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  • hello and greetings from chile  in today's video we're going to  

    hello和來自智利的問候在今天的視頻中 帶給您的,

  • be taking you on a day trip to  torres del paine national park  

    我們 將帶您 前往 托雷斯德爾佩恩 國家公園進行一日遊

  • this is a major trekking destination in chile and  you could easily spend a few weeks on the trails  


  • but since we were a bit short on time today we're  going to be showing you some of the highlights you  


  • can experience on a day visit during our tour  we saw all sorts of wildlife visited the cave  

    可以在我們的旅行中進行一日遊體驗 的亮點

  • of a prehistoric animal and even came face to  face with icebergs so all in all a very good day  

    我們看到各種野生動物參觀 了史前動物 的洞穴

  • and a great option for anyone wanting to date her  from puerto natales now let's get into the video

    ,甚至來面對面與冰山那麼所有的一切非常好的一天 ,任何人想要約會她從納塔勒斯港現在讓我們進入視頻 我們一天的第一站是milotins洞穴是位於

  • our first stop of the day was the milotins  cave which is a natural monument located  

    約 天然紀念物, 一個偉大的選擇

  • about 30 minutes northwest of puerto natales this  site is comprised of several caves the largest  

    距波多黎各納塔利斯西北 30 分鐘路程 該地點由幾個洞穴組成,其中最大

  • of which is 30 meters high and 200 meters deep  this is where the milodon's remains were found  

    的 洞穴 高 30 米,深 200 米,這是發現米洛冬殘骸的地方

  • now a bit of trivia apparently the myelin state of  conservation was so good that at first the remains  

    現在有點瑣事 顯然髓鞘的保護狀態是如此很好,起初 人們認為

  • were believed to be that of a living animal  this launched a small wave of early 20th century  

    這些遺骸 是活體動物 的遺骸 ,這引發了 20 世紀早期的一小波

  • expeditions in search of a living breathing  myelitis well that search didn't yield much  


  • the samples were eventually dated back about  10 000 years they were just in great condition  

    ,樣本最終可以追溯到大約 10 000 年前

  • because of the extreme cold and stable conditions  the cave had to offer so don't get too excited  

    由於洞穴必須提供極端寒冷和穩定的條件, 它們的狀況很好

  • on your visit well guys we just finished visiting  the myladin's cave this was a prehistoric creature  

    ,所以不要 對你的訪問 太興奮 ,伙計們,我們剛剛參觀完邁拉丁的洞穴,這是一種史前生物,

  • kind of like a giant sloth and its remains  were found in this cave they were discovered  

    有點像一隻巨大 的樹 懶和它的遺骸是在這個洞穴中發現 的

  • by a german explorer and yeah we were able to walk  around the cave it was pretty cool the only thing  

    他們是 由一位德國探險家 發現 的 是的 我們能夠在洞穴周圍走動 它很酷 我 唯一

  • i have to mention is chilean patagonia is so much  colder than argentine patagonia and i think it's  

    要提到的是智利巴塔哥尼亞比阿根廷巴塔哥尼亞冷得多 我認為這是

  • because right now like we're just outside in the  city of puerto natales which is by the ocean so  


  • we're really getting a lot of the humidity andfeel like the cold is just seeping into my bones  


  • so it's a bit of an adjustment and there comes  sam how was your encounter with a prehistoric  

    所以有點調整和山姆你遇到史前 生物的 感覺如何

  • creature oh my gosh i love that crease here  it's slightly smaller than the uh than the mega  


  • the megatherium the big ethereum this is like the  the half size yeah the two meter version not the  


  • five meter version yeah but it's very cool it  adds a very cool element to the cave and also  

    5米 的 版本,是的,但它非常酷它增加了一個非常酷的元素洞穴,也

  • it's great it's a great family-friendly kind of  uh addition too yeah the kids would love it i did


  • and price point before we forget we priced  8 000 chilean pesos which is just over 10  

    和價格點之前,我們忘記了我們的價格8 000 智利比索,剛好超過 10

  • us dollars there you go yeah and uhbelieve nationals pay half that price  


  • so if you're chilean enjoy enjoy your


  • discount  


  • we then started driving in the direction of torres  del paine national park in patagonia chile which  


  • is located 60 kilometers north of puerto natales  as you can imagine it was a pretty scenic drive  

    位於納塔利斯港以北 60 公里處,您可以想像這是一個風景優美的車道,

  • but the best surprise was spotting a group of  condors circling above us this is the largest  


  • bird of prey in the world so we were pretty  excited to see several of them so close by


  • next up a little shopping at cerro  castillo this is like a little  


  • stopover that was created between the towns of  calafat in argentina in puerto natales in chile  

    在阿根廷的卡拉法特鎮和智利的納塔萊斯港之間創建的 一個小

  • and it is right next to the border it's right at  the border crossing actually went through there  

    中轉站,它就在 邊境旁邊,就在那裡 幾天前我們過境時

  • a few days ago when we were crossing over so it  might look familiar so we have about 20 minutes  

    實際上經過 了過境,所以它可能看起來很熟悉,所以我們

  • at this little shopping spot and i'm  looking for leg warmers and hopefully  

    在這個小購物點 有大約 20 分鐘的時間 ,我正在尋找護腿套,希望有

  • an alpaca sweater because i'm cold and i've  been wearing the same thing almost every day  


  • so guys we have reached our first lookout  of the day this spot is called mirador lagos  

    所以伙計們,我們到達了這一天的第一個瞭望台,這個地方被稱為 mirador lagos

  • cermiento and we're getting our first views  of doris del paine the weather cooperated  

    cermiento,我們第一次看到了 doris delpaine 天氣合作,

  • we thought we were going to have rain today and we  can actually see the mountain range and the peaks  


  • looks amazing and the color of the water  is unbelievable you've gotta see this

    看起來很棒,水的顏色令人難以置信你必須 在這裡 看到這個 我們有它 太棒了讓我們

  • here we have it

  • it's amazing let's getpicture where are you going sam

    張照片你要去哪里山姆 來我 去

  • come i'm going i'm going for another viewpoint  it just keeps getting better and better we get  

    我要去另一個觀點 它只是越來越好 我們

  • closer and closer alpine and we're not even  the national park yet it's unbelievable

    越來越接近高山 我們甚至不是國家公園 但令人難以置信的是

  • he saw a con condor we've seen a few on  this trip we've seen foxes we've seen  

    他看到了我們在這次旅行中看到的一些禿鷹見過狐狸 我們見過

  • nand nyandus which are kind of  like local local ostriches ostrich  

    nand nyandus 這有點像當地的本地鴕鳥 鴕鳥

  • and what else fox foxes okay let's see  the lock we've seen a lot the day is young

    還有什麼狐狸狐狸 好吧 讓我們看看我們見過的鎖 那天很年輕

  • apparently the most hot the  most elusive is the puma  

    顯然最熱 最難以捉摸的是美洲獅

  • so if we see a puma today's  the best day we'd be very lucky


  • this place is amazing guys we just  keep getting closer and closer  

    這個地方很棒,伙計們,我們離 Tour del pine

  • to tour del pine and apparently we're  not even in the national park yet  

    越來越近了 ,顯然我們甚至不在國家公園內,但

  • i know unbelievable we're just approaching it and  right now we've stopped over at the bitter lagoon  


  • and it gets that name because it's a mix of fresh  water and salt and salt water and it has a high ph  

    它得名是因為它是淡水、鹽水和鹽水的混合物,它的 ph 值很高,

  • i think he said like 9.1 or something so yeah oh  and he also said during the summer months you can  

    我想他說的是 9.1 或什麼,所以是的,哦,他還說在夏季的幾個月裡,您可以

  • see flamingos here because it's amazing they fly  down they're not they're not here at the moment  


  • no it's not even one in a few weeks  they will be they'll be vacationing here

    不,幾週後甚至 不在這裡 他們將在這裡度假

  • our next stop on this tour of torres del paine  national park in chilean patagonia was the pinea  

    我們這次 智利巴塔哥尼亞托雷斯德爾佩恩

  • river waterfall we had a short stop here  to take some photos and go on a quick walk

    國家公園之旅的下一站是松樹 河瀑布我們在這里短暫停留拍了一些照片 然後 快速散步 然後我們繼續開車穿過公園在沿途

  • we then continued our drive through the park  making several stops at various lookouts along  

    的 各個瞭望台停了幾次

  • the way we also drove past estancia's  experienced winds that nearly blew us  


  • over and of course we were treated to  incredible landscapes at every turn  


  • just driving down the park's dirt  roads was an adventure in and of itself


  • now check out these turquoise waters this is  lake beway and it's the heart of torres del paine  


  • national park in patagonia chile from this point  you can view the famous horns of torres del paine  

    國家公園 的中心, 從這裡你可以看到著名的托雷斯德爾佩恩角,

  • if the weather cooperates we had some strong winds  that day so thankfully the clouds blew over and we  


  • did get our peek at them and then it was time for  lunch we ate at the rio pingo restaurant which is  

    確實看到了它們,然後我們在 rio pingo 餐廳吃午飯它

  • located inside the park on the south side of lake  grey the nice thing about eating in the middle of  

    位於格雷湖南側的公園內 下午中午 吃飯

  • the afternoon is that there were no lines so we  were able to get a table and enjoy our meal with  

    的好處是沒有排隊,所以我們能夠在 零等待時間和時間之前

  • zero wait time and by the time we were done eating  the rain had stopped lunchtime lunch time there's  

    獲得一張桌子並享用我們的飯菜 我們吃完了雨 午餐時間停止了 午餐時間

  • a restaurant in the park very convenient because  we are starving what time is it it's it's about  

    公園 裡有 一家餐廳 非常方便 因為我們正在挨餓 現在幾點了

  • it's almost three oh my gosh yeah so i actually  chose a vegetarian option in the menu described  

    差不多快三點了 天哪 是的 所以我實際上在菜單中選擇了素食選項 將 其

  • it as a stew and it's kind of like a mash of  chickpeas carrots potato it's got some beans  

    描述 為燉菜,有點像鷹嘴豆胡蘿蔔土豆泥, 上面放 了一些豆子

  • grilled veggies on top and i saw that there  was cheese so i was just looking yeah i'll  


  • take some cheese yes please to the cheese right  it's good it looks so good we're still hungry  


  • at this point it doesn't matter but i'm glad  that we've prioritized sightseeing obviously  


  • yes yeah but yeah it's kind of cold and rainy out  so yeah we had amazing weather up until the moment  

    是的,但是是的,外面有點冷和下雨,所以是的,直到 我們來 的那一刻, 我們的

  • we came in here and then it was like pouring  rain and now it's clearing slightly yeah yeah  

    天氣都很好 在這裡然後就像 p我們的雨,現在有點 晴了 是的,

  • guys i'm really excited for this i got the cordero  milanesa which is a lamb basically breaded cutlet  

    伙計們,我對此感到非常興奮,我得到了cordero milanesa,它是一種羊肉基本上是麵包屑的肉排

  • yeah and a risotto with mushroom and did you put  cheese on there i did add cheese you're welcome


  • this mushroom risotto is  delicious this is a good meal  

    這個蘑菇燴飯很好吃 這是一頓美餐

  • we are going on a post lunch mini  hike we've got sendero gray cinderella  

    我們要去吃午飯後的迷你遠足 我們有灰灰姑娘

  • my accent's getting a bit confused um we're  just going to go across this hanging bridge  

    我的口音有點糊塗 嗯 我們只是 要穿過河 上的這座吊橋

  • over the river and see where the trail  leads and the weather clear just in time  


  • cleared seriously they are not joking about  like four season in a matter of ten minutes  

    他們並沒有在十分鐘 之內

  • it looked like it looked like rain again  was coming amazing and then it was gone

    開玩笑說四個季節, 看起來好像又下雨了,真是太神奇了,然後一切

  • well guys we are off to see the floating icebergs  they sure are oh my well floating of course they  


  • float they're icebergs so there's an area and it's  basically kind of like a beaches leash leading out  

    漂浮他們是冰山所以有一個區域,它基本上有點像通往 那裡

  • there isn't there yeah it's like a strip ofstrip of sandy strip sandy strip we've got the  

    的海灘皮帶 不存在是的,它就像一條帶沙帶的沙帶我們我們得到了

  • lake and the icebergs and we've been given an  hour and 40 minutes for lunch and to complete  

    湖泊和冰山,我們有 1 小時 40 分鐘的午餐時間,要完成

  • you know this little walk down the trail go see  the icebergs get back just enough time right just  


  • enough time and hopefully the weather cooperates  while we're out it's holding it's holding look  

    足夠的時間,希望天氣能配合我們出去了 它正在舉行 它正在舉行 看

  • blue skies yeah in this direction a big gray over  yonder indeed but well i mean it's patagonia like  

    藍天 是的 在這個方向 那邊確實有很大的灰色 但我的意思是它是巴塔哥尼亞

  • what what can we ask what else can we ask of  her you like the guy like our guide said today  

    我們可以問什麼 我們還能問她什麼 你喜歡我們的嚮導今天說的那個人

  • prepare for four seasons four seasons all in  one all in look at that that's majestic it is

    準備四個季節 四個季節 合而為一 看看

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  • to the video for some logistics on how to visit  torres del paine patagonia on a day trip hello we  

    視頻,了解有關如何訪問 torres del paine patagonia 的一些後勤信息一日遊 你好,我們

  • are back from our really fun excursion what a day  what a day what an incredible day yes i feel like  

    從真正有趣的旅行回來了 多麼美好的一天多麼令人難以置信的一天 是的,我覺得

  • we have the the weather guru or the weather gods  on our side on our side we we had amazing weather  

    我們身邊有天氣大師或天氣之神在我們身邊 我們 到處 都有美妙的天氣

  • everywhere we went and for the few moments that  the the weather was bad it's when we were like  

    有那麼幾天天氣不好,就是在我們喜歡 吃東西 的時候,

  • eating or when we had already got our shots  everywhere in our car it was just unbelievable  

    或者當我們已經在車裡到處拍照片時 ,這 簡直令人難以置信

  • and it it appeared that we were going to have bad  weather today so this was just the most amazing  


  • surprise to be honest i absolutely loved it  that that torres del paine chilean patagonia is  


  • just fabulous i can see why people would  come and do eight to ten day treks there  


  • it's a massive massive park and honestlyonly have good things to say about the tour  

    這是一個巨大的公園,老實說,我 通常 只對這次旅行有好話要說

  • normally i'm very much against those group day  tours where you're rushed around on and off on  


  • and off but this one it was just right it worked  we got to see the highlights we had a great guide  


  • and a great driver yeah just a positive attitude  such such nice people yeah working there and i  


  • feel like it was just the right pace it's like  we weren't in the vehicle for too long they kept  


  • we kept getting in and out there were  things to do um the landscapes changed  


  • yeah the views were just spectacular the  whole time so everybody kept everyone excited  


  • and engaged and um yeah what a tour if you  don't have the time to do the full trek  

    和投入,嗯,如果你沒有時間 獨立 完成完整的徒步旅行,

  • independently this is definitely the best option  to see everything assuming you don't have your own  


  • vehicle yeah if you only have one day join a tour  because you won't regret it totally totally agree  


  • with that so in terms of the tour we paid just  over 50 dollars i think it was 53 us yeah about 50  

    這一點,所以就旅行而言,我們支付了 50 多美元,我想是 53 美元,是的

  • bucks per person per person which was mainly for  transportation there and back it's like two and  

    ,每人每人 約 50 美元,主要用於往返交通

  • a half hours almost from the city center to the  park so the additional fee was the then we paid  

    從市中心到公園幾乎需要 兩個 半小時,所以額外費用是當時我們

  • for the caves which was about ten dollars yes um  you you have the option of not doing that there is  

    為洞穴 支付的費用 ,大約 10 美元是的,你可以選擇不這樣做,有

  • a there is a coffee shop or you can just wait in  the bus it was a short stop so if you didn't want  


  • to do that i i really enjoyed it for me it was it  was and you get to pose with the myelin so yeah  


  • that's the best part at the end but the  cave the key was enormous and i thought it  


  • was really interesting to walk around yeah but  then the only other fee is uh was the park fee  


  • park fee it is not cheap let me tell you um so  it was just under 30 us dollars per person yeah  

    公園費它不便宜讓我告訴你嗯所以它只是每人不到 30 美元 是的

  • 21 000 chilean pesos that being said this ticket  is good for three days but you have to let them  

    21 000 智利比索 據說這張票很好三天,但你必須讓他們

  • know when you're buying the ticket because they're  going to ask you to write your name your passport  


  • number yeah and then you have to take it to a desk  to be stamped i believe i believe that's for day  


  • trippers like us people who are leaving the park  and then coming back yeah i think the people who  

    像我們 這樣的一日 遊的人離開公園然後回來的人是的,我認為那些

  • are doing the big hikes probably they probably  just pay for this admission and then they're  

    進行大型徒步旅行 的人 可能只是支付了這次入場費然後他們被

  • granted that time i would imagine i would highly  recommend the tour buying it is beautiful yeah and  

    授予了那個時間我想我會強烈推薦購買它的旅行很漂亮 是的,

  • oh i want to talk about all the animal encounters  we saw oh my gosh we saw everything boxes wanakas  

    哦,我想談談我們看到的所有動物遭遇 哦,天哪,我們看到了一切 瓦納卡

  • condors we even had gauchos riding on horses and  a gaucho herding cows with with the help of dogs  

    禿鷹 我們甚至讓高喬人騎馬,高喬人在狗的幫助下放牧牛

  • yes at the very end of the day indeed what uh  oh even the the nyandu the the the ostrich like  

    是的一天結束的時候確實是什麼,哦哦,即使是像鴕鳥一樣的 nyandu

  • bird that's down here yeah it's just a one  a great great day of travel and um yeah this  

    鳥也在這裡,是的,這只是一個偉大的旅行日,嗯,是的,這個 國家公園絕對是 非凡的,

  • national park is phenomenal you definitely  even if you've been to the argentinian um  

    即使你去過,你也絕對是這樣的。 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .阿根廷人

  • area of patagonia that we went to if you've been  to california in shelton still worth coming here  


  • yeah and vice versa yeah um it's just a beautiful  beautiful part of patagonia and we loved it  


  • so with that in mind hope you guys enjoyed this  video we'll have more coming from chile soon


  • you

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智利TORRES DEL PAINE國家公園一日遊+智利巴塔哥尼亞最美麗的地方? (Day Trip to Chile's TORRES DEL PAINE National Park + The Most BEAUTIFUL PLACE in Chilean Patagonia?)

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