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  • Hi. Neil from BBC Learning English here.

    嗨,我是 BBC 英文學習網的 Neil。

  • Did you know that we are now offering a new weekly extra episode of 6 Minute Englishexclusively on our website!?

    你知道現在每個星期會有一集獨家在我們的網站上播出的「6 分鐘學英文」節目嘛!?

  • So, go to to find your favourite presenters on your favourite programme!

    所以趕快前往 來觀賞你最喜歡的主持人們所主持的節目吧!

  • The extra episodes are only available on our

    這些額外的集數僅在 上獨家播出。

  • See you there!


  • [6 minute English, from]

    [「6 分鐘學英文」節目,由 製作播出]

  • Hello. This is 6 Minute English from BBC Learning English. I'm Neil.

    大家好,歡迎來到 BBC 英文學習網製作的「6 分鐘學英文」節目。我是 Neil。

  • And I'm Georgina.

    我是 Georgina。

  • When it comes to sport, there's something for everyone.


  • Do you play a sport, Georgina?


  • I used to play in a netball team years ago.


  • Now I go jogging and I enjoy swimming too.


  • Yes, I go jogging sometimes and I play football, although I'm no Ronaldo!

    真棒,我有時候也會去慢跑,然後我也會踢足球,不過當然沒有到 C 羅的那種等級就是了!

  • But some sports, the so-called 'full-contact' sports like rugby, American football and boxing are much more dangerous.


  • Now, the truth about the long-term effects on players who make a career taking heavy tackles or punches to the head is being slowly revealed.


  • And the issue of safety in sport was back in the news again recently when Danish footballer, Christian Eriksen, collapsed on the pitch during the 2020 European football championship.

    最近因為丹麥足球員 Christian Eriksen 在 2020 年歐洲冠軍盃足球錦標賽中突然倒地,運動安全的議題又再度成了新聞焦點。

  • At the centre of the debate are worries about possible brain damage and dementia caused by concussionthat's a type of traumatic brain injury caused by a bump or blow to the head, and the topic of this programme.


  • Boxing, of course, is one of the most dangerous sports, and so my quiz question is about a famous boxer.


  • Born in 1949, this boxer has remained mentally and physically fit despite years of punishment in the boxing ring.

    這位出生於 1949 年的拳擊手雖然在拳擊擂台上奮戰多年,但至今他的心理與生理狀況皆仍健康無礙。

  • But who am I talking about? Is he: a) Muhammad Ali? b) George Foreman? or c) Mike Tyson?

    但我說的這位拳擊手是誰呢?他是:a) Muhammad Ali? b) George Foreman?或是 c) Mike Tyson?

  • I'm not a big boxing fan, Neil, but I'll say b) George Foreman.

    我沒什麼在看拳擊,Neil,但我覺得是 b) George Foreman。

  • OK, Georgina, we'll find out the answer to that question later in the programme.


  • So far, we've been talking about heavy, full-contact sports like boxing, but the truth is that any sportsperson can get concussed.


  • In 2018 hockey player and Olympic gold medallist, Nicola White, was involved in a heavy collision with another player during a warm-up match.

    在 2018 年時,曲棍球選手與奧運金牌得主 Nicola White 在一場暖身賽時與另一名選手發生了劇烈的碰撞。

  • Here's Nicola telling her story to Paul Connolly, presenter of BBC World Service programme, The Inquiry:

    以下是 Nicola 向 BBC 世界頻道節目「調查」的主持人 Paul Connolly 分享她的故事:

  • I started suffering headaches, nausea, light sensitivity, noise sensitivity, my balance was off, I just felt terrible.

    我開始覺得頭痛、想吐、對光線敏感、對聲音敏感、平衡感失調... 我感覺糟透了。

  • I always used to describe it like I was in Alice in Wonderland, I just felt in such a warped world, it just felt relentless, and it never stopped.


  • Three years on from that moment of impact, Nicola is still picking up the pieces.

    距離事故發生已經經過三年了,但 Nicola 仍無法恢復到過往的生活。

  • Despite seeking advice and treatment from specialists in the field of head trauma, many of her symptoms persist.


  • After the collision Nicola's balance was off.

    在那次的碰撞之後,Nicola 的平衡感便失調了。

  • When something is off, it's worse than usual.

    當東西失調 (be off),代表它比平常的狀態更糟。

  • And off can also mean 'bad', as in 'this milk smells awful' - it's gone off!

    它也可以代表「壞掉了」的意思,例如「這個牛奶聞起來糟透了」,代表它已經壞掉了 (be gone off)!

  • Nicola felt terrible and her world was warped - strange and unpleasant.

    Nicola 感覺糟透了,而且覺得她的世界已被扭曲 (be warped)-也就是顯得奇怪而令人不適。

  • In fact, three years after the accident, she was still picking up the piecestrying to return to normality after a crisis or collapse.

    事實上,在事故發生三年後,她仍在力求重振旗鼓 (pick up pieces)-嘗試在一場危機或崩潰的狀況後恢復到正常的狀態。

  • Concussion is a problem in many sportseven those like hockey or athletics that are not considered 'full-contact'.


  • But the dangers involved with boxing are far greater.


  • In fact, it's one of the few sports that has concussion written into the rules.


  • Yes, that's right. When a boxer is knocked down, he has ten seconds to stand up and get his senses togetherif he can't, there's a good chance he's concussed.


  • Tris Dixon is a former boxer turned sportswriter.

    Tris Dixon 是一位從前拳擊手轉職的運動作家。

  • Here he is speaking to BBC World Service programme, The Inquiry, about concussion in boxing.

    以下是他向 BBC 世界頻道節目「調查」說明拳擊運動中,腦震盪問題的片段。

  • See if you can spot the answer to the quiz question Neil asked earlier:

    看看你能不能聽到剛才 Neil 提出的測驗問題的答案:

  • When you look back through history and you see that Henry Armstrong, Sugar Ray Robinson, Muhammad Ali, Joe Louis all suffered with neurological problems as they got older.

    回顧歷史,我們可以看到 Henry Armstrong、Sugar Ray Robinson、Muhammad Ali、Joe Louis 等在年老後遭遇到神經方面問題的拳擊手們。

  • But what we also need to find out is why can you have a fighter like George Foreman, who's now in his seventies, and is as bright as a button after two long hard careers.

    但我們也應該要搞清楚的是,為什麼像是 George Foreman 這樣經歷過兩輪漫長拳擊手生涯的人,到了現在七十多歲了仍然神采奕奕。

  • Why do some people seem to have a reserve that has kept them safe later in life?


  • Tris mentions some famous boxers who suffered neurological problems in later life, and another boxer who's still 'as bright as a button' — an expression used to describe someone who's happy, cheerful, intelligent, and full of energy.

    Tris 提到了一些在晚年時遭遇到神經方面問題的著名拳擊手,並另外提到了一位拳擊手到現在仍「神采奕奕 (as bright as a button)」-意思是形容一個人快樂、愉快、聰明又充滿活力。

  • It seems that some people have a reserve - a supply of energy they keep stored up for use in the future, when it's needed.

    有些人好像腦中有儲備區 (reserve) 一樣:一種儲存下來的能量,讓他們能在未來需要時使用。

  • OK, Georgina, let's get back to my quiz question — I'm pretty sure you know the answer now?


  • Yes, I think so. Neil asked me which famous boxer, born in 1949, was still mentally alert despite many years of fighting.

    沒錯,我想我知道了。Neil 問了我哪位出生在 1949 年的著名拳擊手,在經過多年的奮鬥後仍心智健全。

  • I guessed it was b) George Foreman.

    我猜是 b) George Foreman。

  • A good listening, Georgina!


  • Thanks, Neil - looks like I'm as bright as a button today!

    謝謝你,Neil -看來我今天真的是神采奕奕!

  • Let's recap the vocabulary from this programme about concussion — a traumatic brain injury caused by a knock to the head.

    讓我們來回顧一下節目的單字吧,首先是今天的主題腦震盪 (concussion)-一種因為腦部受到重擊而產生的創傷性腦損傷。

  • When something is off, it's bad or worse than usual.

    當事情不對勁 (be off) 時,代表它壞了或是比平常的狀況更糟。

  • The adjective warped means strange and unpleasant.

    扭曲 (warped) 這個形容詞的意思是奇怪而令人不愉快的。

  • To pick up the pieces means to try to return to the ways things were before a crisis or collapse.

    收拾殘局 (pick up the pieces) 意思是嘗試在一場危機或狀況崩潰後試著將一切恢復到之前的樣子。

  • A reserve is a supply of something that you kept back until it's needed.

    儲備 (reserve) 指的是儲存起來後,在未來需要時再拿出來使用的物資。

  • And finally, someone who's as bright as a button is very happy and cheerful, intelligent, and full of energy!

    最後,如果一個人顯得神采奕奕 (as bright as a button),代表他非常快樂且雀躍、聰明又充滿活力!

  • Sounds like our 6 Minute English listeners to me!

    就像是我們「6 分鐘學英文」節目的聽眾們一樣!

  • That's all for our investigation into concussion in sport, but if you'd like to find out more about the subject, you can listen again to the whole programme on the BBC World Service website.

    我們對運動中腦震盪問題的探討就到此告一段落,但如果你想更深入地了解這個議題,你可以到 BBC 世界頻道的網站收聽完整的節目。

  • And if you want to grow your brain power, not get linguistically concussed, why not join us again soon for more topical discussion and useful vocabulary here at 6 Minute English from BBC Learning English!

    如果你想要增進你的腦力,防止你得到「語言知識腦震盪」的話,何不下次繼續參與由 BBC 英文學習網所製作的「6 分鐘學英文」節目,和我們一起探討更多的議題並學到實用單字呢?

  • Bye for now!


  • Bye!


  • [6 minute English, from the BBC]

    [「6 分鐘學英文」節目,由 BBC 製作播出]

Hi. Neil from BBC Learning English here.

嗨,我是 BBC 英文學習網的 Neil。

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