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  • Hello. This is 6 Minute English from BBC Learning English.

    你好。這裡是 BBC 六分鐘學英語!

  • I'm Rob.


  • And I'm Sam.


  • Now, Sam, look into my eyes!


  • You are feeling sleepy! Relax!


  • What are you doing, Rob?


  • Trying to hypnotise me?


  • Well, since hypnotism is the topic of this program,


  • I thought I'd give it a try!


  • So how do you feel, Sam?


  • Are you under my spell?


  • Hmmm, I don't think so, Rob.


  • It's not so easy to put me into a hypnotic trance,


  • that's the word to describe the state of mind of someone who's been hypnotized and isn't completely in control.


  • You mean like those stage magicians who trick people into clucking like a chicken or playing an imaginary violin?


  • Yes, some hypnotists make people do silly things for entertainment but hypnotism has real benefits as well - curing phobias, for example.


  • Maybe so, but for other people the very idea of a hypnotic trance is nonsense.


  • And even if hypnotism is real, why would you let a complete stranger inside your head?

    而且即使催眠術是真的,你為什麼要 讓一個陌生人進入你的腦子裡?

  • Don't worry, Rob. I won't make you cluck like a chicken!


  • Please don't! At least, not before my quiz question, which is about a well-known 20th century hypnotist.

    請不要這樣做!至少,不要在我的問答問題之前。 這是關於一個著名的 20世紀的催眠師。

  • One of the first Europeans to hypnotize people, this man became so famous that his name is forever associated with hypnotic trances - but who was he? Was it:

    他是第一批歐洲來的催眠這,這男子是如此出名,以至於 他的名字被永遠地跟催眠性恍惚連結在一起,請問他是誰?

  • a) Sigmund Freud

    a) 西格蒙德-弗洛伊德

  • b) Franz Mesmer

    b) 弗朗茨-梅斯梅爾

  • c) Harry Houdini

    c) 哈利-胡迪尼

  • Well, people who want to quit smoking sometimes use a kind of therapy involving hypnotism,


  • so maybe it's a) Sigmund Freud!

    所以答案應該是a) 西格蒙德-弗洛伊德!

  • OK, we'll find out if that's right at the end of the program.


  • One question that's often asked is whether anyone can be hypnotized - or are there people, maybe like you, Sam, who are less hypnotizable than others?

    有一個問題經常被問,是否每個人都能被催眠 ,又或者有 人,也許像你一樣,Sam,比一般人還不容易被催眠?

  • Professor Amir Raz is a psychiatrist at The Brain Institute in Orange County, California.


  • According to him, there are two things which explain what makes one person more or less hypnotizable than another,


  • as he told BBC World Service program, The Why Factor.

    正如他在 BBC World Service 的節目 The Why Factor 所講述的方案。

  • And listen out for the first thing he mentions:


  • Initially people thought that if you're very intelligent you're likely to be less suggestible;


  • if you are male you're likely to be less suggestible than if you're female; and so on.


  • These have been largely dismissed.


  • In fact, it's about two things.


  • First, absorption.


  • Your ability to get engrossed in a particular activity - we all know people who are capable of reading a book and losing track of time,

    你有能力全神貫注在一個特定的活動中 -,我們身邊都有那種可以讀書讀到忘我的人,

  • we know the same thing about people who are watching a film and beginning to cry,


  • and having all these emotional reactions, again getting very much sucked into the scene and being riveted.


  • People often think you can be easily hypnotized if you are suggestible, or easily influenced by others.


  • In fact, hypnotism is about two things.


  • Did you hear the first thing, Sam?


  • Yes - it's getting absorbed; so absorbed that you lose track of time - become so occupied with something that you are unaware of the passing time.

    是的-- 正是情緒吸收,沉迷到忘記時間,變忙碌到你忽略了逝去的時光。

  • And getting absorbed can also mean you get sucked into something - become involved in a situation when you do not want to be involved.

    被吸收也可能意味著你會困在一件事中, 涉足於你不願參與的情況中。

  • Stage hypnotists often speak in a soothing, gentle ways to help this process of getting someone absorbed or sucked in!


  • But according to Professor Raz, there's a second important part to being hypnotized: attention.


  • Listen to the definition of attention Professor Raz gives to BBC World Service program,

    聽聽這個拉茲教授提出給 BBC World Service 的方案。

  • The Why Factor:


  • The ability to get focused, to concentrate and hone in on particular, select pieces of information to the exclusion of others.


  • Besides the relaxed, dream-like feeling of being absorbed, what's also needed is the concentration to hone in on something,


  • in other words, to give it your full attention.


  • What you hone in on could be the way the hypnotist speaks, like how Rob said,


  • 'Look into my eyes!' at the beginning of the program.


  • Or it could be some other object, like a moving finger, a pendulum or a swinging watch that some hypnotists use.

    也可能是一些其他對象,如一個 移動的手指,一個擺錘或擺動的看著催眠施用的晃動的懷錶。

  • Well, I don't feel hypnotised, Rob, but I'm certainly focused on one thing - my lunch!

    嗯,我不覺得被催眠,但 Rob,我相當專注在一件事上--我的午餐!

  • So come on, tell me - what's the correct answer to the quiz question?

    所以,來吧,告訴我 --正確答案是什麼?

  • OK, Sam. I asked you which hypnotist was so famous that his name became used as a verb.


  • And what did you say?


  • I guessed it was a) Sigmund Freud.

    我猜是a) 西格蒙德-弗洛伊德。

  • It was a good guess, but the correct answer was b) a German doctor called, Franz Mesmer.

    這是一個很好的猜測 --但正確的答案是 是b)一位德國醫生叫做,弗朗茲-梅斯梅爾。

  • Of course! And the word named after him was mesmerized - to have your attention completely fixed so that you can't think of anything else.

    當然了!而以他名字命名的詞「被迷住」-- 使你的注意力完全固定在一件事而無法分神思考其它事。

  • Well, that might be a problem if you want to remember this vocabulary, so let's recap the words we've learned, starting with trance - a state of consciousness in which you are not completely aware or in control.

    嗯,如果你想 記住這個詞彙,這可能是一個問題,所以,讓我們回顧一下,從出神開始,一種你無法完全察覺或自我控制的意識狀態。

  • Someone who is suggestible is easily influenced by other people.


  • When you lose track of time, you become so absorbed with something that you are unaware of time passing.


  • And you might get sucked in - become involved in a situation that you don't want to.

    而你可能會深陷其中 ,涉足於一個你不願意進入的情況中。

  • Hypnotism also depends on concentration and the ability to hone in on something - to give something your full attention.


  • Until you're mesmerized - you have your attention completely fixed so that you cannot think of anything else.


  • That's all for this hypnotic journey.


  • Bye for now!


  • Bye bye!


Hello. This is 6 Minute English from BBC Learning English.

你好。這裡是 BBC 六分鐘學英語!

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