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  • morning good morning world we're running behind we  are right now uh running behind schedule there's  

    早上好 早上好 世界我們正在落後 我們現在正在落後於計劃

  • a cab coming for us in like five minutes just  finished packing you finished showering today  

    大約五分鐘後一輛出租車來接我們 剛剛收拾好你今天洗完澡

  • we are continuing to the city of punta arena  chile patagonia yes we are slowly inching our way  

    我們繼續前往蓬塔競技場智利巴塔哥尼亞 是的,我們正在緩慢前進我們

  • to ushuaia we are and we're going to be spending  three nights in this bigger city in chile yeah i  

    去烏斯懷亞 的路上 ,我們將在智利這個更大的城市度過三個晚上是的,我

  • think 120 130 000 people had no idea the city was  that big but yeah it's exciting we're taking the  

    認為 120 130 000 人不知道這座城市有那麼大,但是是的,我們坐 公共汽車三個小時 真是太令人興奮

  • bus a three hour and 15 minute journey but guys  we're gonna give you the world's fastest apartment  

    了和 15 分鐘的旅程 但是伙計們,我們將為您提供世界上最快的公寓

  • tour fastest tour so let's do this let's do  this all in one take you you be the guy into our  

    之旅 最快的旅行 所以讓我們這樣做 讓我們一起做這一切 帶您成為我們

  • dining area slash office yes open concept so just  over here we had our kitchen we didn't cook a lot  

    用餐區斜線辦公室的人 是的開放概念 所以就在這裡我們有我們的廚房,我們沒有做很多飯,

  • but we did prepare salad so that was nice we did  then over here we have bedroom number one i claim  


  • this as my bedroom and kicked samuel to the next  bedroom because he tosses it it's nice having your  

    這是我的臥室,然後把塞繆爾踢到隔壁臥室,因為他扔了它, 擁有自己的 臥室很好

  • own bed no complaints over here we have airbnb's  with two bedrooms we each take our own room oh  

    床沒有任何抱怨r 這裡我們有airbnb,有兩間臥室,我們每個人都有自己的房間哦,

  • yeah of course other bedroom this one was sam's  single bed yeah you were comfy enough and then  


  • i guess the last thing is this there's a chair  nice area perfect place for two people um you  


  • could have even had more people more guests ta-da  yeah this is the first time we had no bidet only  

    甚至可以有更多的人更多的客人 ta-da 是的,這是我們第一次沒有坐浴盆,只有

  • a toilet and now we should run to the street grab  our taxi yeah well we made it to the bus terminal  

    一個廁所,現在我們應該跑到街上搭出租車是的,我們 早點 到達巴士總站

  • a little bit early time to spare after we thought  we were running kind of late and rushing around  


  • was what two like two minute cab ride yeah it was  so close by a lot closer than i thought it was  

    就像乘坐兩分鐘的出租車一樣是的,它比我 想像

  • so sam went and purchased a little snack for us  yeah actually we've been wanting to try the the  

    的要近得多 所以山姆去為我們買了點零食是的,實際上我們一直想嘗試

  • classic chilean empanada which is famous for  being large look how big that is my eyes this  


  • is a typical size it's it's much bigger than your  hand and they have a different way of folding it  


  • they do yeah and then we also got a a ham and  cheese sandwich ramona queso this does not look  

    是的,然後我們還有一個火腿和奶酪三明治ramona queso 這看起來

  • like a sandwich my friend no no i think that's  what that's what i asked for oh you know what  


  • she thought now now that my bad spent  and she probably thought that i wanted  


  • a ham and cheese empanada well so hey i'm not  completing that's great there we go here we go  


  • i just broke the empanada in half so you guys  can see the filling there's meat onions egg


  • and very tasty and one difference i'm noticing  is that it's not ground beef it's like kind  

    蛋 十分可口又一個區別我注意到的是,它不是牛肉餡它就像

  • of chopped beef you know they like chop it  with a knife so you get some get some bigger  

    一種 切碎的牛肉你知道他們喜歡用刀切碎這樣你就可以

  • slices of beef in there and it's sweet it  has raisins i really like chilean empanadas

    在裡面 放一些更大 的牛肉片而且它很甜它有葡萄乾我真的很喜歡智利肉餡捲餅

  • and i've got to say it's a completely different  shape check out this and it's also appears to  


  • have a flakier kind of pastry as well yeah it  looks more like filo pastry style exactly exactly  

    有一種更薄的糕點,是的,它看起來更像是 filo 糕點的風格,完全一樣,

  • so i'm just gonna rip that in half in a minute  oh it's banacha well this is a different shape


  • another surprise is that it's not ham and cheese  it's cheese and spinach but i've already had a  

    另一個驚喜是它不是火腿和奶酪 這是奶酪和 s菠菜,但我已經

  • bite it's delicious what a great combination it's  funny sam tried to order a ham and cheese sandwich  

    咬 了 一口 它很好吃 多麼美妙的組合 有趣 山姆試圖點一份火腿和奶酪三明治

  • and he ends up with a spinach and cheese and  banana hey i got the cheese the cheese made it  

    ,結果他點了一份菠菜、奶酪和香蕉 嘿,我得到了奶酪製作的奶酪

  • this is really good they probably struggled  with your accent probably that's too funny  

    這真的很棒他們可能在你的口音上掙扎 可能這太有趣了

  • super gringo accent but this is a perfect little  snack it'll tie this over until we get to um  

    超級外國口音 但這是一個完美的小點心 它會結束直到我們到達我們到達

  • to get to our airbnb and um definitely  be going out for dinner guys

    我們的airbnb 嗯肯定會出去吃飯伙計們

  • so


  • hello we've made it to the big city yeah when  that we've been on such long bus journeys  

    你好我們已經到了大城市,是的,因為我們 最近 乘坐 了這麼 長的巴士旅行,

  • recently so just been going for three hours it  felt nothing nothing it was such a nice little  


  • ride too it reminded i mean we were going through  mostly patagonian step pass by some estancias  

    旅行,它提醒我,我們主要是通過巴塔哥尼亞人的階梯通行證在一些 estancias

  • we saw a lot of sheep there's more  sheep than people in that area  

    我們看到了很多羊 反正 那個地區的羊比人

  • anyways we're definitely we definitely arrived  into a big city yeah we're about five blocks  

    還多 我們絕對是我們絕對到了一個大城市 是的 我們

  • away from the downtown from and also from the  from the harbor from the water yeah and so uh  

    離市中心 大約五個街區 水是的等等嗯,

  • yeah we're definitely gonna check that out we're  gonna go to a supermarket before then let's talk  


  • a bit about um the price and i'm gonna show you  the tour of this place so how much was the bus the  


  • bus was incredible like a great price 10 bucks  for that three hour ride um very comfortable i  

    令人難以置信像一個很棒的價格 10 美元 3 小時的車程 嗯很舒服 我

  • really i really like the bus service here in  chile and argentina i should mention as well  

    真的很喜歡智利和阿根廷的巴士服務 我也應該提一下

  • very professional there's always two drivers  we got dropped off not in a bus terminal but  

    非常專業 總是有兩個司機我們不是在巴士總站下車而是

  • actually at the company's headquarters this  reminds me of this reminds me of lima in peru  


  • where like each bus company had their own kind of  distinct location where to drop you off yeah they  


  • each have their mini terminal basically yeah so  we grabbed a cab wasn't too wasn't too far that  


  • was only 1500 pesos so two dollars yeah you have  the driver a nice tip he helps with their bags  

    只有 1500 比索,所以 2 美元是的,你給司機一個很好的小費,他幫助他們拿行李

  • and we're staying in kind of a duplex it's  a beautiful house here really yeah very high  

    ,我們住在一種複式公寓裡,這裡真的很漂亮, 天花板 很高

  • ceilings and yeah let's do a little tour oh and  how much is this airbnb 50 bucks a night 50 bucks  

    ,是的,讓我們做一個小旅遊哦,多少錢這個airbnb 50 美元一晚50 美元

  • awesome so we're gonna really like it here super  spacious it's rustic check out the fireplace here  

    太棒了所以我們真的很喜歡這裡 超級寬敞 它質樸 看看這裡的壁爐

  • guys i love this got a nice big red couch here  another couch and let's head into the bedroom  

    伙計們 我喜歡這裡有一個漂亮的大紅色沙發 另一個沙發 讓我們進入臥室

  • so this is a huge bedroom nice big double bed  queen size bed i should say and then we've  


  • got some convertible that's kind of like a few so  technically you could even squeeze five people in  

    有一些敞篷車,有點像一些,所以從技術上講,你甚至可以在 這裡 擠五個人,

  • here two there one there was that is that was that  what the listing said it was for five people i  


  • don't know i didn't check to be honest but i will  say this listing is the perfect example of going  

    不知道我沒有檢查說實話但我會說這個列表是 基於圖片中人們評論

  • based off of people's reviews in the pictures  because the photos were awful it was like blurry  

    的完美示例 因為照片很糟糕就像模糊的

  • cell phone pages yeah well this place looks  nicer than much better in person yeah i mean  

    手機頁面是的,這個地方看起來比親自好得多 是的我的意思

  • in theory you could even have seven you could  have another person here and another person here  


  • but that would be ridiculous yeah  i'm glad it's just the two of us yeah  

    但是那太荒謬了是的我很高興只有我們兩個 是的

  • okay so let's go into the kitchen um microwave we  have the fridge we have the stove a little sink  

    好吧所以讓我們進入工具包chen um 微波爐 我們有冰箱 我們有爐子 一個小水槽

  • so yeah actually our plan i'll show you the  bathroom and i'll tell you what our plan is so  

    所以是的 實際上我們的計劃 我會給你看浴室 我會告訴你我們的計劃 所以

  • this bathroom is it's very small it's very tiny so  you walk in there's a sink you turn to the right  

    這個浴室很小很小 所以你走進去有一個水槽,你向右轉

  • and you've got your shower and then over herelittle toilet i feel like i feel like bathrooms  


  • have really become kind of more more modern and  luxurious and in recent times this feels like  


  • definitely an older bathroom but it's it'll do  just fine so yeah the plan right now is we're  


  • gonna head to a supermarket it's actually uh it  should be a great little walk down there because  


  • it's gonna it's located close to the water we  just basically had a few blocks south from here  


  • and we're gonna grab some groceries hopefully  some fresh fruit vegetables and maybe maybe  


  • we'll notice some restaurants where we want to  eat that later on so that is the plan let's go


  • first lunch here in punta arenas chile and  we decided we are going for chilean seafood  


  • extravaganza of course that is  the plan of course we are by  


  • we're by the sea we're by the sea how could we  not port city indeed um so we found a restaurant  

    我們在海邊 我們在海邊 我們怎麼可能不是真正的港口城市 嗯所以我們找到了一家

  • that specializes in chilean seafood it is called  estilo magadanico which means magellanic style yes  

    專門供應智利海鮮 的餐廳 estilo magadanico 這意味著麥哲倫風格是

  • a type of cuisine here in southern patagonia so  we've ordered some chilean ceviche we've got some  


  • king crab casserole and scallops coming  our way i'm very much looking forward  


  • to this and sam of course has got wine  little bread basket just hit the table  

    這個當然山姆有酒小麵包籃子 今天 剛上桌

  • today we drink cabernet sauvignon hey guyslot of times you would pair um white wine with  

    ,我們喝赤霞珠,嘿,伙計們,很多時候你會把嗯白葡萄酒和 智利的海鮮

  • seafood from chile but i like red wine so much  more i just can't bring myself to to be denied  

    搭配在一起 ,但我更喜歡紅酒,我只是不能讓自己被拒絕

  • of red wine the appetizers here so we got the  mixed ceviche which has salmon and white fish  


  • has corn we've got red and green peppers some red  onions and lots and lots of avocado guys oh yes  


  • seriously ceviche is one of my favorite dishes so  anytime i can order this i do what what what makes  


  • this ceviche at this restaurant so good what  do you like about it the variety i'm just like  

    這個cev iche在這家餐廳這麼好你喜歡它的種類我就像

  • the tiger's milk like that sourness that  acidity it's like oh so good i love sour candies  


  • so it's so healthy too like when we've seen  it being prepared you just see how much how  


  • much citrus fruit is being squeezed in there yeah  getting like probably over 100 of your vitamin c  

    裡面擠 了 多少柑橘類水果 是 的,酸橘汁醃魚中 可能含有超過 100 種維生素 C

  • right in the ceviche i'm ready to  battle anything yeah oh my oh my  

    我已經準備好與任何事物抗爭了 是的哦,我的哦,我

  • the stars of the show have arrived  so i got something that's called  


  • chupe de sentode which is a king crab casserole  so we've got the crab in there i've been  

    chupe de sentode 的 東西, 它是一種帝王蟹砂鍋,所以我們在裡面放了螃蟹,我一直在

  • searching for it so it's like shredded  um king crab meat it's in a cream sauce  


  • and then it had lots of cheese it once in the oven  it was baked guys i wish we could share the aromas  


  • here it's just wonderful wonderful smells do you  like that that is very very good like the texture  

    在這裡 分享的香味 ,它只是精彩美妙的氣味做你喜歡的,這是非常非常好的,如

  • reminds me of pulled pork obviously with like  more of a seafood taste yeah it sounds delicious  

    質地 如更多的海鮮味道是啊,聽起來很好吃 它

  • it looks delicious and guys it smells delicious  from over here wow i didn't even bother ordering  

    讓我想起了拉豬肉的明顯 看起來很好吃,伙計們,它聞起來很香來自這裡的美味哇,我什

  • a side to go with like no potatoes no rice for me  just give me the crab give me the cheese hello let  

    至 沒有費心點 一份像沒有土豆一樣沒有米飯給我只給我螃蟹給我奶酪你好讓

  • me introduce you to the parmesan scallops  oh my looks like it's also a buttery sauce  


  • to accompany look at all the cheese here guys  look at this it was stringy before there we go

    看看這裡所有的奶酪 伙計們看看這個 在我們去之前它是細絲

  • that is absolutely amazing those scallops are like  


  • next level tender and juicy copious  amount of parmesan cheese coating it  

    下一級又嫩又多汁 大量的帕爾馬干酪塗在它上面

  • and you've got like this buttery sauce that  goes along with it chilean seafood taken to  


  • a very extravagant level oh my god i love  it i even just like the sauce that buttery  

    了非常奢侈的水平 天哪,我喜歡它 我什至喜歡醬汁 黃油

  • sauce let's just drink some butter guys let's  drink butter let's not worry about the calories  

    醬 讓我們喝一些黃油 伙計們 我們喝黃油 別擔心卡路里

  • well well we've got the fire going we got the  bottle of wine in hand we came back from the  

    好吧,我們已經火了去我們手裡拿著一瓶酒我們從 雜貨店 回來

  • grocery store oh my gosh i can't wait to try  it this is we haven't bought wine in a while  

    哦,我的天哪,我迫不及待想試試這是我們有一段時間 沒 買酒了,

  • no when we were in argentina we were drinking  it a lot of the restaurants because it was  


  • so cheap to buy a bottle restaurant jellylittle more expensive a little pricier yeah  

    如此便宜買一瓶餐廳果凍 貴一點 貴一點 是的

  • yeah a lot cheaper to get at the grocery  store on that note speaking of prices  

    是的 在雜貨店買的便宜很多 說到價格

  • lunch how much was lunch lunch came to it  was ended up being 74 us dollars yeah the  

    午餐 午餐到了多少錢 最終是 74 美元 是的

  • food was great i mean we love the meal yeah  but one thing we've noticed is that prices  


  • are a bit more closer to north america and  actually western europe yes big difference  

    更接近北美和西歐,是的, 與阿根廷有 很大不同

  • from argentina we noticed that in uruguay too  so chile and uruguay are um not always but  


  • often can be as expensive as yeah argentina isreally affordable destination at the moment at the  

    通常會像是的一樣昂貴 阿根廷目前是一個真正負擔得起的目的地,

  • moment and so we've come home with wine fireplace  look at the fireplace there's some fireplace  


  • turtles oh this is just wonderful guess what else  i got what i got some sweet peanuts like those


  • peanuts that plus this this is our snack  we're gonna watch a movie yeah today we  


  • feel like having a chill day like sometimes  when we have a travel day we arrive and  


  • i don't know you just feel like a fog in your head  we've almost been going for three months and i  

    我不知道你只是覺得一種你 腦子裡有 霧,我們幾乎已經走了三個月了,我的

  • mean we've had a little bit of a break like like  in barloche but it's mostly been go go go so yeah  


  • we're uh we're getting a little tired and um  we're just finding like after being on the  

    我們呃我們有點累了嗯,我們只是發現像在 一天

  • bus for the day and doing errands and a little  bit of sightseeing having a big meal we need to  

    的 公共汽車上跑腿和觀光後吃一頓大餐我們需要

  • have a little bit of a chill night yeah every  once in a while so that's the plan looking good


  • i'm gonna go just cracking such my quirk


  • feel it in your hands guys we got a dry cork it  broke in half oh i still think we can salvage it  


  • i just have to go right to the  bottom oh look at that tweaking  


  • oh man this isn't the first time this  has happened to us oh has to be in sw

    哦伙計,這不是我們第一次發生這種情況哦,必須在 sw

  • he saves the day oh my god i thought  we were gonna get so much cork  


  • i know that's that's happened to us  before so lucky all right look look look

    我知道這是發生在我們 身上 的事情,所以很幸運,好吧,看看吧

  • shake shake shake


  • that's my little snack my sugar cookies look good  it looks like a lot of sugar to be honest don't  

    這是我的小零食 我的糖餅乾看起來不錯 老實說它看起來像很多醣 不要

  • forget the wine merlot cheers to the start of  our trip here in punta arenas patagonia exactly  


  • yeah that's going to be a quick visit yeah it's  a very quick visit we're just going to do a few  

    是的,這將是一次快速訪問 是的,這是一次非常快速的訪問,我們只是要

  • little things around town eat some food eat well  we're going to eat well that's the main plant yeah  

    在鎮上 做一些 小事 吃點食物 吃得好 我們要去吃得好,那是主要的植物 是的,

  • well exactly um we're rest we're resting for  our big journey to ushuaia argentina and this  


  • is just a little pit stop here but we're excited  to be here so far we've had great food and uh  


  • we've got a fire we've got  wine what more do you want so  


  • guys thanks so much for watching and  we'll see you in the next episode  


  • you

morning good morning world we're running behind we  are right now uh running behind schedule there's  

早上好 早上好 世界我們正在落後 我們現在正在落後於計劃


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