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  • Last year, when the Fed lowered interest rates, everyone knew that inflation is coming, but the Fed said that we should not worry because inflation is just a little above 2%.

    當聯準會在去年降低利率時,每個人都知道通貨膨脹即將到來,但聯準會卻表示我們不應該擔心,因為通膨率只是略高於 2%。

  • But if we take a look at what's happening, prices have risen dramatically since then.


  • I don't just mean asset prices like houses, stocks, etc., but rather, consumer prices as well.


  • Inflation in the US has jumped to the highest rate since 2008 because, as the economy is recovering from the pandemic, people are getting back to work, which means people are spending more than ever.

    美國通膨率已經躍升至 2008 年以來的最高點,因為隨著經濟發展自疫情期間逐漸復甦、人民返回工作崗位大,意味著人民比以往花費得更多。

  • The consumer prices index rose at an annual rate of 5% in May, up from 4.2% in April, and the highest since August, 2008.

    五月份消費者物價指數年上升率為 5%,高於四月份的 4.2%,且為自 2008 年八月以來最高。

  • While most people are getting hurt as a result of inflation, some people are making money out of it because every problem presents an opportunity.


  • The question is, is there a way to profit out of this inflation?


  • The answer is... yes!


  • So, let's take a look at different ways rich people are making millions out of this inflation.


  • But before we get into that, make sure to give this video a thumbs up for the YouTube algorithm.

    但在我們切入正題之前,有鑒於 YouTube 的演算法,請務必幫這部影片點讚。

  • By the way, this is not financial advice, and everything that's said in this video is for educational and entertainment purposes.


  • Number One: Hold Real Assets


  • What most people don't understand about currency is that, that it's another commodity in the market, and its prices is determined by demand and supply, among many different factors, of course.


  • Imagine a hypothetical example where you have 10 dollars in the entire economy on one side and 10 houses on the other.

    想像一個假設的例子,在整個經濟體系當中有 10 元以及 10 棟房子。

  • In this hypothetical example, a single house will cost 1 dollar.

    在這個假設的例子中,一棟房子要價 1 元。

  • But if we pour extra 10 dollars into this market, there will be 20 dollars, but still 10 houses, which would raise house prices where a single house will cost 2 dollars.

    但如果我們朝這個市場額外投入 10 美元,就會有 20 美元以及原有的 10 棟房子,這將提高房價,也就是一棟房子要價 2 美元。

  • That's a simple way to understand inflation


  • Last year, when the economy was on the brink of collapse, the Fed decided to throw trillions of dollars into the economy to prevent a depression by distributing stimulus checks and buying corporate bonds.


  • 22% of the US dollars that are in the market currently have been printed in 2020.

    目前市場上流通的美元當中,有 22% 是在 2020 年印刷的。

  • Anyone with a basic degree in economics understood that inflation is on its way


  • That's why whoever could afford a house back then immediately invested in real estate instead of holding cash, especially since interest rates were at their lowest point.


  • It doesn't matter what's the real rate of inflationwhether it's 2.4% or 3.4%⏤because house prices grew by 15%, and by some estimates, even by 18 to 20%.

    實際通膨率是多少並不重要,不論它是 2.4% 還是 3.4%,因為當時房價成長了 15%,有些估計值甚至達到 18 至 20%。

  • This means real estate investors didn't just beat inflation, but rather, also profited enormously.


  • But the smartest investors didn't just buy houses but took mortgages because leverage turns good deals into great deals, especially since interest rates were at rock bottom.


  • Number Two: Debt


  • Many of you might have a really negative opinion about debt, but debt can be really good, especially when there is inflation.


  • If a dollar today (is) worth more than a dollar tomorrow, that means if I borrow a dollar today and return it tomorrow, I have made a profit.

    如果今天的 1 美元比明天的 1 美元更值錢,就表示我如果今天借 1 美元、明天歸還,我就獲得了利潤。

  • The median house price today is around 350,000 dollars, but 20 years ago, it was less than half of that, at around 150,000 dollars.

    現今房價中位數約為 35 萬美元,但在 20 年前,它連一半都不到,僅約為 15 萬美元。

  • Because every year, the real value of the dollar falls, which means the same 150,000 dollars 20 years ago, today worth 350,000 dollars.

    因為美元每年的實際價值都在下降,也就是說,20 年前同樣的 15 萬美元,現在的價值是 35 萬。

  • That's why when the Fed lowered interest rates and started buying corporate bonds, guess who started borrowing all that money?


  • World's largest companies, such as Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, and so onalthough these companies don't need that money at all.


  • Apple is sitting on a pile of cash worth over 200 billion dollars.

    蘋果公司正坐擁價值逾 2 千億美元的現金。

  • But it's still borrowed money because why use your own money when you can just throw your money into the S&P 500, for example, and get at least a 10% return and borrow money at just 1%?

    但這仍然是借來的錢,而這個原因是,當你可以直接把資金投入 S&P 500 並獲得至少 10% 回饋並只需花費 1% 借錢時,哪還需要動用自己的錢呢?

  • Even if you make a 5% rate on that borrowed money by investing it into your operations, you're still making a 4% profit.

    即使你把借來的錢投資到你的企業當中只賺了 5% ,你依舊有 4% 的利潤。

  • On top of that, when you borrow money, you get all of these tax benefits.


  • So you will also save on taxes.


  • If interest rate is lower than inflation, any money you borrow is theoretically a profit.


  • Number Three: Gold


  • What makes gold unique is that it has always been that asset that preserves wealth, especially during crises.


  • Here is how it works.


  • The moment the future seems unpredictable, gold prices rise.


  • In 2007, gold prices rose from around 600 dollars to 1,000 dollars because of the 2008 crash.

    2007 年時,金價因為 2008 年的金融危機從 600 美元左右上漲到 1 千美元。

  • Investors panicked and immediately started buying gold.


  • The US dollar might lose its value and even become worthless one day, but not the gold.


  • While the US dollar has lost over 90% of its value in the last 100 years, gold has kept its value since the beginning of civilization.

    在過去 100 年美元已經損失 90% 以上價值的同時,黃金則是一直保持自文明開始以來的價值。

  • In 2010, investors panicked again and started buying gold aggressively to the point where gold prices hit a record 1,900 dollars.

    2010 年時,投資人們再次恐慌而開始積極地購買黃金,使得金價創下 1,900 美元的記錄。

  • But since then, the economy has stabilized, and the gold bubble burst.


  • When the economy seems like it's going to grow, investors usually don't buy gold and invest in assets such as stocks.


  • That's why during predictable, stable times, gold prices often fall.


  • But in 2019, when the US started a trade war with China, gold prices started rising again, and the pandemic made it worse.

    但在 2019 年,當美國向中國發動貿易戰時,黃金價格又開始上漲,而疫情使情勢變得更糟。

  • Gold prices crossed 2,000 dollars for the first time.

    黃金價格首次超過 2 千美元。

  • If you take a look at history, gold has always been a great way to take advantage out of inflation.


  • In 1973, a single US dollar was a lot of money, but today, it barely can get you even a candy, but gold prices have risen from around 100 dollars in 1973 to 1,800 dollars.

    在 1973 年,1 美元就已經是很多錢了,但它在今日可能連糖果都幾乎買不起,但金價卻已經從 1973 年的 100 美元左右上升到 1,800 美元。

  • But I am not a big fan of gold because it's a passive asset.


  • It just sits there and shines while stocks or real estate produce something like rental income.


  • It's an active asset that actually provides a service or a product.


  • But why do stocks keep rising?


  • Because the companies behind them keep growing.


  • Apple sells much more iPhones today than it did 10 years ago.

    蘋果公司今時今日銷售的 iPhone 比 10 年前多得多。

  • That's why it (is) worth a lot more today than it did 10 years ago.

    這就是為什麼它現在的價值比 10 年前高出許多。

  • Number Four: Crypto


  • I was skeptical about including it in this list.


  • However, since a lot of people have profited from inflation by buying crypto, I had to talk about it, but it's very, very risky.


  •  If you're a long-term subscriber, you know my opinion on crypto.


  • The technology behind it is undoubtedly great, and it has great potential, but because it is still at its early stage, it's very risky and unpredictable in the short run.


  • One reason Bitcoin rose so dramatically in the last 12 months is because the Fed started printing trillions of dollars, as we have mentioned before.

    比特幣在過去 12 個月裡如此大幅上漲的原因之一就是,我們稍早提到的:聯準會開始印刷數兆美元。

  • After buying stocks, houses, investors were like, Bitcoin is like digital gold, so let's try to buy Bitcoin as well.


  • A lot of people who were not interested in Bitcoin prior to the pandemic don't really remember that the price of Bitcoin was just around 8,000 dollars.

    很多在疫情之前對比特幣不感興趣的人,其實並不記得當時比特幣的價格落在 8 千美元左右。

  • Before the trade war, the Bitcoin price was just 3,600 dollars.

    在貿易戰之前,比特幣價格只有 3,600 美元。

  • If you were interested in Bitcoin when most people didn't care, you could have earned a fortune, but people usually get excited about something when it's all over the news.


  • But the smartest people got into it before the masses and have grown their wealth by 10 to 20 times since then.

    但最聰明的人比大眾更早投入這個領域,並讓自身財富翻 10 至 20 倍。

  • Number Five: Stocks


  • This is my favorite option.


  • Stock prices might not have risen as much as cryptoby a few thousand percent, but they're much more stable and less risky.


  • From July, 2020 to July, 2021, the S&P 500 grew by 40%.

    從 2020 年七月到 2021 年七月,S&P 500 成長了 40%。

  • That's an astronomical return, especially since you are investing in the entire US economy.


  • When you buy a stock, you are buying a share in a business.


  • That's why they are also called "shares".


  • Whenever there is too much cash in the economy, the value of these businesses grow(s), so you're growing together with inflation.


  • On top of that, that money is usually spent on basic needs and wants, which means businesses grow faster, so you're not just beating inflation but rather profiting from it.


  • Just imagine for a moment how much of that stimulus checks were spent on Amazon or Apple products.


  • If you also count the fact that these companies have taken billions of dollars in loans for almost for free and grew exponentially, you are making a real fortune.


  • And now people are getting back to work, the economy is reopening, people are spending even more, and these businesses are about to grow faster.


  • The key is to keep your money invested in assets that are hedged against inflation.


  • Wealthy people don't usually hold much cash.


  • Usually, they keep a tiny percentage of their net worth liquid for emergency cases.


  • Take the world's richest people.


  • They're so rich because they own a certain percentage of the businesses they have built.


  • As their businesses grow, so does their wealth.


  • Even if you have a few thousand dollars, you still can profit from inflation by following one of the ways we have discussed in this video.


  • If you have enjoyed this video, you will most definitely enjoy this custom playlist that I have created specifically for you that has our most popular videos on business, investing, and the stock market that could potentially change your life.

    如果你喜歡這個影片,你一定會喜歡這個客製的播放列表,我是特別為你創建的,當中包括我們最受歡迎的商業、投資和股市方面的影片, 有可能可以改變你的人生。

  • And now, give this video a thumbs up that it deserves, and make sure to subscribe if you haven't done that yet.


  • Thanks for watching, and until next time. 


Last year, when the Fed lowered interest rates, everyone knew that inflation is coming, but the Fed said that we should not worry because inflation is just a little above 2%.

當聯準會在去年降低利率時,每個人都知道通貨膨脹即將到來,但聯準會卻表示我們不應該擔心,因為通膨率只是略高於 2%。

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