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  • Hello guys! welcome back to my channel. If you are new here, you're more than

  • welcome. Today we are going to talk about extreme objectives. If you want to expand

  • your English vocabulary, keep watching because this video just for you if

  • you're ready let's get started in

  • English language most adjectives are gradable. That means we can have

  • different levels of that quality. We can make them stronger or we can make them

  • weaker with modifiers. So if you don't know anything about modifiers.. I think

  • you know them. We use a bit a little quite really very extremely to make them

  • stronger or weaker. For example; angry.. it's a gradable

  • adjective. You can say I'm angry if you want to express yourself a little bit

  • longer, you can say I'm a bit angry a bit and you can say I'm extremely angry and

  • You can express yourself in a strong way. We can use extreme adjectives

  • instead of using very. Ok, how? Extreme adjectives are like; amazing, awful,

  • terrible, dreadful, delicious, furious.. They are extreme adjectives in English

  • language. These adjectives already contain the meaning of very in their

  • definitions. So you don't need to use very in front of the extreme adjectives.

  • So don't say I'm very starving! Besides you can make the extreme adjectives even more

  • stronger. You can use absolutely or really. For example; I'm really furious or

  • you can say I'm absolutely furious ok what about extreme adjectives?

  • Let's look at them right now. The first one; we use very

  • good very good all the time. Let's get rid of it! Okay, how? we have amazing we

  • have brilliant, fantastic, excellent, splendid. Right now we're going

  • to look at how native speakers use these adjectives in daily life.

  • 00:02:37,880 --> 00:02:54,880

  • 00:02:54,880 --> 00:02:58,940

  • 00:02:58,940 --> 00:03:04,780

  • 00:03:07,750 --> 00:03:14,900 The next one is ; if you want to say something is really big,

  • you can say huge or giant or enormous.

  • 00:03:30,140 --> 00:03:35,880 The next one is when you want to say something is really small, you can use tiny.

  • Next one is interesting! you can use fascinating.

  • 00:03:52,760 --> 00:03:58,340 If you want to say, ooh it's very funny, you can use hilarious.

  • and the following one is when you want to say something is really ugly, you can say hideous.

  • the next one is

  • ancient

  • when you want to express how colder the weather is you can

  • say freezing. It's freezing.

  • And also we have 'boiling'. If you want to say the weather is really hot you can use boiling, but I

  • couldn't find any video of it. So you can take notes if you want to.

  • and if you have really tiring day and if you are really tired, you can say 'exhausted'.

  • I'm exhausted.

  • The next one is 'starving'. I usually use this one

  • because I'm always hungry. Starving. It means very very hungry.

  • 00:05:17,390 --> 00:05:23,530

  • 00:05:23,530 --> 00:05:31,419 Next one is very dirty, you can use 'filthy'.

  • The following one is opposite of dirty which is clean, so you can

  • spotless. When you want to say something is really clean; spotless.

  • 00:05:48,020 --> 00:05:56,859 Instead of using very beautiful, you can use gorgeous, marvelous, fabulous.

  • and of course we have other extreme

  • adjectives. You can find them in the description box.

  • I wrote them below. If you like the video, please thumbs up. And if you want to

  • subscribe my channel, you're more than welcome. Thank you for watching this

  • video. I highly recommend you to use these vocabularies, these adjectives if

  • you want to expand your vocabulary and if you want to sound more interesting

  • fascinating I will be waiting your comments please

  • write at least one sentence with extreme adjectives. I'll be waiting for your

  • comments. Thank you for watching! Stay safe.

Hello guys! welcome back to my channel. If you are new here, you're more than


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