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  • Today, we're doing the difference between 'during' and 'while' ... and later 'meanwhile'.

  • They all mean 'at the same time' or 'in the middle of another action'.

  • But we use them in different ways.

  • Let me give you an example.

  • We'll start with 'during' (ˈdʒʊərɪŋ) or 'during' (ˈdjʊərɪŋ).

  • Both pronunciations are fine, doesn't matter how you pronounce it.

  • But, in a sentence, there must be a noun after the word 'during'.

  • I pronounce it 'dʒʊərɪŋ'.

  • For example, I want to say, 'I hate people who talk in the middle of movies.'

  • It's very annoying. Don't do it.

  • But, I replace 'in the middle of' with 'during'.

  • It means the same thing.

  • And after we have that noun: 'movies'.

  • That's perfect! This is a good sentence! It's great!

  • You're beautiful!

  • Beautiful sentence.

  • But how about 'while'? It means the same thing.

  • Can I replace 'during' with 'while'?

  • No!

  • If I say, "I hate people who talk while movies", this is a rubbish sentence.

  • You can't say that.

  • So, how do we use 'while'?

  • With 'while', you need a clause, a subject and a verb, a sentence.

  • So, let's imagine you're in bed, you're trying to sleep, and then all of a sudden...

  • You hear a loud noise.

  • So, in the middle of trying to sleep, you heard a noise, there was an interruption.

  • 'While I was trying to sleep I heard a noise.'

  • And it doesn't matter where you put this sentence.

  • It could be first, it could be after, like: I heard a noise while I was trying to sleep.

  • That's fine, it doesn't matter where you put it.

  • Also, notice the subject is the same in both sentences.

  • While 'I' was trying to sleep, 'I' heard a noise.

  • In this case, you don't need to repeat the subject in the 'while' sentence.

  • So we could have: 'While trying ... '

  • We'd actually remove the 'be' verb for continuous tenses.

  • Doesn't matter if it's 'was' in past continuous or 'is' in present.

  • And the subject, of course, if it's the same.

  • So it could read, 'while trying to sleep, I heard a noise'.

  • Or of course, 'I heard a noise while trying to sleep.'

  • That's fine too.

  • But, if you remove the 'subject' and the 'be verb', then it definitely definitely sounds more formal.

  • So, keep that in mind - if you're trying to speak formally that sounds great.

  • But in casual conversation, it's much more common not to do that.

  • I would more commonly say: 'Oh my god, last night while I was trying to sleep, I heard a noise ... it made me cry.'

  • Should we use 'while' only with continuous tenses?

  • No, not necessarily.

  • Let me give you an example: 'I played drums while she slept.'

  • This is not a continuous tense.

  • This is a past simple.

  • How about a present simple? Let's try that!

  • 'She eats ice cream while I work'

  • Or the other way: 'While I work, she just eats ice cream.'

  • This is a present simple tense, so it doesn't have to be past.

  • Doesn't have to be past continuous, it can be anything, just know that 'while' means 'in the middle of this', 'this happens" or 'at the same time as this', 'this happens'.

  • That's how you use it.

  • But how about 'meanwhile'?

  • is that the same thing? it sounds the same.

  • How do I use that?

  • Well, this also means 'at the same time', but more commonly, it's used to talk about two different locations, two completely different subjects.

  • For example:

  • 'In one city Superman was flying and saving the world.'

  • At the same time in a different city - Or we could say 'meanwhile!'

  • Remember, 'meanwhile' means 'at the same time' but in a different thing.

  • So, 'Superman was flying and saving the world.'

  • 'Meanwhile, in Gotham (in a different place), Batman was crying.'

  • Emo

  • I hope you enjoyed today's lesson.

  • Tell me in the comments: Why was Batman crying?

  • Also, try to make your own sentences using 'during' (or ˈdjʊərɪŋ), 'while', and 'meanwhile'.

  • Give me a thumbs up if you can, share this video, it really helps me grow my channel.

  • I'll see you in the next class.

Today, we're doing the difference between 'during' and 'while' ... and later 'meanwhile'.


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During / While / Meanwhile - How to use them in English

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