

  • So to do this we're going to start with the  lab, and then we're going to say ra. To do  


  • this for the r sound think of square tense lipsyou don't want to pucker your lips too much,  


  • you don't want to smile too much, you want them  square and tense, the tip of your tongue will  


  • either be pointing down or flipped back, as long  as the back of that tongue is pulled way high up  


  • towards the roof of the mouth, and is nice and  tense. Then we're going to relax the mouth and  


  • add that short uh sound. That schwa sound labra  labra labra then we're going to move to the tor.  

    加上那個短促的uh音。那個分音符labra labra labra 然後我們要轉到tor。

  • To do this touch the tip of the tongue to  the back of the top front teeth for the t,  


  • the air puffs out, then we're going to  pucker, and then move to the r: or or  


  • tore and then smile because it's all overyou're finished, and add that nice long e.


  • Let's put it all together labra  tour e laborator e laboratory  

    讓我們把它放在一起 labra tour e laborator e laboratory

  • laboratory laboratory  laboratory laboratory laboratory 


  • And now for a sentence: The scientist spent many hours in his laboratory


  • And if you want to be quicker about it you can  say The scientist spent many hours in his lab


  • So give it a try people are going to notice the  difference if you found this helpful we'd love  


  • a like and share and subscribe check out our  products on google play and itunes and all of  


  • our products all of our classes  at Tarle speech. Thanks everyone!


Hi everyone this is Jennifer from Tarle  speech with your pronunciation question.  

大家好,我是來自Tarle speech的Jennifer,請問你的發音問題。


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如何發音 LAB & LABORATORY - 美國英語發音課程 (How to Pronounce LAB & LABORATORY - American English Pronunciation Lesson)

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