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  • hi there Jennifer from Tarle  speech with your two for Tuesday.


  • I'm making these videos back to back and our  uh words last week were bury and berry which  


  • are homophones and they are pronounced the  same. Our words today are very and vary and  

    是同音字,它們的發音是一樣的。我們今天的單詞是very和 vary和

  • the reason that i'm doing these two words today  is because so many of my students struggle with  


  • the difference between the b and the v so let's  learn these two words. We have very which is  


  • precise or to a high degree and vary to change  or differ in size amounts and degree so this is  


  • precise and this is to change. So to say these  words correctly you're going to start with that  


  • v sound to make this sound your mouth must  be slightly open and the air must continually  

    v 發出這種聲音時,你的嘴必須微微張開,空氣必須不斷地被吸入。

  • come out of your mouth in a stream you can  put your hand here and you should be able to  


  • feel the air coming out of your mouth. To do that  again your mouth is slightly open your lips do not  


  • close at all if your lips close it will sound like  a b and then you're going to have the words from  


  • last week bury and berry. And we don't want that  so to say this v my lips are slightly pulled back  


  • on the sides I am not puckering. My mouth is open  and you can bite the inside or the outside of your  


  • bottom lip with your teeth. When I say bite it's  sort of like it's touching. Okay so you can do  


  • with your teeth inside or with your teeth  outside of your mouth either is okay  


  • the big thing is to make sure that that air keeps  moving out of your mouth for that v and that your  


  • lips do not close again. If your lips closeif your lips stay open the air can come out vvv.  


  • So we have v and then we're going to move to the  air open your mouth really wide and a wide circle  


  • tip of the tongue is down back of the tongue is  pulled high up keep the back of the tongue pulled  

    舌尖向下 舌背高高拉起 保持舌背拉起

  • high up in the back of the mouth and you're going  to close your mouth into a square tense shape. As  


  • you close your mouth the tip of your tongue will  come up I leave mine pointing down some people  


  • flip the tongue back either is fine the key is  do not touch your teeth. Again do not touch your  


  • teeth for the r we don't do that with the American  r so we have air and then smile e and make that  


  • vowel nice and long and your tongue is just high  and flat in your mouth let's put it all together.


  • v airy very very very very very very very and  now for a sentence. It is a very good idea  

    v airy very very very very very very and now for a sentence.這是一個非常好的主意

  • to vary your practice words each week. So give it  a try people are going to notice the difference  


  • if you found this helpful please  give us a like a share and subscribe.  


  • Don't forget if you're looking for more help we  have products on google play and itunes and class  

    不要忘了,如果你正在尋找更多的幫助,我們在google play和itunes和class上有產品。

  • options at tarle speech thanks so  much everyone have a great week!


hi there Jennifer from Tarle  speech with your two for Tuesday.



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