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  • hello and greetings from punta arenas chile  patagonia in today's video we're going  

    你好,來自 智利巴塔哥尼亞蓬塔阿雷納斯的

  • to be taking you around the capital  city of chile's southernmost region  

    問候 在今天的視頻中,我們 將帶你 游覽智利

  • magadanes and antartica chilena  that's all the way down here  

    最南端地區的首都 馬加達內斯和智利南極,

  • in this episode we'll be hopping aboard replicas  of historic ships like the hms beagle and the now  

    在這一集中,我們將乘坐歷史船隻的複製品就像 hms 小獵犬和現在的

  • victoria and imagining what it would have been  like to cross uncharted waters like the early  

    維多利亞一樣,想像一下像早期 探險家 一樣穿越未知水域的感覺,

  • explorers we'll also be showing you around some  of punta arena's main attractions including its  


  • plaza this cool panoramic viewpoint and its  famed necropolis and because you already know  

    廣場、這個酷炫的全 景觀景點 和著名的墓地和因為你已經知道

  • we're major foodies we'll also be taking you to  a few restaurants in search of steak and seafood  


  • so let's get this video rolling good morning good  afternoon good morning from punta arenas chile it  


  • is lunchtime it's lunch time we've got food on  our mind in fact i think we know where we're  

    是午餐時間我們是午餐時間事實上,我們已經想到了食物 我想我們知道我們

  • going i think we're going to go to a steakhouse  so yesterday while we were walking downtown we  

    要去哪裡 我想我們要去牛排館 所以昨天當我們在市中心散步時,我們

  • noticed a very famous restaurant that specializes  in chilean barrigan barbecue it's called los  

    注意到一個非常有名 的餐廳 專門從事智利巴里根燒烤的餐廳叫做 los

  • ganaderos so that's where we're headed so that's  the plan for the food portion of this video  

    ganaderos 所以這就是我們要去的地方 所以這就是這個視頻的食物部分的計劃

  • and then we're gonna head out and do some  sightseeing i really want to walk along the  

    然後我們要出去觀光 我真的很想沿著 海濱 走走

  • waterfront check out the pier and we'll see what  else we find along the way yeah we've been doing  


  • some research about this city and there's  quite a bit to do here let's check it out  

    對這個城市 進行 一些研究,這裡有很多事情要做,讓我們看看

  • well guys the food is here we were thinking the  restaurant isn't very full today what's going on  


  • and it turns out we're just here early like what  time is it now one o'clock people start writing at  

    結果我們 來得 早,現在是幾點鐘,人們開始寫作,

  • one yeah so there's been a lot more people coming  in so i ordered my steak it's called alopo so i  

    是的,所以有更多的人進來,所以我點了牛排,它叫alopo 所以我

  • basically got a piece of steak with two fried  eggs on top and it also came with french fries  


  • the stick is very good very tender and we noticed  on the menu there were lots of different cuts to  


  • choose from they also had patagonian lamb butfeel like you kind of need a very big appetite for  

    可供選擇 他們也有巴塔哥尼亞羊肉但是我覺得你有點需要一個 ve 對此我有

  • that all right so i got the beefy de chorizo andgot some potato mash that comes with onions mixed  

    很大的胃口, 所以我得到了結實的 de chorizo​​ 和一些土豆泥,混合了洋蔥

  • in i'm smelling some parsley in there too this  looks delicious guys they call it leonesa style  

    我也在那裡聞到了一些歐芹,這看起來很好吃,他們稱之為 leonesa 風格,

  • yeah this is one of our favorite cuts that we  have when we're in argentina so i can't wait to  


  • try it here in chile and i got it done which  is which is a bit juicy can't wait to try it


  • wow that's delicious guys juicy so much  flavor i mean the way it's cooked like this  


  • you don't really need to add anything  you don't really need chimichurri  

    你真的不需要添加任何你真的不需要 chimichurri

  • even salt it just tastes great on its own  and have some wine here cabernet sauvignon  


  • chili does a good asado the verdict isn't  dessert was all sam's doing this is artwork  

    辣椒做得很好 asado 判決不是甜點是所有山姆這樣做,這是

  • on a plate this is a snickers torta snickers  pie my goodness does it ever look decadent oh  

    一盤這 件作品 是竊笑TORTA竊笑派我的天啊它曾經看起來頹廢哦

  • my gosh i can't wait to try this it is thick and  the presentation couldn't be any more beautiful


  • it really does taste like a snickers  bar that's what i have to say  


  • and i don't want to know  how many calories are in it  

    ,我不想o 知道裡面有多少卡路里,

  • well guys that was a very good lunch as usual  we are rolling out of here feeling stuffed yeah  


  • and we still need to go sightseeing so we're going  to start with a walk to kind of wake ourselves up  


  • from the food coma we like boas yeah um the  price it was 55 us dollars total so yeah it's  

    從食物昏迷開始,我們喜歡 boas 是的,總價是 55 美元,所以是的,這

  • kind of pricey we can't seem to get it much lower  than that it's usually 50 to 75 whenever the two  

    有點貴,我們似乎無法得到比通常 50 到 75 美元 低得多的價格,每當 我們

  • of us go for food here in chile so that was two  mains one glass of wine a soda water and dessert  

    兩個 人去這裡吃飯時智利所以那是兩個主菜 一杯酒 蘇打水和甜點

  • but very good that being said sam and i were  discussing like what have been our most memorable  


  • meat and seafood experiences and we both agree  that chile and peru are really good at seafood  


  • like they're just outstanding in that department  and then argentina and uruguay really know their  


  • steak and they cannot be outdone so our food was  good but we kept comparing it to argentina's steak  


  • and uruguayan steak a little bit so yeah it was  tasty but i definitely feel like the seafood and  

    和烏拉圭牛排 進行比較 所以是的它很好吃但我絕對感覺像海鮮和

  • chili really shines and who knows maybe they're  patagonian lamb i saw a few people ordering that  


  • yeah so maybe we should have gone with that but  a good meal overall and now we go sightseeing


  • and guys another thing that has surprised us  here in chile that i keep forgetting to mention  


  • is that drivers stop for pedestrians like we  noticed this when we first got to puerto natales  


  • and now here too and us and anytime there's  like a zebra crossing or an intersection it's  


  • like they give you priority they're not trying  to run you over which is so strange having spent  

    就像他們給你優先權,他們沒有試圖 在阿根廷 呆 了幾個月,你真的很

  • a few months in argentina where you really  have to be on guard on high alert looking  

    奇怪 ,在那裡你真的必須保持高度警惕,看看

  • who's coming and where are they coming from  because people just turn and you know drivers  


  • do as they please so that's been really nice aspedestrian kind of like feeling a bit safer here  


  • then hopped in a taxi and traveled to the now  victoria museum which is located about 15 minutes  

    然後跳上出租車,然後前往位於 鎮以 北約 15 分鐘路程的現在的維多利亞博物館,

  • north of town this is an open air museum that sits  on the shores of the strait of magellan and it's  

    這是一個露天博物館,坐落在海岸上在麥哲倫海峽 ,您可以在那裡看到歷史船隻的全尺寸複製品 噹

  • where you can see full-sized replicas of historic  vessels the idea for this museum came to be when  

    噹地商人決定建造一座現在的維多利亞時代的複製品來慶祝智利建國 200 週年之際

  • a local businessman decided to build a replica of  the now victoria to celebrate chile's bicentennial  


  • well it proved to be no easy task the search for  the ship's original plans took almost three years  

    ,事實證明這並不容易任務 尋找這艘船的原始計劃花了將近三年時間

  • and it was then another two years to complete  the whole construction but today this museum  


  • is considered one of the main draws to punta  arenas we first visited the now victoria which  


  • first set sail in 1519 as part of the spanish  five ship expedition led by ferdinand magellan  

    於 1519 年首次啟航由麥哲倫率領西班牙5船遠征的一部分

  • the now victoria was the only ship to complete the  voyage and in the process became the first ship to  


  • successfully circumnavigate the globe it's crazy  to think that 500 years ago people would have  


  • crossed entire oceans aboard a vessel just like  this one i would have been a miserable sailor  

    越過整個海洋 地球 船上就像這一個容器我會一直

  • in case you're curious about the captain's  quarters voila here it is the bed in all its  

    在的情況下 一個悲慘的水手 你好奇隊長的宿舍瞧這在其所有的 榮耀和Si

  • glory and simplicity i should say i mean at least  i don't know there is no at least it's pretty

    的床 暗示我應該說我的意思是至少我不知道沒有至少它很漂亮

  • i don't bad anything positive to say  oh my gosh that must have been rough  


  • but you've got to think everyone else  was probably like sleeping in hammocks  


  • yeah below decks this is this was luxury this  is luxury right here in case you're interested  

    是的,在甲板下面 這是奢侈品 這是這裡的奢侈品,以防您有興趣

  • in seeing the toilet sands  a little bit tall for this


  • the drop the new the hole are you a sweet pepper

    下降 新的洞是甜椒

  • we also visited the replica of the hms  beagle one of the most famous vessels in  

    我們還參觀了複製品hms beagle 是

  • history during its first voyage the hms beagle  carried out a hydrographic survey of patagonia  

    歷史上 最著名的船隻 之一,首次航行時 hms beagle

  • in tierra del fuego first under the command  of pringle stokes and later robert fitzroy  

    在 pringle stokes 和後來的 robert fitzroy 的指揮下對火地島

  • it was during this voyage that the beagle  channel was identified and named after this ship  

    的巴塔哥尼亞進行了水文測量, 正是在這次航行中發現了比格爾海峽

  • later during the beagle's second voyage a young  charles darwin would travel aboard and we all know  

    後來在小獵犬的第二次航行中以 這艘船命名, 年輕的查爾斯·達爾文將乘船旅行,我們都知道

  • how he revolutionized science with his discoveries  it's not every day that we get to walk around the  

    他 是 如何用他的發現徹底改變科學的 我們並不是每天都能

  • replica of the hms beagle and this is a one-to-one  scale so exactly the size it would have been  

    在 hm 的 複製品 周圍漫步 s 比格犬,這是一個一比一的比例,所以它的大小正好是它的大小

  • and this is what it would have looked like on  the inside perhaps a few more furnishings i mean  


  • right now we've basically got the bones  but yeah nothing fancy let me tell you  


  • it's hard to imagine how people  spend months at sea in one of these


  • are we centered are we in the frame i hope so  getting here let's get closer there we go we're  

    是我們以我們為中心 我們在框架中我希望所以到達這裡讓我們靠近那裡我們去我們

  • in the frame what a great day huh it was fun it  was a lot of fun i especially love the museum  


  • yeah now victoria with the ship replica oh my  gosh the one to one replicas were amazing they had  


  • great information displays it was a nice big sight  it was fantastic like to be able to go and see  


  • what the ships were like especially going into the  bottom part yeah like you can climb down you can  

    船是什麼樣的 特別是進入底部 是的 就像你可以爬下來 你可以

  • explore you can see what the captain's orders look  like the toilet seeing like the outhouse toilets  

    探索 你可以看到船長的命令看起來像廁所 看到像外屋廁所

  • just a drop really now i will give you one  little heads up for getting to this museum  


  • it's outside of the city maybe like a 10 15 minute  drive not that far getting a taxi going there  

    它在外面城市的 de 可能就像一個 10 15 分鐘的車程不那麼遠讓出租車去那裡

  • is very easy but then coming back is a little  bit of a dilemma because when we were done and  


  • i asked the guy working like you know the the box  office the admission booth i'm like would you be  

    我問那個工作的人就像你知道盒子一樣辦公室 入場亭 我想你

  • able to call a taxi or like you know how do we  get back yeah he's like actually no i don't have  

    能叫 輛 出租車 或者你知道我們怎麼回來 是的 他實際上沒有 我沒有

  • any phone numbers for taxis i can't do much he's  like there's a bus that comes every 30 minutes  

    出租車的電話號碼 我不能做太多他就像有一個公共汽車每 30 分鐘一趟

  • on the other side of the highway i'm like oh [  __ ] help me yeah because the first road you go  

    在高速公路的另一邊,我想哦 [ __ ] 幫幫我,是的,因為 當你離開 這裡

  • when you leave the premises is not actually  the highway no we just got extremely lucky  

    時你 走的第一條路 實際上並不是高速公路,不,我們非常幸運

  • that we flagged down a cab driver yeah going  by yeah i just feel like it was our lucky day  


  • and it ended up driving us to the viewpoint yeah  so our next stop of the day was cerro de la cruz  

    ,它最終將我們帶到了觀點點是的所以我們今天的下一站是 cerro de la cruz

  • yeah which is a lookout point here in punta  arenas and you get really nice views of the  


  • whole cities rooftops like the water the ship  the vantage point is incredible and you really  

    整個城市屋頂的 美景, 就像船的水一樣,有利位置是公司redible,你真的

  • really see the city wall from there the other  thing i should mention too is that we we briefly  

    真的從那裡看到了城牆 我還應該提到的另一件事是,我們也短暫地

  • visited the the local market as well oh yeah so  while we were walking along the waterfront we  


  • also popped into the municipal market where they  actually have a whole bunch of little restaurants  


  • where you can go and eat seafood and there's  also an artisanal craft section so kind of a cool  

    ,你可以去那裡吃海鮮,還有一個手工藝品區 ,無論如何 都是一個很酷的

  • place to check out anyways hope you guys enjoyed  this video we've got another one coming tomorrow  


  • right from here and we'll see you then morning  guys today is our final day in chile these nine  


  • days have just flown by haven't they sure have  doesn't feel like nine days my goodness i know but  


  • it's our final day here in punta arenas patagonia  beautiful outside i mean last night we thought the  


  • roof was gonna blow off it was so windy seriously  like i cannot get used to these patagonian winds  

    屋頂會被吹掉 風太大了 好像我無法適應這些巴塔哥尼亞的風

  • it was howling like crazy out there yeah we've  noticed since we've been in patagonia i mean  

    它在外面瘋狂地嚎叫 是的 我們自從我們在巴塔哥尼亞就注意到了 我的意思是

  • there's days where it's not windy there's days  where it's windy and i'd say like once a week  


  • we get there's just crazy winds for likecertain amount of hours where it just feels like  


  • like armageddon like like the house is gonna like  collapse you know seriously so the plan for today  


  • we want to do a bit of sightseeing around the  downtown area we've got the plaza the cathedral  

    我們想在市區周圍觀光 我們有廣場 大教堂

  • and acropolis some museums of course food chilean  food as usual we're going to go in search of some  

    和衛城 一些博物館 當然 食物 智利食物 像往常一樣 我們要去尋找一些

  • tasty dishes what are you craving for food i'm  already thinking about this what are you what are  

    美味的菜餚 什麼是你對食物的渴望我已經在想這個你是什麼

  • you craving something with seafood seafood i could  totally have chilean seafood again but i'm open to  


  • trying anything i made your last day i'm probably  going to try a dish that we haven't had yet that's  

    嘗試我在最後一天做的任何東西我可能會嘗試我們還沒有吃過的菜 這

  • probably that's my goal i'm kind of craving like  a fish and seafood soup oh yeah with like a fish  

    可能就是我的目標 我有點想吃魚和海鮮湯 哦是的 就像

  • head floating you know what it's oh my gosh it's  still pretty chilly here guys even though this  

    魚頭漂浮 你知道這是什麼 哦我的天哪 伙計們 儘管這

  • is this is about as warm as it gets uh in this  part of patagonia but i mean in the mornings it's  


  • cold so yeah i can understand that craving yeah  anyways um let's bundle up and go outside let's go


  • our first stop of the day was the cathedral of  punta arenas chile patagonia and from there we  


  • crossed over to plaza de armas also known as  plaza munoz gamero which is the town square  

    穿過到武器廣場,也被稱為 munoz gamero 廣場,這是 這裡

  • here you'll find a sculpture of the famed  portuguese explorer ferdinand magellan  

    的城鎮廣場 ,您會發現著名的葡萄牙探險家費迪南德·麥哲倫的雕塑,

  • he achieved the first european navigation  from the atlantic to asia and the street of  

    他實現了從大西洋到亞洲的第一次歐洲航行, 麥哲倫

  • magellan is named after him that's the natural  passage between the atlantic and pacific oceans

    街 以他的名字命名那是大西洋和太平洋之間的自然通道

  • then it was time for lunch and we chose  a restaurant specializing in seafood  

    然後是午餐時間 我們選擇了一家專門供應海鮮的餐廳

  • eventful morning so we were able to visit the  cathedral yes we had a little walk around the  

    多事的早晨所以我們能夠參觀大教堂 是的 我們在 廣場 周圍走了一小段

  • plaza and they also had little artisanal shops set  up so we did a bit of souvenir shopping for one of  

    他們也有一些小手工商店設置好我們為 我們的 一個 朋友

  • our friends kids we got little baby penguins  which are very cute and then from there we  

    買了一些紀念品 孩子我們得到了非常可愛的小企鵝寶寶然後從那裡我們

  • had a whole bunch of museums we wanted to go to  the first failure the naval and maritime museum  


  • and we went based off of the information on google  maps like the schedule listed there and then we  


  • get there and it turns out it's not actually  open today no not on a sunday not on a sunday  


  • we were not able to do that one failure number  one failure number one the other one palacio  

    我們沒能做到這一次失敗,一次失敗,一次失敗,另一次失敗 palacio

  • sara brown that one is not only not open today but  when we got there like the gates were chained up  

    sara brown 那一個不僅今天沒有開放,而且當我們到達那裡時,就像大門被鎖起來一樣,

  • so i don't know what the deal is then we went  to the one called regional museum of magellan  


  • and we got to the main entrance and there  was like construction happening so it said  


  • uh you have to go like around the block  the entrance is on the other street  


  • yeah so we go around and we get there and  then there's another sign saying oh sorry  


  • actually we're closed for the foreseeable  future because we're doing renovations so yeah  


  • we didn't we didn't just take one strike  we struck out three strikes three strikes  


  • and then after all that we looked at our watches  and it was 12 o'clock we were feeling hungry so  

    ,然後畢竟我們看著我們的手錶d 那是 12 點鐘,我們感到餓了,所以

  • we're like you know what let's just go for  food now uh we came to a restaurant called  

    我們就像你知道我們現在就去吃飯吧 呃我們來到了一家名為

  • la luna which is very cool like very funky lots of  characters i would describe it as oozing character  

    la luna 的餐廳 ,它很酷,就像很多時髦的角色,我會把它形容為滲出液性格

  • yeah like just check out the walls there's like  little notes from people who have eaten here and  


  • they've also taken old currency like these old  two peso bills from argentina no longer exist  


  • and they've written messages and they're  just like plastered all over the walls  


  • photographs it's got a bodegone vibe for sure  yeah and we are going for another seafood  


  • extravaganza we're going all out for seafood  on the last day because chile does amazing  

    盛會,我們將在最後一天全力以赴,因為智利的 海鮮

  • seafood yes we actually ordered a giant platter  that comes with everything like shrimp scallops  

    很棒, 是的,我們實際上訂購了一個巨大的拼盤,裡面有所有東西蝦扇貝

  • i think there's going to be some calamari  like everything there's like five or six  


  • yeah we'll we'll show you it all don't  worry at all and i got soup my seafood soup

    是的,我們會告訴你一切 完全不用擔心,我有湯,我的海鮮湯

  • yes well you got yourself a fancy little  cocktail absolutely i'm thrilled to be trying  


  • a calafate sour yeah we've seen this on the  menu once or twice and i don't know what's  

    酸味的 calafate 是的,我們已經在菜單上看到過一兩次了,我不知道是什麼

  • taking me so long to try it we love this  berry the local berry the calafate berry  

    讓我花了這麼長時間才嘗試它我們喜歡這種漿果當地漿果 calafate 漿果

  • it's got a strong blueberry tastes a lot like  a blueberry and a little bit like a blackberry  


  • and then the other very interesting thing is  that obviously it comes with pisco which is a  


  • great brandy so this is kind of a local twist  on uh on a pisco sour and you know what they  

    酒,這是一種很棒的白蘭地,所以這是一種對 uh 皮斯科酸酒和你的本地轉折知道他們怎麼

  • say if you have calafate berries you will  return to patagonia so drink up absolutely  


  • and yes we will return to patagonia no doubt  favorite place in the world oh that's really  


  • that's really good i'm gonna really enjoy this  drink it's it pairs well with uh with seafood


  • cheers


  • oh my gosh it is here look at this thing of beauty  i got my soup on the side i was really craving a  


  • seafood soup over here we've got shrimp in a spicy  hot chili sauce let's see what that's all about  


  • that is spicy you got a little kick  to it a delicious cake no the broth  

    太辣了蛋糕 不 肉湯

  • aye aye captain that is delightful that'll  clear your sinuses i love spice though i'm  

    是的 船長 令人愉快 可以清除您的鼻竇 我喜歡香料 雖然我很

  • all about this dish this one this looks  a lot like what i ordered the other day  

    喜歡這道菜 這道菜看起來很像我前幾天

  • at the seafood restaurant remember the the king  crab yeah i think that's what it is and a cream  

    在海鮮餐廳點的菜 記得帝王蟹 是的我想這就是它和奶油

  • sauce oh no no no no no no no working crap what  does this call it oh these are the parmesan the  


  • other one is the king crab oh yeah right here  okay these are the parmesan scallops which we also  


  • tried a few days ago they were some of my favorite  things uh scallops thing of beauty over here huh  

    幾天前試過,它們是我最喜歡的一些東西 嗯,這裡的扇貝很漂亮,

  • wow that is so good and buttery and cheesy and  the scallop just like melts in your mouth it is  


  • so soft i'm basically drinking like cream cheese  and butter here if you like dairy you've got  


  • calories galore i wish we had  discovered this restaurant on day one  


  • because i might have been back here every  single day oh my gosh you need to come and  

    因為我可能 每天 都回到這裡哦,我的天哪,你需要來

  • eat at la luna comfort come for the ambi the  character and the great food let's see yes

    在 la luna 舒適地吃 Amb角色和美味的食物讓我們看看是的,

  • i'm keeping the good times rolling we've got a cup  of wine here cabernet sauvignon chile is one of  


  • the heavyweights in terms of wine in south america  in fact chile you know argentina and chile are  


  • the top producers and uh this is my last chance  to have a chilean wine so i am indulging enjoy  


  • salute to health and good  travel fantastic man it's  


  • ah the full body cap sap you gotta like it  okay so i've got three things to try here  


  • the classic ceviche calamari it looks likebuttery sauce and then of course the king crab  


  • and like a cheesy creamy sauce so i am pumped  let's dig in i believe it's a salmon ceviche


  • another we're leaving chile tomorrow ceviche is  the thing i'm going to miss the most yeah ceviche  


  • and the sushi that we've tried and the seafood  last but not least king crab crab cake casserole  


  • yeah and they really there's really  a lot of the king crab it's not just  


  • cheese and cream it's mostly king crab  at least it appears to be that one


  • oh my that is the that is the king of the altar  the king of the dishes the king crabs the cake  

    哦我的那是那是a的國王Ltar 菜餚之王 帝王蟹 蛋糕

  • whoa that is next level tender super buttery super  cheesy super super tasty i mean overall this is  

    哇 那是下一級 嫩 超級奶油 超級俗氣 超級超級好吃 我的意思是總的來說這

  • amazing i've only tried half version we're gonna  just be digging in and sharing this whole thing

    太棒了 我只試過半個版本 我們只是在挖掘和分享這整件事

  • so we are now visiting the cemetery of arenas  which is actually one of the main tourist  

    所以我們現在正在參觀 阿雷納斯 公墓,它實際上 是該市 的主要旅遊

  • attractions in the city you could compare it  to the cemetery of recoleta which is very well  

    景點之一,您可以將它與 在布宜諾斯艾利斯

  • known in buenos aires and lots of people visit  but personally it kind of reminds me a bit more  

    非常有名的雷科萊塔公墓進行比較 ,很多人參觀,但就個人而言,這讓我想起了我

  • of the chakarita cemetery that we also visited  in buenos aires i'll say it's more green and  

    我們還在布宜諾斯艾利斯參觀了 更多 的 chakarita 公墓 我會說它更加綠色和

  • spacious it's almost like cemetery meets park  to be perfect yeah beautiful gardens i mean like  

    寬敞 它幾乎就像公墓與公園相遇是完美的 是的 美麗的花園 我的意思是

  • look at that just look at this you feel likefeel like we're walking towards the palace and  

    看看那個 看看這個 你覺得我覺得就像我們正走向宮殿一樣,

  • this is no disrespect to anyone who's passed  away and he's been buried here but it's just  


  • it's a very beautiful sight as well it  really is i can see why tourists visit  


  • because it's always kind of strange when  people want to go to cemeteries but like  


  • some of them are just outstanding quite  special they're very beautiful here


  • oh there we are we're rolling several hours  later it's a great afternoon we we actually did  

    哦,我們在幾個小時後滾動這是一個美好的下午,我們實際上 在幾個小時內 做