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  • Hi, I'm Simone Biles, four-time Olympic Gold Medalist, and today, I'm going to be playing with puppies while answering fan questions.


  • Oh, my God, they're, like, puppy, puppies!


  • (gasps) Oh, hi!

    (倒吸一口氣) 嗨!

  • Come here, come here!


  • [What other Olympic sport could you see yourself doing?]


  • Probably ice skating or diving.


  • They ran away. I think someone peed on me.


  • [What other goals have you set for yourself outside of gymnastics?]


  • For me, the goals I've set outside of gymnastics would be helping the foster care community and kids.


  • [What's your diet like?]


  • My diet is pretty simple: a lot of proteins, fish, chicken, vegetables. And then outside of gym, my cheat meal would be pizza.


  • [What's the hardest part about being a gymnast?]


  • The hardest part about being a gymnast is probably training, like, seven to eight hours a day. Just practicing, conditioning, rehab, six days a week, and then I have Sundays off.


  • Oh, okay, okay, go to your friends.


  • Come here!


  • [What's your morning routine?]


  • Typical morning: get up, wash my face, brush my teeth, do any of that shenanigans.


  • I don't really have face care routine, nothing too crazy.


  • [How long does it take you to master a skill?]


  • Probably a couple months before it's, like, really, really good. It depends on what event, what it is... Hi, I know, I see you!

    在變純熟之前大概要花上好幾個月,但要取決於什麼樣的比賽、什麼樣的技能... 嗨,我知道,我看到你了!

  • I see you!


  • [Is there a USA Gymnastics group chat?]


  • If there's a USA Gymnastics group chat, I'm not in it, I don't know.


  • I don't give my number out a lot, but we had one at Worlds and we talked about food a lot and memes.


  • Hi, baby. Join up here!


  • [Who's the "mom" of the group?]


  • It's definitely me, probably.


  • [How many leotards do you own, and which one is your favorite?]


  • Probably about a hundred, and my favorite is probably some from my collection that I have.


  • Where are you guys going?


  • Probably some from my collection, no specific ones, they're kinda all my favorite.


  • You look like you want to come home with me.


  • [What do you do to pump yourself up before an event?]


  • Listen to music and it kinda depends on the vibe. Right now, it'd probably something with DaBaby.

    聽音樂,但這取決於當時的情緒。現在的話,大概會聽 DaBaby 的歌。

  • [Have you kept in touch with Obamas?]


  • Unfortunately, I have not, because we are very busy, all of us.


  • But, if they ever wanna go to lunch or something, I'm in Houston!


  • [What are your hobbies outside of gymnastics?]


  • Outside of gymnastics, I don't really have too many hobbies. I like to just rot 'cause I'm just tired sometimes, but I do like to shop, I'm good at that. Hanging out with my friends and family.


  • Hi, well, you wanna be on my lap?


  • [What do you do to unwind?]


  • I usually take a hot bath with my Epsom salts, relax, watch a movie or Netflix.

    通常我會用鎂鹽洗個熱水澡,放鬆一下,看電影或 Netflix。

  • Right now on Netflix, I'm watching Schitt's Creek.

    現在我在 Netflix 上看的是富家窮路。

  • Come here! Yeah.


  • [What does gold taste like?]


  • Tastes like hard metal, but it feels nice and it looks good. Right? It's just hard metal.


  • Hey, guys, thanks for providing the puppies from Paw Works and check out the link in the bio.

    嘿,各位,感謝 Paw Works 提供的小狗狗,並點擊查看說明欄裡的連結。

  • Say, "Hi, I want to get adopted! Please adopt me." "And me. Somebody, I need a home!"


Hi, I'm Simone Biles, four-time Olympic Gold Medalist, and today, I'm going to be playing with puppies while answering fan questions.


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