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  • hey everyone it's Jennifer from Tarle  speech with your pronunciation question


  • We have three words today choir a singing group 


  • inquire to ask and inquiry an act of asking for information 

    inquire 詢問和查詢 一種詢問資訊的行為

  • Kind of a tough lesson today but hang in  there i'm gonna make it as easy as possible


  • Okay so word number one choirspelling really confuses people.  


  • Been getting a lot of questions about the  ch sound I plan on doing a video about that  


  • the letter ch I should say n Not the sound, the letter c h,  

    字母ch 我應該說n 不是聲音,是字母c h。

  • can be pronounced as a k, they can also be  pronounced as a ch, and sometimes as an sh


  • But today we are going to pronounce them as a k. So we're going to say the word choir we're going  

    但今天我們要把它們發成k的音。 所以我們要說合唱團這個詞,我們要

  • to start with that k w sound. So to say the  k tip of the tongue is down the back of the  

    要從這個k w音開始。所以說,k的舌尖是在後面的

  • tongue is pulled up and then we're going to move  to the w sound by puckering your lips, kw kw kw

    舌頭拉起來,然後我們要通過撅起嘴脣來發w的音,kw kw kw。

  • Next we're going to add the vowel ire, and to  do that you're going to open your mouth really  


  • wide so that the tip of your tongue can be lowand the back of your tongue can be pulled up


  • Then you're going to close your mouth to a square  tense lip shape for that er part of this vowel  


  • sound, and again the tip of your tongue is down  or the back of your tongue can be flipped back


  • Let's put that all together  kw ire choir choir choir

    讓我們把這一切放在一起,Kw ire choir合唱團合唱團。

  • And that word has one beat or one syllable - choir We are going to use the word choir in the  

    這個詞有一個節拍或一個音節--唱詩班 我們將在唱詩班中使用這個詞。

  • next word when we say inquire. w We are going to start with the short word in. And  


  • to do that, we're going to have the short i sound  the ih sound. Your lips are relaxed your mouth is  


  • slightly open and the tongue is just at the top  of the, um, just at the level of the top teeth.


  • And then you're going to touch the tip  of the tongue to the back of the top,  


  • top front teeth for that n sound, and the  air is going to move out of your nose. So in  

    上門牙發出 "n "的聲音,而空氣將從你的鼻子中流出。所以在

  • and then move to choir. So because this word  is two beats we are going to have to stress  


  • one of the beats of the word and unstress  the other. So what does that mean.  


  • We are going to stress choir in this case. It's  going to be louder, longer, and higher in pitch.  


  • That means we have to unstress the in partwhich needs to be lower in pitch, softer, and  


  • shorter. The vowel will be shorter so let's  put that all together: inquire inquire inquire

    更短。元音會更短,所以讓我們把這一切放在一起:inquire inquire inquire。

  • Now for inquiry. This gets confusing  because the stress is going to shift  


  • to the beginning of the word, and when we do thatwe are going to have to stress the in part. That  

    到這個詞的開頭,當我們這樣做時,我們將不得不強調in part。這一點

  • means the vowel is going to get shorter in this  middle part of the word. So we're no longer going  


  • to say ire, we're just going to say er in queryand end with that re, and to do that r sound,  

    說 "ire",我們就說 "er",然後以 "re "結束,併發出 "r "的聲音。

  • we've talked about it already, and then e -  tongue is high and flat and your lips are smiling

    我們已經說過了,然後e - 舌頭高而平,你的嘴脣在微笑。

  • So let's put that all together  in query inquiry inquiry inquiry


  • Let's give them all a try 


  • choir choir choir inquire inquire inquire 

    合唱團 合唱團 詢問 詢問 詢問 詢問

  • inquiry inquiry inquiry and altogether 

    偵查 偵查 偵查和共

  • choir inquire inquiry inquiry inquire choir 


  • One more time i kind of messed that last one upbit - choir inquire inquiry And now for a sentence 

  • The inquiry is to inquire  about choir job openings


  • Give it a try people are going to notice the  difference. If you found this helpful please  


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  • and all of our class options at Tarle speech. Thanks everyone have a great weekend!


hey everyone it's Jennifer from Tarle  speech with your pronunciation question


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