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  • Hey everyone. This is Jennifer from tarle Speech with your pronunciation question.

    大家好,我是 tarle Speech 的珍妮佛,來為你解惑你的發音問題。

  • Today's question is a spelling question again and it is how do we pronounce the letters "-tch" when we see them in a word.

    今天的問題又是一道拼寫題,當我們在一個單字裡看見 "-tch" 時要如何發音呢?

  • So when we see these three letters," -tch", we are just going to pronounce a "ch" sound, so to say that "C H" sound, the "ch" sound.

    當我們看到 "-tch" 這三個字母,我們要發的是一個 "-ch" 的音,也就是所謂的 C 和 H 拼成的音,發音為 "ch"。

  • What you're going to do is your lips are going to be rounded, you're going to touch the tip of your tongue to the back of your top front teeth to start that sound and then your tongue is going to pull towards the back of your mouth.


  • Now for some practice. I'm going to try something a little bit new.


  • Some of you have been asking for more practice.


  • So what I'm going to do is I'm going to say a word.


  • I'm going to pause and then you can repeat it.


  • Okay, everybody ready.


  • Here we go, dispatch, dispatch, stopwatch, stopwatch, patch, patch, mismatch, mismatch, dispatch, dispatch, wristwatch, wristwatch,

    開始吧!dispatch, dispatch,(派遣)stopwatch, stopwatch,(碼錶)patch, patch,(修補)mismatch, mismatch,(錯配) dispatch, dispatch,(派遣) wristwatch, wristwatch,(手錶)

  • stretch, stretch, scratch, scratch, rematch, rematch, latch, latch, fetch, fetch, etch, etch, catch catch, match, match, which which, batch, batch, notch, notch, glitch, glitch, switch, switch.

    stretch, stretch,(伸展) scratch, scratch,(抓) rematch, rematch,(重賽) latch, latch,(門閂) fetch, fetch,(拿取) etch, etch,(蝕刻) catch catch,(抓) match, match, (匹配)which which,(哪個) batch, batch,(批) notch, notch,(缺口) glitch, glitch,(故障) switch, switch.(交換)

  • So again, when you see the three letters "-tch".

    所以再一次,當你看到 "-tch" 三個字母。

  • You can just think about saying one sound "ch" and to do that, your lips are rounded, the tongue touches the teeth to start and then pulls back, give it a try.

    你可以只專注在發出 "-ch" 這個聲音,要做到這一點,你的嘴脣必須保持圓潤,舌頭接觸到牙齒並拉回來,試試看吧!

  • People are going to notice the difference.


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  • Um and if you need some more help, you can check out our products on Google Play, iTunes and our classes at Tarle Speech.

    如果你需要更多的幫助,你可以在 Google Play 或 iTunes 上查看我們的產品,以及我們在 Tarle Speech 的課程。

  • Thanks so much everyone. Have a great week.


Hey everyone. This is Jennifer from tarle Speech with your pronunciation question.

大家好,我是 tarle Speech 的珍妮佛,來為你解惑你的發音問題。

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