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  • The heart shape is maybe the single most recognizable symbol used all across the world.

  • But have you ever stopped and wondered where it came from in the first place?

  • Let's find out on today's episode of Colossal Questions.

  • In case you didn't know, the actual heart that's ticking inside your chest doesn't look quite as nice as the heart shape we think of.

  • The actual heart looks like, well any other organ, gross and slimy with all kinds of weird veins, valves, and ventricles.

  • But that might make you wonder, where did the heart shape come from if it doesn't even look like a real human heart?

  • Well, nobody knows for sure, but there are three main theories.

  • The main theory, believe it or not, gives credit to an extinct North African plant.

  • You see, way back in ancient times, a Greek city in northern Africa became very wealthy selling a super rare plant called a silphium.

  • The plant was mainly used as a seasoning, but it also had another use.

  • People at the time believed if a woman ate silphium she wouldn't get pregnant.

  • The plant was so key to the city's economy that they minted their coins with the image of a silphium seed pod, which looks a lot like the heart shape.

  • As the theory goes, the symbol on the coins slowly became associated with having babies, then over time with love.

  • The second also puts the heart shape's origin in ancient Greece and in the hands of the famous philosopher, Aristotle.

  • Aristotle claimed that the heart was an organ with three chambers with rounded tops that come to a point at the bottom.

  • That description isn't exactly right.

  • Hearts only have two chambers.

  • But accurate or not, Aristotle's description may have inspired medieval artists to develop the heart shape that became a representation of love and romance over time.

  • Hearts could be found all over the medieval world: from works of art, to coats of arms, to common playing cards.

  • And just like that, the heart shape was widely known as a symbol of love and romance.

  • The final theory for where the heart shape came from is also the least romantic.

  • It was just a really easy shape to draw that kind of, sort of, maybe looks like a heart - who knows?

  • Sometimes the simplest answer is also the right one.

  • And now you know where the heart shape came from.

  • Comment below if you have a question you'd like to know the answer to.

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The heart shape is maybe the single most recognizable symbol used all across the world.


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Where Did The “Heart Shape” Come From? | COLOSSAL QUESTIONS

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