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  • In this English lesson, I wanted to help you learn the English phrase "to lose your shirt."

  • Now, this can mean that you've actually lost your shirt.

  • Maybe you went to the beach, and you took your shirt off and then you lost it and you don't know where it is anymore.

  • But we also use the phrase to lose your shirt to talk about losing money.

  • If someone invests in a company and the company's not very good at doing business, there's a chance that that person might "lose their shirt."

  • You might "lose your shirt" if you invest in a company that's not trustworthy.

  • Another example would be this: I could say, "Oh, my brother's going to the casino next week.

  • "He's not a very good gambler, 'he's going to lose his shirt'."

  • So when you "lose your shirt," it simply means that you've lost a bunch of money.

  • It can mean that you've lost your actual shirt, but we generally use the phrase to talk about a situation where someone loses some money.

  • The other phrase I wanted to teach you today is the phrase "to lose touch."

  • Now, this happens when you know someone and then maybe you move to different cities and slowly you just stop communicating with each other, you "lose touch" with them.

  • Um, it happens a lot with university friends.

  • When you go to university, and then, after you graduate, you tend to move to different cities in the world, and then eventually you "lose touch" with them.

  • Maybe you send the odd email.

  • Maybe you're still friends with them on Facebook, but because you live far away, you start to "lose touch" with them.

  • This can also happen with families, and then that's kind of sad.

  • You can "lose touch" with your brothers and sisters or even "lose touch" with your parents, which means you just don't spend a lot of time talking anymore.

  • You're not sure what they're up to in their life - That would be sad.

  • It's okay, I think, to lose touch with friends from university or college.

  • I think that's only natural, especially if you live on different, uh, if you live in different countries, it's hard to keep in touch then.

  • But hey, to review, when you "lose your shirt," it means that you've lost a lot of money, or all your money, doing something like a bad investment or gambling.

  • And when you lose touch with someone, it means that you slowly just communicate less and less, almost to the point where you don't communicate at all anymore.

  • But hey, let's look at a comment from a previous video.

  • This comment is from Liu and the comment is this.

  • " Having dinners with fam ... Having dinner with family outdoors is awesome."

  • "May I ask, is that picnic table big enough for your whole family?"

  • "Also, do you use camping lanterns at night when you have dinner in the yard?"

  • So yes, it is big enough for all of us, but we have to squeeze in.

  • So, we fit three on a side and then sometimes someone will sit in a lawn chair.

  • We don't use a camping lantern because it's actually light out here until almost 9:30 p.m. right now.

  • One of the benefits of living in a northern country in the summer.

  • So yes, it is big enough.

  • Sometimes four people sit on one side, three on the other.

  • Sometimes someone just stands and eats their pizza or grabs a lawn chair, but the table is definitely big enough for all of us.

  • We certainly fit, and we enjoy sitting there, and we enjoy eating.

  • Uh, and then the other part of the comment.

  • It is really cool to live in a northern country in the summer.

  • Um, right now, the sun will go down tonight at 9:00 p.m.,

  • I think at 8:54 p.m., the sun will go down.

  • So, it's light out here very late in the day.

  • We have very long days during the month of June and July.

  • They're starting to get shorter every day right now because the summer will come to a close in a few weeks.

  • But certainly, it's very nice to live in a country where you have long days in the summer.

  • Now the opposite isn't as fun.

  • I do not enjoy short days in the winter.

  • Anyways, I just wanted to show you it's rained so much.

  • I'm not sure if you can see this, but the river has flooded.

  • So we certainly would hope it stops raining soon.

  • Anyways, see you in a couple of days with another short English lesson, bye.

In this English lesson, I wanted to help you learn the English phrase "to lose your shirt."


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Learn the English Phrases TO LOSE YOUR SHIRT and TO LOSE TOUCH(Learn the English Phrases TO LOSE YOUR SHIRT and TO LOSE TOUCH)

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