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  • Hello, hello, explorers.

  • Welcome to our new Learn English with Cambridge video.

  • Your first mission for today is to subscribe to the channel if you haven't done it.

  • The second one is to come with me on this journey.

  • I will give you three gamification tips that can help you study and learn on your own.

  • [Gamification {What is it?}.]

  • "Gamification" is when you take something which is not a game and then add something to make it seem like a game.

  • It helps to make studying and working easier and more fun.

  • It isn't totally clear yet?

  • Don't worry, explorer.

  • You'll see a couple of examples throughout the video.

  • [Unlock New Achievements {tip 1}.]

  • First, set your learning goals.

  • [To know how to order food perfectly.]

  • Break the content or topics you need to study to achieve your objectives into learning chunks.

  • For example, I will need to learn some vocabulary, like food, ways food is cooked, and dietary requirements.

  • Some useful expressions will help me too, like how to order, how to ask about a dish, or how to ask for the bill.

  • And some cultural aspects won't be bad at all.

  • Like, for example, how to tip, and which situations are polite or not when eating in different countries.

  • Organize them into a graphic, or a map, on a board, or online.

  • What is more fun to you?

  • Once you have achieved one learning chunk, and you're sure you understand it, color or mark it.

  • This will help you see where you are and how far you are from your learning goal.

  • [Win Points And Get Rewards {tip 2].}

  • This is a really fun tip because you can get prizes.

  • You can apply not just if you master a topic you wanted to achieve, but also if you fulfil the number of hours, or books, or exercises you want to work on daily.

  • For example, my daily goal is to practice at least 15 minutes in Memrise, read an article or a piece of news in English, and to watch one video in(on) YouTube or Instagram on how to improve my pronunciation or speaking skills.

  • I will set a scored goal per week or month.

  • Each activity will be worth one star or more.

  • Every time I finish one activity, I will note the score somewhere - my map of goals or my cell phone.

  • If I reach the score I had set for the week or the month, I will treat myself by going to a new place or buying something nice.

  • These will, of course, motivate you, not just with the prize, but with the satisfaction of being able to see how much work and progress you have made.

  • [Challenge Your High Score {Tip 3}.]

  • You may probably do this, but if not, make it a habit.

  • Challenge yourself with a quiz immediately after studying a topic.

  • You can do it online by looking for quizzes in pages like Kahoot!, or Quizizz and much more, or trying to solve one of your book exercises a specific amount of time.

  • Congrats, explorers.

  • You've completed this journey.

  • Now, you're ready to continue to the next level, studying and learning on your own.

  • As a bonus mission, don't forget to click on the like button and to comment below if you did know something about gamification or use it.

  • Over and out.

Hello, hello, explorers.


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3 tips to learn and study English on your own(3 tips to learn and study English on your own)

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