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  • Ten years ago, our foundation challenged the world

  • to reinvent the toilet.

  • To raise awareness of this challenge,

  • I've shared a stage with a jar of human feces.

  • “...a container of human feces.”

  • I've taken a giant wiff of pit latrine odor.

  • Terrible.”

  • I drank water made from fecal sludge.

  • And I convinced some friends to drink it too.

  • Thank you, buddy.”

  • All of these stunts got some laughs,

  • but my goal was to draw attention

  • to a serious problem: poor sanitation.

  • More than 500,000 people die every year

  • from sanitation-related diseases.

  • But this problem can be solved.

  • In the decade since the launch

  • of the Reinvent the Toilet Challenge

  • the world has responded with  the power of innovation.

  • Creative minds from across the globe

  • developed hundreds of new and exciting ideas

  • for how to design toilets

  • and process human waste

  • with little or no need

  • for water and electricity.

  • Toilets that convert human waste

  • into valuable resources,

  • including fertilizer, biochar and electricity.

  • And a new system to process

  • fecal sludge from pit latrines,

  • septic tanks and sewers

  • that turns human waste

  • from entire communities into electricity.

  • What's exciting is that over the last decade,

  • many of these promising concepts

  • have gotten more efficient and affordable.

  • Challenges remain to get  these innovations to market

  • so that they can transform the lives

  • of the billions of people who need them.

  • But I'm optimistic about the progress

  • we can make in the next 10 years and beyond.

  • What inspires me most is  the dedication and passion

  • of the people who've come  together to answer this call.

  • Governments, researchersbusinesses, philanthropies

  • and communities are working together

  • to embrace smart approaches to safe sanitation,

  • especially in slums and other  underserved communities.

  • Together they are leading a sanitation revolution.

  • It can't happen fast enough.

Ten years ago, our foundation challenged the world


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一起沖進創新(Flush with innovation)

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