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  • People have all sorts of reasons why they find someone attractive.

  • Most of them are likely normal, right?

  • Great personality?

  • Similar interests?

  • A great smile?

  • But, there are some pretty weird things that can cause someone to go goo-goo eyes for you.

  • Curious to know what they are?

  • Here are six weird things others may find attractive about you.

  • One: If you remind them of their parents.

  • Wait, what?

  • Yep, we'll be saying that a lot in this video.

  • A 2017 study published in the Journal of Evolution and Human Behavior suggests that others may be attracted to you because there's something about you that reminds them of their parents.

  • The study found that gay men and heterosexual women, in particular, were attracted to body types that resembled their fathers.

  • This was more true for women who had positive relationships with their fathers.

  • This is due to the psychological phenomenon humans can experience called "bonding" or "imprinting."

  • No, it's not just a wolf thing.

  • Two: If they watch a horror movie with you.

  • So, you go to the movie theatre with your two guy friends, *cough, cough* one of them happens to be a werewolf *cough, cough*, and you decide to see the adrenaline-inducing FacePunch.

  • It's gorey with a bit of horror.

  • If your friends "like-like" you, they'll probably jump at the chance to go see a horror movie with you.

  • Because watching a horror movie with someone may just make them more attracted to you.

  • This may be due to the misattribution of arousal.

  • In psychology, this term is used to describe when one mistakes what it is that is causing them to feel aroused.

  • One may confuse physiological responses to fear as romantic arousal for someone.

  • So, all that excitement and adrenaline you're feeling during that horror flick?

  • It's likely the terrifying clown or monster, not the werewolf beside you.

  • Three: If you have a talent in music

  • Get your guitar out and start practicing!

  • According to one study published in Psychology of Music, women are more likely to share their number with a guy carrying a guitar case than a gym bag.

  • This may have to do with the idea women associate someone's musical talent with intellectual ability and genetic advantage.

  • In the experiment, three hundred women were approached by an attractive man who asked for their numbers after giving a compliment.

  • He did these three different scenarios: carrying nothing, holding a gym bag, or carrying a guitar case.

  • Over a third of women gave their number to the man holding a guitar case, while 14 percent liked him when he carried nothing at all.

  • And lastly?

  • A mere nine percent gave their number when the handsome fellow held onto their gym bag.

  • If this research tells us one thing, less gym, more music!

  • Four: If they get anxiety when they meet you.

  • It's love at first sight!

  • Well, not really, it may just be anxiety.

  • We discussed the misattribution of arousal, but there's also a connection between anxiety and sexual arousal as well.

  • If someone is hit with a sudden surge of anxiety when meeting a potential partner, such as yourself, the more they'll likely be attracted to you.

  • This sudden feeling of strong and anxious emotions will likely give them the impression something's special about you because of the way you make them feel.

  • Romance is bound!

  • Five: What stage in your cycle you are in.

  • What time of the month is it for you ladies?

  • Because according to several studies, some may appear more attractive to you depending on if you're ovulating.

  • The "ovulatory shift hypothesis" may have something to do with this as it suggests your taste in men may change when you reach peak fertility.

  • Research has suggested fertile women possess a stronger attraction to men with higher testosterone when they're ovulating while men find ovulation as an aphrodisiac.

  • One study showed that men found the faces of women who were ovulating more attractive.

  • Another had men rate armpit odors from women at different stages of their menstrual cycle.

  • They found the most attractive scent to men in the study was when a woman was ovulating.

  • Six: If you eat fruits & vegetables.

  • Your mom told you to eat your fruits and vegetables for a reason!

  • So you can grow up and find a partner!

  • A 2017 study from Macquarie University in Australia found women were more attracted to the odors of males who took their mom's advice and ate those veggies and fruits.

  • The subjects who ditched the veggies and had a diet of mainly refined carbs?

  • Wellthey smelt bad.

  • Or at least unattractive to the ladies.

  • So go ahead and serve yourself an extra scoop of berry spinach salad.

  • Mm. Mm-Mm.

  • Your future spouse will thank you later.

  • That is, if they don't imprint on a half-vampire baby first.

  • So, which of these shocked you the most?

  • What weird things do you find attractive about your crush or partner?

  • Let us know in the comments!

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6 Weird Things Others May Find Attractive About You(6 Weird Things Others May Find Attractive About You)

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