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  • Hi everyone this is Jennifer from Tarle Speech with your Two for Tuesday

    大家好,我是來自 Tarle Speech 的 Jennifer,歡迎來到周二雙單字節目!

  • We have homophones - two words that are spelled differently, have different meaningsbut are pronounced exactly the same.


  • Our words today are cellar, or a basement and seller a person who sells something.

    今天要介紹的單字是 cellar (地窖),或稱作 basement (地下室),以及 seller (賣家),也就是賣東西的人。

  • So let's take a look at these words. We have cellar and seller.

    先來看看這兩個單字,cellar (地窖) 和 seller (賣家) 吧。

  • So to say these words correctly, we are going to focus on two syllables: cell and then ler.

    要正確地唸出這兩個單字,我們首先要注意這兩個音節:cell 和 ler。

  • Now I'm going to give you a tip on how to make this a little bit easier, um, so you sound a little clearer


  • So we're going to start with the "s" sound.

    我們先從開頭的 "s" 音開始。

  • To say this sound the tip of your tongue is not touching your teeth.


  • Can be either right behind your top teeth or pointed down a little biteither is fine as long as the sound is there and the air is going to move out of your mouth.


  • Next we're going to move to that short "eh" sound.

    接下來是那個簡短的 "eh" 音。

  • Your mouth is openYou are just going to see the tip of your tongue poking out between the top and the bottom teeth.


  • It's not poking out. It's actually just between the teeth but you can see it there.


  • Now here's the key: we're going to move to the "l" sound.

    接下來是關鍵:我們注意的是 "l "的發音上。

  • To do this, tip of the tongue moves up and it's going to touch the back of the top front teeth, and it can touch right between your teeth and the roof of your mouth.


  • That is fine, if you need to get super specific.


  • Now you are going to keep your tongue there. "Sell", keep it there.


  • Now, you are going to then move from that spot, almost like you're saying another "l", for the second part of the word, and then pull your tongue down to move to that "er" sound.

    接著將舌頭從那個地方開始移動,就好像你要說另一個 "l" 一樣,然後將你的舌頭往下移動並發出"er" 的聲音。

  • Now you have two options for the "er": the tip of your tongue can be either pointed downor it could be flipped back.

    你有兩種發出 "er" 音的方法:你可以將舌尖朝下,或是把舌頭往回捲起。

  • The key here is, the back of the tongue is pulled up way high, and is tense in the back of the mouth.


  • So let's try this, "cell", and now keep your tongue there and then we're going to move it to the "ler".

    試試看吧!"Sell",然後把你的舌頭固定在那邊,接著移動到 "ler" 的音。

  • Sell-ler. Seller. (repeated multiple times)


  • And now for a sentence: the seller keeps all of his merchandise in his cellar


  • Give it a try! People are going to notice the difference!


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  • Thanks everyone have the best week!


Hi everyone this is Jennifer from Tarle Speech with your Two for Tuesday

大家好,我是來自 Tarle Speech 的 Jennifer,歡迎來到周二雙單字節目!

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