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  • Do you ever hear of something that seems too good to be true turns out to be true? Like there


  • is a sugar substitute that tastes like sugar, behaves like sugar when used in baking, and


  • chemically speaking it is sugar but have virtually no calories and also does not raise blood


  • sugar level? How can that be possible? Let's find out, with people also ask.


  • Hi, I am Shao Chieh Lo, Welcome to what people also ask, where I search something seemingly obvious

    嗨,我是 Shao Chieh Lo,歡迎來到《別人也Google了什麼》,本節目中我會搜索一些看似顯而易見的內容,

  • and share with you some of its PAA, aka People Also Ask, which is a feature telling you what

    並與您分享一些 PAA,又名 《別人也Google了什麼》,這是一項功能,告訴您

  • other people are searching on Google that relates to your query. Today's keyword is Allulose.

    其他人在 Google 上搜索了什麼與您的查詢相關的問題。今天的關鍵詞是阿洛酮糖。

  • We will talk about what is it, and some current researches about it. Usually,


  • I will use the article that Google algorithmically extracted to answer our PAA, but I believe

    我會使用谷歌算法自動引用的文章來回答我們的 PAA,但我相信

  • this episode's keyword is related to YMYL contents aka contents that would potentially

    這一集的關鍵詞與 YMYL (your money your life)內容有關,也就是可能

  • affect your decision on their health or money. So in this episode, I will also make

    會影響您對你的的健康或金錢的決策的 內容 。所以在這一集中,我還將

  • sure that all medical information mentioned has peer review researches to back it up too.


  • That being said, you should still consult your doctor before you make any change in


  • your diet, I am just a random person on the internet who knows how to Google. So let's


  • start with our first PAA: Is Allulose good for you? Google's auto-generated answer is

    從我們的第一個 PAA 開始:阿洛酮糖對您(的健康)有好處嗎?谷歌自動生成的答案

  • linked to an article titled "Is Allulose a Healthy Sweetener?" written by Franziska Spritzler

    鏈接到一篇題為“阿洛酮糖是一種健康的甜味劑嗎?”的文章。由 Franziska Spritzler 撰寫,

  • who is a registered dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator. This article


  • is published by Healthline, which is an American website providing health information headquartered

    由 Healthline 發布,Healthline 是一家提供健康信息的美國網站,總部

  • in San Francisco, CA. This website's articles are usually written by medical professionals


  • and are usually backed by peer-reviewed researches. They do, however, face some controversy concerning

    並且文章通常會引用同行評審研究。然而,他們在 2018 年和 2019 年

  • the neutrality of some of their pieces in 2018 and 2019, I will include relevant articles

    有一些關於他們部分文章的中立性的爭議 ,我將在推薦閱讀欄中

  • in the further reading. That being said, their articles are usually well-curated and informative

    連結相關文章 。話雖如此,他們的文章通常整理得挺好且內容豐富

  • and can be a good starting point for information gathering before you talk to your doctor.


  • Just make sure you actually talk to your doctor before making any medical decision after reading their article


  • This article compiled a lot of peer-reviewed studies regarding

    這篇文章整理了 2009 年至 2015 年間

  • allulose from 2009 to 2015. And here are some summaries of this article: 1.Allulose is a

    關於阿洛酮糖的同行評審研究 。以下是本文的一些摘要: 1.阿洛酮糖是一種

  • rare sugar with the same chemical formula as fructose. 2.It delivers few calories because

    罕見的糖類,它與果糖具有相同化學式。 2.它提供的卡路里很少,因為

  • the majority of the allulose you consume will not be metabolized and will be eliminated

    根據 2010 年發表在 Journal Metabolism 上的研究,

  • in the urine without being used as fuel according to research published in 2010 on Journal Metabolism.

    您攝入的大部分誘惑糖不會被代謝,而是會從尿液中被排出 ,而不會被用作能量。

  • 3.Allulose has been shown in animal and human trials to lower blood sugar levels, improve


  • insulin sensitivity, and protect insulin-producing pancreatic beta cells. 4. Allulose may promote

    胰島素敏感性,並保護產生胰島素的胰腺β細胞。 4. 阿洛酮糖可促進

  • fat burningreduce the risk of fatty liver disease and help prevent obesity.


  • There is an especially interesting study in 2012  published in the Journal of food science.

    2012 年發表在《食品科學雜誌》上有一項特別有趣的研究。

  • In this study, obese rats were fed a high-fat diet with supplements of either allulose,


  • sucrose, or erythritol for eight weeks. Like allulose, erythritol provides virtually no

    補充劑的高脂肪飲食 八週。與阿洛酮糖一樣,赤蘚糖醇幾乎不提供

  • calories and does not raise blood sugar or insulin levels. Nevertheless, the rats given


  • allulose gained less belly fat than the rats fed erythritol or sucrose. This suggests allulose


  • might not only be a sugar substitute, it might actually help to prevent fat accumulation.


  • However, since most of those studies are based on animal models or small-scale human trials,


  • more high-quality human research is still needed. So here's the question: What is the catch?


  • It's just too good to be true, a real sugar, taste like sugar but with virtually


  • no calories, and at the same time might promote fat burning? Are you kidding me, it must have


  • some terrible hidden side effects, isn't it? right? Let's talk about our next PAA: How safe is Allulose?

    一些可怕的隱藏副作用,不是嗎?是吧?讓我們談談我們的下一個 PAA:阿洛酮糖的安全性如何?

  • Google's auto-generated answer is linked to an article titled "Is allulose a


  • healthful alternative to sugar?" published by MedicalNewsToday, which is a website actually

    健康替代品嗎?”的文章。由 MedicalNewsToday 發布,這是一個 自 2016 年以來

  • has been acquired by Healthline Media since 2016. According to this article, the FDA has

    實際上已被 Healthline Media 收購的網站 。 根據這篇文章,FDA 已

  • approved Allulose for use in humans and classified them as GRAS, aka generally recognized as

    批准 Allulose 用於人類並將其歸類為 GRAS(一般認為是安全的。)

  • safeAnd based on current studies we actually haven't found any serious side effects yet

    而且根據目前的研究, 除了大量食用時會出現一些腹部不適之外,

  • other than some abdominal discomfort when consuming large quantities, and even this

    我們實際上還沒有發現任何嚴重的副作用 ,甚至這種

  • side effect is not toxic and usually temporary. However,  more high-quality research to

    副作用也沒有毒性,而且通常是暫時的。然而, 仍需要更多高品質的研究來

  • confirm the long-term safety of allulose is still needed. I don't know...Maybe one day we will discover


  • allulose' skeletons in the closet, but currently there is no evidence that allulose will cause


  • serious side effects when consuming moderately. So next question: Does Allulose bake like


  • sugar? Google's auto-generated answer is linked to an article comparing the differences between

    和一般糖的反應一樣嗎?谷歌自動生成的答案鏈接到一篇Sweet Logic 發表的文章,

  • erythritol and allulose in the baking process published by Sweet Logic, which is a US company

    這是一家專門從事低碳水化合物烘焙產品 的美國公司,該文章比較了烘焙過程中

  • that specializes in low-carb bakery products. According to this article, erythritol is easy

    赤蘚糖醇和阿洛酮糖之間的差異 。根據這篇文章,赤蘚糖醇很容易

  • to crystallize, and it does not caramelize the way real sugar does. And because erythritol


  • is a sugar alcohol, there will be a strange cooling sensation when you eat it. Allulose


  • does not have the above problem at all. But note that the sweetness of Allulose is only


  • 70% of that of sucrose, so to achieve the same sweetness, more Allulose needs to be


  • added, and it may also increase the volume of the finished product. I searched for some


  • food science researches on the use of allulose as baking sugar and found some interesting studies.


  • A study published in the Journal of Food Processing and Preservation in 2020,

    2020年發表在Journal of Food Processing and Preservation上的一項研究,

  • baked 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% allulose pound cakes, and a 100% sucrose pound cake as control group


  • , and found that as the proportion of allulose increases, the crumb of pound cake


  • caramelizes faster, but there is no significant difference in the texture of these five-pound cakes.


  • Another study published in the journalLWTin 2021 compared cupcakes made with

    2021 年發表在《LWT》雜誌上的另一項研究比較了用 阿洛酮糖和蔗糖

  • allulose and sucrose got similar results. Interestingly, this study also found that


  • allulose cakes lost water slower in the baking process than sucrose cakes, and it usually

    與蔗糖蛋糕相比 , 阿洛酮糖蛋糕在烘焙過程中失水速度更慢,並且通常

  • takes a longer time to bake to achieve the same texture. But at the same time, allulose


  • cake is also easier to burn because it caramelizes faster. So for the bakers, managing the baking


  • temperature and time will be a challenge when using allulose as sugar, but if it is handled

    在使用阿洛酮糖作為糖分時 ,控制烘焙 溫度和時間將是一個挑戰,但如果處理

  • well, the taste and texture of the finished product can be very similar to ordinary cakes.


  • Okay, let's recap. Today we learned that Allulose is a rare sugar with the same chemical formula


  • as fructose but it delivers few calories because the majority of the allulose you consume will

    與果糖 相同 ,但它提供的卡路里很少,因為您攝入的大部分阿洛酮糖

  • not be metabolized. Allulose might potentially help lowering blood sugar levels, improving


  • insulin sensitivity, and promoting fat burning. It's classified as generally recognized as safe

    胰島素敏感性和促進脂肪燃燒。它 被 FDA 歸類為普遍認為安全的

  • by FDA and we actually haven't found any serious side effects yet other than some abdominal discomfort.

    ,除了一些腹部不適之外,我們實際上還沒有發現任何嚴重的副作用。 然而, 仍需要

  • However,  more high-quality research to confirm the long-term safety of

    更多高品質的研究來證實 阿洛酮糖 的長期安全性

  • allulose is still needed. Allulose behaves very similarly to regular sugar when used


  • in baking. However, it tends to caramelize faster and is more likely to burn. If you


  • made it to the end of the video, chances are that you enjoy learning what people also ask

    看完了影片,很可能會喜歡了解人們也在 Google上提出的

  • on Google. But let's face it, reading PAA yourself will be a pain. So here's the deal,

    問題。但是讓我們面對現實,自己閱讀 PAA 會很痛苦。所以不如這樣吧!

  • I will do the reading for you and upload a video compiling some fun PAAs once a week,

    我會為你閱讀並每週一次上傳一個影片,編譯一些有趣的 PAA

  • all you have to do is to hit the subscribe button and the bell icon so you won't miss

  • any PAA report that I compile. So just do it right now. Bye!

    你所要做的就是點擊訂閱按鈕和鈴鐺圖標,這樣你就不會錯過 我的任何 PAA 報告編譯。所以現在就並月吧。再見!

Do you ever hear of something that seems too good to be true turns out to be true? Like there



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阿洛酮糖:「真」的糖,吃起來像糖,烘焙時還會焦糖化卻幾乎沒熱量還能預防脂肪肝?有這麼好的事?(Allulose: Real sugar, baked like sugar, but with virtually no calories? What is that catch?)

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