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  • These are among the most exclusive and highly trained nannies in the world.


  • Ready? Here we go.


  • They learn self-defense and advanced driving techniques. And even their cooking skills are a cut above.


  • We are sort of training a league of supernannies.


  • Think Mary Poppins... with a little James Bond.


  • The course at Norland College in England costs them $21,000 a year, but after graduation, they can command salaries of $170,000. That's four times the average nanny salary in the UK.

    英國諾蘭學院的課程每年花費 21,000 美元,但畢業後,他們可以獲得 17 萬美元的薪水。這是英國保姆平均工資的四倍。

  • Britain's royal family has even hired them.


  • So what does it take to become one of the most exclusive nannies in the world?


  • Trained to protect themselves and the children in their care, Norland nannies are part of an elite.


  • Often working for high-profile employers, they're expected to deal with potential threats, like kidnap attempts.


  • Unfortunately, I have had an experience where a man tried to take the little girl that I used to look after.


  • I said, "You need to give her back." And he said no. And so I just had to pull her off of him whilst holding onto the buggy where her baby brother was.

    我對他說:「你得把她還來。」而他拒絕了, 所以我只能把她從他身上拉下來,同時抓住她弟弟坐的推車。

  • It is scary, but that's why I think parents hire Norlanders because we are given that extensive training for these worst-case scenarios. Because actually, the big wide world is very scary, and you are looking after them as a prized possession.


  • No, your hands are shaking.


  • Got the adrenaline going.


  • In the career they've chosen, a lot of them don't realize what they're capable of, but after getting them into this, they really do command themselves.


  • It takes four years to become a fully qualified Norland nannythree years of study followed by a year's placement with a family. And it's more expensive than studying at Oxford or Cambridge University. But the idea is that their qualification will soon start paying off.


  • Within a year, they are actually averaging about 40,000 (pounds) a year. So that's a young person in their early 20s probably earning more money than perhaps an up-and-coming accountant or lawyer.

    一年之內,他們的平均薪資實際上是每年約 40,000 英鎊,大概是一個 20 歲出頭的年輕人比一個正要嶄露頭角的會計師或律師賺更多的錢。

  • With the nannies earning that kind of money, skills like cooking and sewing have to be at the highest level.


  • When I was on my residential placement, the family had such a varied diet. They were really into like, satay chicken, and we had lemongrass chicken a lot. So a lot of Pan-Asian flavors, and it was really nice to see.


  • So you place your nori with the shiny side down.


  • These third-year students are learning how to make child-friendly sushi.


  • I then using the bamboo mat to roll your sushi up.


  • I really don't enjoy cooking, to be honest, and so the lessons have been really, really helpful for myself as I am not a confident cook.


  • The students do three years of sewing with us alongside their BA, and they work through a series of six projects, developing their machine and hand-sewing skills.


  • Yes, of course.


  • It could be just doing name labels and buttons or things that, you know, every family, all families need.


  • But going on to making things for their charges, their children might have ideas, and they'll make things with them or for them.


  • - Is it an undoable knot? - I hope so.

    - 這是死結嗎?我希望是。

  • - But, this carriage pram would take a child up to about two and a half years of age. So do we remember what this is called? - That's the apron.

    - 這款嬰兒車最重只能載兩歲半左右的兒童。還記得這叫什麼嗎?那是坐墊。

  • The apron, absolutely, and you don't use that when you're inside because it could make the baby too hot.


  • The students also learn how to prepare an old-fashioned pram.


  • Remember, with carriage prams you don't have to do hospital corners, but you just want to make it as tidy and neat as you possibly can in the pram.


  • Norland nannies still use these today, in college and in the workplace.


  • Remember, attention to detail is really important, so make that look neat and tidy.


  • But principal Dr. Janet Rose wants to modernize the image, both of the college and of the nannying professionknowing how to control a car in skid is just one of the skills a modern-day Norland nanny can offer clients.

    但是校長 Janet Rose 博士想要讓學院和保姆職業的形象現代化,像是知道如何控制打滑的汽車只是現代諾蘭保姆可以為客戶提供的技能之一。

  • Norland College was founded by Emily Ward nearly 130 years ago. Her aim was to encourage a better and more educated class of women to enter the ranks of domestic service.

    諾蘭學院由 Emily Ward 於近 130 年前創立,她的目標是鼓勵更好、受過更多教育的女性進入家政服務行列。

  • So here we have the very first probationers all the way back in 1892, the very first students at Norland. And here we have a photograph of one of our Norlanders who worked for the Greek royal family.

    我們這裡有最早的見習生,可以追溯到 1892 年,他們是諾蘭學院的第一批學生,這邊這張是為希臘王室工作的諾蘭保母的照片。

  • Back then, nannies had to wear nurses' uniforms to differentiate themselves from the household servants; puffed sleeves and pinafores were replaced over time by a modest beige dress, brown bowler hat and brogues, and white cotton gloves.


  • Nannies are still required to be immaculate and abide by strict rules: smoking is banned, as is buying alcohol, fast food, or even a takeaway coffee.


  • I definitely found the uniform really appealing. I think there's something about wearing this uniform. You know, you represent 125-plus years of heritage, and this uniform means a lot. It means that we're highly trained and we're really passionate about doing what we do.

    我覺得我們制服真的很吸引人,也很有意思,就像是代表了超過 125 年的傳統,而這件製服的意義重大,這意味著我們訓練有素,我們對我們所做的事情充滿熱情。

  • The college wants to attract more diverse, more international students. Norland is also taking on university status.


  • Soon we will become Norland University, and we'll be the first specialist early-years university in the world.


  • But for Freja, becoming a Norland Nanny isn't about pay or prestige. It's about a passion for the job.

    但對於 Freja 來說,成為諾蘭保母與薪資或聲望無關,而是與對工作的熱情有關。

  • I want children to learn because they want to. I want them to explore because they want to and be curious about the world.


  • And for me, seeing that is the most rewarding thing ever. That's more rewarding than any paycheck I could ever get.

    對我來說,能夠看到這些是最有價值的事情了, 這比我能獲得的任何薪水都更有價值。

  • Seeing a child exploring, being curious, wanting to learn, wanting to grow. That's just so incredible.


  • Which sounds, for parents who can afford it, practically perfect in every way.


These are among the most exclusive and highly trained nannies in the world.


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