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  • We welcome you back to the 8th annual NBA Development League All Star Game presented


  • by Kumho Tire. We're at NBA All Star Jam Session at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center.


  • We're courtside. Rick Kamla, Dennis Scott and Brent Barry at the half.


  • It's The Futures over the Prospects, 72 63. The Futures have never trailed in this game.

    期貨隊戰勝了前景隊,72 63。在這場比賽中,"期貨 "隊從未落後過。

  • Let's talk first half MVP and look ahead to maybe the MVP of this game. Arinze Onuaku

    讓我們'來談談上半場的MVP,展望一下也許本場比賽的MVP。Arinze Onuaku

  • has 14 points to lead all scorers, Devin Ebanks has 12, Daniels has 12. Who would you say


  • is in the lead for MVP? DENNIS SCOTT: Well, Onuaku comes to mind because

    是MVP的領跑者?DENNIS SCOTT:好吧,我想到的是奧努阿庫,因為...

  • of the big steal at half court. Like to see big guys out there. Got the most points in


  • rebounding right now is my front runner, the big fella.


  • BRENT BARRY: Onuaku and Justin Hamilton, the two big guys. What is going on with the NBA

    BRENT BARRY:奧努阿庫和賈斯汀-漢密爾頓,兩個大個子。NBA是怎麼回事?

  • and D League All Star Games. Every big guy is winning the awards. We've got DeAndre Drummond


  • last night dominating. These two guys putting on a show. Before we talk about Manny Harris


  • and Jackson, these guys are going to be awesome. The big guys are taking over. Quit Bullying


  • the little guys, big guys. RICK KAMLA: They're taking over.


  • DENNIS SCOTT: Hamilton shooting threes. You would think the guards would take over this

    漢密爾頓投三分。You would think the guards would take over this... 你會認為後衛們會接管這個

  • game because most All Star Games you get out and show your athleticism, but the big fellas


  • said don't forget about us tonight. RICK KAMLA: By the way, Andre is still trying


  • to put the trophy back together. Congratulations, Andre for the 30 25 performance in the Rising

    把獎盃重新放在一起。恭喜你,安德烈在 "崛起 "中取得了3025分的成績。

  • Stars Challenge Friday night. Coming up, it is NBA Development League Dream Factory presented


  • by Boost Mobile, and yes, the Dunk Contest. Here are the rules. Two dunks in the first


  • round. The judges give you 6 to 10 points. Two players with the highest Composite scores


  • move on to round two. At that point the player with the highest combined score in round two


  • will be crowned the Boost Mobile NBA Development League Slam Dunk Contest champion.


  • Tony Mitchell won it last year. He's back to defend his title, and he can really get


  • off the floor. BRENT BARRY: He did put on a show for us last


  • year, 3 D. Had a Virginia rite of dunks, some off the bounce, some off the throw. The one


  • that came from the stands. We'll see if he does something creative to repeat, because


  • you don't want to repeat yourself, but you want to take that trophy back home, if you


  • can. DENNIS SCOTT: As a champion, how long does


  • it take you. BRENT BARRY: That's very nice of you, 3 D.

    它帶你。這是很好的你,3 D。

  • DENNIS SCOTT: How long does it take to get loose though because these guys weren't playing.


  • BRENT BARRY: Not too long, not too long. RICK KAMLA: Bones loves the Slam Dunk Contest

    不要太長,不要太長。骨頭喜歡 "灌籃大賽

  • questions. Let's get it on to Barry Tom for the player introduction.


  • >> The NBA D League slam dunk judges. Winner of the NBA D League Dream Factory sweepstakes

    >>NBA D聯賽扣籃裁判。NBA D聯賽夢工廠抽獎活動的冠軍。

  • presented by Boost Mobile, Jessica Colon. Four time NBA All Star and 12 year veteran

    由Boost Mobile、Jessica Colon頒發。四屆NBA全明星和12年的老將。

  • of the Nets, Kings and Celtics, Otis birdsong. He's the father of the 2014 All Star starter


  • and an NBA D League All Star, one of the greatest shooters in Charlotte Hornets history, Dell

    和NBA D聯賽全明星,夏洛特黃蜂隊歷史上最偉大的射手之一,戴爾。

  • Curry. Former player in the NBA D League, getting ready to call up, led the San Antonio

    庫裡。前NBA D聯賽球員,準備徵召,率領聖安東尼奧。

  • Spurs to last year's NBA Finals, No. 4, Danny Green. He's a 6'9" NBA All Star, and basketball


  • Hall of Famer, get off your tracks for the A train, Artis Gilmore. Ladies and gentlemen,


  • your 2014 Boost Mobile NBA D League Slam Dunk Contestants. From the Delaware 87ers, Thanasis

    你的2014年Boost手機NBA D聯賽扣籃選手。來自特拉華87人隊,Thanasis?

  • Antetokounmpo, representing the BayHawks, Darren White, the Reno Big Horns very own


  • Ra'Shad James, and defending Boost Mobile NBA D League dunk champion of the Ft. Wayne

    Ra'沙德-詹姆斯,以及衛冕必發手機版NBA D聯賽扣籃冠軍的韋堡。

  • Mad Ants, Tony Mitchell. Let's hear it for our dunkers.


  • Our dunk order for the first two rounds has been determined alphabetically, that means


  • Thanasis will be first to go. RICK KAMLA: Coming up, the Boost Mobile Slam


  • Dunk Contest. I got a kick out of Thanasis Antetokounmpo, with Greek Freak Nation.

    扣籃大賽。我從Thanasis Antetokounmpo身上得到了啟發,與希臘畸形人國家。

  • DENNIS SCOTT: Talking about not being able to see this man play that much. See him jump


  • to the moon and see what he has. It will be fun to see.


  • RICK KAMLA: It's cool. Lot of the players in the All Star Game have come out of the

    RICK KAMLA:這'很酷。很多參加全明星賽的球員都是來自於

  • locker room. They want to watch the Dunk Contest. There is Thanasis. I love it. They call Giannis,

    更衣室。他們想看扣籃大賽。有Thanasis。I love it.他們叫吉安尼斯。

  • his brother, the alphabet. Let's see if we can come up with a nickname for Thanasis after

    他的兄弟,字母表。讓我們看看能否給Thanasis起個綽號 Let's see if we can come up with a nickname for Thanasis after

  • what we see him do here this afternoon. He is the older brother of Giannis and he will


  • be draft eligible in 2014. BRENT BARRY: Not being quite warmed up, it


  • shouldn't take you long, but saw something very similar to that last night in the Rising


  • Stars game with Tim Hardaway Jr. who threw down the reverse, rocking the ball from right


  • to left. The judges not super thrilled with the first one, Rick.


  • RICK KAMLA: No, and on the left side there, you have Jessica Colon who won a fan contest


  • to get involved as a judge. DENNIS SCOTT: Little Rock, little over the


  • head. Not bad for a warm up. RICK KAMLA: Each player gets 60 seconds to


  • show what they can do. Good to see Artis Gilmore, the Hall of Famer over there, one of the judges,


  • the A train. DENNIS SCOTT: Do not shake his hand. He still


  • has the claw. This is Darren White of the Erie BayHawks. First season in the NBA Development


  • League. BRENT BARRY: This is where the new format


  • tonight will kick in. We'll not be worried about guys missing and having to repeat a


  • dunk. They'll just keep coming at you. DENNIS SCOTT: Think the time messes with you,


  • Brent, that you have to get this in in the timeframe?


  • BRENT BARRY: Yeah, because you're getting nervous you can't get the one down that you


  • want to. But it doesn't affect the score. Okay, you try it several times and you take


  • a point or two away. DENNIS SCOTT: Oh, my goodness.


  • BRENT BARRY: He got it! He got it! DENNIS SCOTT: Whoa, whoa! Definitely better


  • than the first dunk by Antetokounmpo and Artis Gilmore gives him a 10. A couple of 9s and


  • two 8s. 8s. How do you give that an 8, Bones? RICK KAMLA: You're calling me a tough job.


  • You better go talk to Otis bird song. He came in like a wrecking ball.


  • BRENT BARRY: That is a Miley Cyrus record. DENNIS SCOTT: Yes, sir. I knew right where


  • you were going. BRENT BARRY: I didn't think her name was going


  • to come up. I'm a little disappointed. DENNIS SCOTT: That is nice.

    來了。我'有點失望。DENNIS SCOTT:這很好。

  • RICK KAMLA: Bones, how would you describe that dunk right there?


  • BRENT BARRY: I would say it was flat out awesome. Then I think he was trying to do it, 3 D,

    我想說這是平平無奇的。然後我覺得他是想做的,3 D。

  • with the toss. With the toss to get up, catch it at its apex and bring it around. But that


  • was nice. Nice. Where's this coming from, 3 D?

    是不錯的。很好這是從哪裡來的,3 D?

  • DENNIS SCOTT: Out of the stands like last year.


  • BRENT BARRY: Deep, deep, way up in the corner. DENNIS SCOTT: I have my video camera on, Tony.


  • BRENT BARRY: On the sidelines behind the players bench. That's a good 40 feet away from the

    BRENT BARRY:在球員板凳後面的邊線上那是一個很好的40英尺的距離。

  • court. Is that Ron Howard up there? DENNIS SCOTT: That's Ron Howard.


  • RICK KAMLA: All right, Ron Howard is Tony Mitchell's teammate on the Ft. Wayne Mad Ants,


  • they've started the clock already. I think they're going to reset the clock. The P A

    他們已經開始計時了。我認為他們'要重新設定時鐘。P A

  • guy on the floor is just calling the shots out here. Doing a great job of staying in


  • charge, and here it is. Ron Howard. That's a good toss. Oh! Very close. I tell you what,


  • the toss from Ron Howard down was better than the toss that went back up from Tony Mitchell.


  • Put a little too much spin on that one. DENNIS SCOTT: That is the toughest part of


  • this one. He's got another ball. So we've rotated a second ball in. Down to 39 seconds


  • oh! He almost got it. BRENT BARRY: Now this pressure is on Ron Howard.


  • It takes it away from Tony, and Ron Howard has to make the pass.


  • RICK KAMLA: Tony did this last year to help him win this contest. Do you like that he's


  • doing it again? BRENT BARRY: I do like, Rick, that he brought

    再做一次?我很喜歡,裡克,他帶來了... ...

  • it out again, because this is a whole different fan group that might not have seen last year's


  • D League All Star Game. But Ron Howard, good on you, mate. Great pass from up there. But


  • pressure on. So three 9s and two 10s. But was that more impressive than the dunk we


  • saw by Darren White? DENNIS SCOTT: No, it wasn't. I think sometimes

    被達倫-懷特看到了?DENNIS SCOTT:不,不是的'。我覺得有時候

  • we get caught up because the pass is coming out of the stands and you give the guy the


  • extra point. The creativity, the torquing, the twisting and turning.


  • BRENT BARRY: Did you say twerking? DENNIS SCOTT: Twerking.


  • BRENT BARRY: That is got to be the first time that's ever been brought to basketball.


  • DENNIS SCOTT: Tony Mitchell gets a 47. And Darren White had 44.


  • BRENT BARRY: Now here's the little man, Rick camera.


  • RICK KAMLA: This is Ra'Shad James. DENNIS SCOTT: This is where the little guy


  • jumps so high off the ground it makes it even more impressive. Oh, there you go! Yes, sir!


  • Okay. Yes, sir. He's mobbed. BRENT BARRY: You don't need to have us tell


  • you how good the dunk was because you see the reaction from the teammates. That was

    你有多好的扣籃 因為你看到隊友的反應。那是

  • awesome. Here's another look at Ra'Shad James. DENNIS SCOTT: Uh huh. He didn't dunk that.


  • He punched the ball through the rim. BRENT BARRY: If you look at it again where


  • it is he's taking off from off of two feet, just outside of the dotted line. That is a


  • long way to travel off of two legs to get to the rim. Then he's catching and windmilling


  • a fantastic finish there by Ra'Shad. RICK KAMLA: 6'1", 195. Went to north wood

    拉'沙德在那裡的一個奇妙的完成。RICK KAMLA:6'1",195。去了北木鎮

  • college in Florida. And he gets a 50. 10s across the board for James.


  • DENNIS SCOTT: The question is what else do you have in your bag to match that or do better?


  • The judges had to give him that one. RICK KAMLA: The fan, Jessica Colon was a little


  • late. Was she looking over to give it a 10? BRENT BARRY: Jessica looks like she's in 7th

    晚了。她是看過來給10分?BRENT BARRY:傑西卡看起來像她在第七屆

  • grade in a math test looking at everybody else's answers. You guys know what you're


  • talking about. All right, dunk number two for Thanasis. He's getting help from his brother,

    談論。好吧,扣籃數二為Thanasis。他得到了他哥哥的幫助 He's getting help from his brother,

  • Giannis. This is the Greek Freak Nation right here. This is when you want your younger brother


  • to not be taller than you are. DENNIS SCOTT: Exactly. And Giannis is probably


  • thinking, Yo, don't hurt me. RICK KAMLA: Thanasis over Giannis. Oh! Oh,


  • a little dance, little dance. There you see it on his shirt. Greek Freak Nation.


  • ReplaceName4: So far three 8s. 48s and a 9. Hmm. Do you agree, Bones?


  • BRENT BARRY: It's a little harsh. He's up over his brother. Used him as a stepping stone


  • there, a little as a ladder. Getting that hand plant 3 D. Still a pretty sweet dunk.


  • DENNIS SCOTT: Still sweet. Maybe the hand lifted it up a little bit. But last time I


  • checked, he's 7 foot. RICK KAMLA: Here we go. This is Darren White,


  • dunk number two for him. That is Troy Daniels. Troy Daniels looks very nervous. White telling


  • him keep it behind your head a little bit more. Catches it and reverse clutches it home.


  • That was nice. DENNIS SCOTT: That was nice right there. Take


  • the ball off the hand, double pump, two hands. Oh, ball down to the knee area, Brent. That's


  • kind of nice there. BRENT BARRY: That is pretty sweet. The other


  • thing that is difficult, 3 D in dunking, and don't quote me on this, because I'm not an

    困難的事情,3 D在扣籃,和不'不要引用我在這一點上,因為我'不是一個。

  • expert. But if you go without the ball, it's hard to establish your rhythm. If you have


  • the ball, it kind of helps you get to where you need to go. Grabbing it out of the middle


  • like that is a little more difficult. You see the height. Great finish as he's able


  • to glide and get that reverse to go. RICK KAMLA: Darren White got a 10 from Hall


  • of Famer Artis Gilmore on that dunk. So his first run score is a composite 90.


  • BRENT BARRY: Do you think it would be cool if they put half point cards for the judges?

    BRENT BARRY: You think it would be cool if they put half point cards for judges?你認為這將是很酷 如果他們把半點卡的法官?

  • Give you just a little bit? If you thought it was more than an eight, you give it an


  • eight and a half? Good idea. DENNIS SCOTT: Oh, the head stand. How nervous


  • is he? BRENT BARRY: He better hurry up before that


  • kid falls over. RICK KAMLA: Seriously. He's getting a little


  • wobbly out there. See, you got to hurry up. Clock is running.


  • BRENT BARRY: I guarantee one of the guys has to go over there and help that kid stabilize


  • himself. It's going to happen. One of the D League guys. Here they come, see. They're


  • starting to come over. RICK KAMLA: See, it's the floor P A guys.

    開始過來。看,這是地板P A的傢伙。

  • BRENT BARRY: There you go. It's like holding the ball before the kickoff. Tony Mitchell.


  • Okay. They reset the clock. He's still plus 50 seconds. DeAndre Liggins has a look on

    好吧,他們重設了時鐘。他們重設了時鐘。他還在加50秒。DeAndre Liggins的表情是:

  • his face like what the heck? Tony Mitchell jumps through the legs of a fan.


  • DENNIS SCOTT: And they pick him up. They pick the young man up.


  • RICK KAMLA: Representing presumably his favorite player, Kevin Durant.

    RICK KAMLA:代表的大概是他最喜歡的球員,凱文-杜蘭特。

  • BRENT BARRY: Little dangerous for Tony Mitchell. He's going to get clipped here, watch. It

    BRENT BARRY:託尼-米切爾有點危險他要在這裡被剪掉,看。它

  • was tough for him to get that finish to go through clean. Might take points off for not


  • being clean. But he's looking down. Worried. DENNIS SCOTT: Make sure he didn't hit the


  • little fella. BRENT BARRY: Impressive dunk. So the defending


  • champion, Tony Mitchell with a laugh, and a Composite first round score of 92. So that


  • is better than Darren White. RICK KAMLA: There he is.


  • BRENT BARRY: I'm a little surprised that Mitchell is ahead of white at this point.


  • DENNIS SCOTT: You called it. Look at the team. Look at every guy around there, supporting

    丹尼斯-斯科特:你叫它。Look at the team.Look at every guy around there, supporting

  • and watching. That's how you know something good is coming.


  • BRENT BARRY: Ra'Shad has something that he's going to put on the floor marking where it

    BRENT BARRY: Ra'39;Shad有一些東西,他要放在地板上標記它的位置。沙德有一些東西,他要把在地板上標記它的地方

  • is he's going to take off or? Something. Outside the Lane. That's a long way to travel.


  • RICK KAMLA: All right, Ra'Shad James, very entertaining with his first dunk, and we are


  • intrigued. BRENT BARRY: Now if he can do this with two


  • feet. DENNIS SCOTT: He's going to take off running.


  • You've got to do the second half by yourself. We're done. We're done.


  • RICK KAMLA: The first dunk was off two legs. Some guys are great off two feet, and some


  • guys are gliders. Now if he does this with two feet, that would be impressive. But if


  • he shows the glide, wow. He's got them both. I had a feeling he was going two. That is


  • way out there. DENNIS SCOTT: Goodness gracious, just the


  • fact that he's trying this shot. RICK KAMLA: He actually jumped before the

    事實上,他'嘗試這個鏡頭。RICK KAMLA:他實際上是在跳之前就跳了。

  • tape Mark. Ra'Shad James, again mobbed by the D League All Stars. He looks like he hits


  • his Mark. DENNIS SCOTT: He does. I think the first foot


  • may have been over a little bit. But the back foot is definitely behind the Mark.


  • BRENT BARRY: Artis Gilmore and Dell Curry not giving him 10s. You called it, 3 D. He's

    BRENT BARRY: Artis Gilmore and Dell Curry not giving him 10s:吉爾莫和戴爾・庫裡不給他10分。你叫它,3個D,他'。

  • well within it. DENNIS SCOTT: The back leg is on the Mark.


  • BRENT BARRY: The kids are trying to win the race, and you say everybody behind the line,


  • and they put one foot behind the line. No, no, both feet behind the line.


  • DENNIS SCOTT: Yes, still impressive though. Still very impressive.


  • BRENT BARRY: Did that remind you of Steve Francis a little bit? Composite first round

    BRENT BARRY:這是否讓你想起了史蒂夫-弗朗西斯一點點?複合第一輪

  • score, 98. Kind of that lean in window style. RICK KAMLA: All right, so Ra'Shad James is


  • moving on to round two with the defending champion, Tony Mitchell, and I wonder if Tony

    移動到第二輪 與衛冕冠軍,託尼-米切爾, 我不知道如果託尼...

  • Mitchell is going to get more creative here in round 2. So it's James against Mitchell


  • in the Boost Mobile NBA Development League Slam Dunk Contest coming up.


  • Dream Factory presented by Boost Mobile, part of 2014 All Star Weekend. We're at halftime


  • of the 2014 D League All Star Game, and getting set for the finals of the Slam Dunk Contest,


  • Ra'Shad James. Trying to take the title away from last year's champ, Tony Mitchell. All

    Ra'Shad James。試圖從去年'的冠軍託尼-米切爾手中奪走冠軍。所有

  • right, Tony. How many dunks did you come in here with planned.


  • >> I just made up two when I was on the plane coming over here.


  • >> Well, looks like you need a third. >> Looks like I might need a fourth. I need

    看來你需要第三個人了 看來我需要第四個人了我需要

  • about five dunks compared to what he's doing. I don't know. I might have something left


  • up the sleeve. I don't know. I'm still thinking. >> Ra'Shad, do you want to push the tape back

    在袖子裡。我不'不知道。我還在想。 >>Ra'Shad,你想把帶子推回去嗎?

  • any further or what are you thinking here? PLAYER: Anything to get the crowd involved,


  • I might have to push it back further. >> Do you think you should get some extra

    我可能要把它推得更遠。 >>你認為你應該得到一些額外的。

  • points because you're not as tall as this guy?


  • PLAYER: Maybe. The crowd usually favors the guy that's shorter anyway. So we'll see what


  • happens. >> Ra'Shad James and Tony Mitchell, the finals


  • of the 2014 Slam Dunk Contest. Barry Tom, the public address announcer will take us


  • through the final round here. RICK KAMLA: All right, Jared, thank you very


  • much. So interesting, Tony Mitchell, last year's champion coming back to defend his


  • title came up with a couple of dunks on the plane, and still thinking, as we speak, about


  • perhaps his fourth dunk. DENNIS SCOTT: Well, I'm going to coach my


  • partner on this one. Only thing I've dunked is powdered donuts in the morning. Partner;


  • is that true? You get your last dunk on the flight on the way to the event?


  • BRENT BARRY: Inspiration comes in all sorts of ways. I would think though before that


  • he knows he's got to do something that he didn't do last year. You made mention of it,


  • Rick, he repeated that first dunk that came from Ron Howard in the stands. We did seize


  • that last