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  • Speak English like an American copyright 2003 All rights reserved

  • Lesson 1

  • Bob's day at work

  • Bob works as a manager in a furniture store

  • Peter his boss is not happy about sales

  • Bob's new advertising campaign hasn't helped

  • Peter decides to fire him

  • Bob

  • I hate to break the news but our sales were down again last month

  • Down again Peter

  • Yeah these days everybody shopping at our competition honest Abe's furniture store

  • But everything in their cost an arm and a leg

  • That's true they do charge top dollar

  • And their sales people are very strange

  • They really give me the creeps

  • Well they must be doing something right over there meanwhile we're about to go belly-up

  • I'm sorry to hear that I thought my new advertising campaign would save the day

  • Let's face it, your advertising campaign was a real flop

  • Well

  • Then I'll go back to the drawing board

  • It's too late for that you're fired

  • what?You're giving me the ax?

  • Yes I've already found a new manager

  • She was sharp as a tack

  • can we even talk to this over?

  • After all ,I've been working here for 10 years

  • There's no point in arguing ,Bob.

  • I've already made up my mind.

  • Oh well! at least I won't have to put up with your nonsense anymore!

  • Goodbye to you and goodbye to this dead-end job.

  • Please leave before I lose my temper!

Speak English like an American copyright 2003 All rights reserved


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A2 初級 美國腔

說一口道地美語(說一口道地美語01 Lesson 01 Bob's Day At Work)

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