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  • Improvement pill here. Welcome to lesson 10 of the tamed course.

  • In our previous lessons, we learned about how habits and willpower works.

  • So, if you have not watched any of those videos yet, pause this video right now and click on the link in the description box below.

  • It will bring you to a playlist with all of the lessons of the tamed course in chronological order.

  • We now know that we have a lot more willpower than we think we do.

  • But when our levels of willpower drop below a certain threshold, we entered a state of ego depletion where it becomes much harder to stick to our habits.

  • So how can we increase the amount of willpower we can use before we enter this state?

  • How can we increase our self-discipline?

  • Well, numerous studies were conducted between 1999 and 2006 by professor Roy Baumeister who's one of the pioneers of willpower research.

  • He took large groups of people and tested how much willpower they had initially, by forcing them to do certain willpower exercises, such as seeing how long they could work on an unsolvable puzzle before giving up.

  • He then split these groups into two.

  • The first group was the control group, and they were simply told to go home and come back in two weeks.

  • The second group was told to participate in a variety of different tasks.

  • Some were told to try to fix their posture, some we're told to try to use their non-dominant hand for tasks like brushing your teeth and opening doors.

  • And others were even told to actively change the words they used in their sentences, like removing the use of filler words, like "um" and "like."

  • These groups were told to actively try and stick to these changes for the next two weeks and then come back.

  • To Baumeister's surprised, all of the groups that elicited some sort of control over their lives had a significant increase in their levels of willpower after a two-week period, as compared to the control group who saw no change.

  • So, what does this mean?

  • Well, this means that willpower is just like a muscle.

  • When you workout constantly for long periods of time, your muscles get stronger, they get bigger, and you're able to lift more weight.

  • Willpower is the exact same.

  • If you actively try to change something in your life, you're using willpower to make these changes.

  • Then over time, you'll be able to use more willpower without entering a state of ego depletion.

  • Your willpower muscle will get stronger, and this explains why keystone habits are so powerful.

  • If you recall, in a previous video, which I will link to in the description below, we spoke about how some people change one habit in their life and all of a sudden, they change their entire life - They change a bunch of different habits.

  • The Keystone habit is so effective because by sticking to a single habit, you're training your willpower.

  • It's getting stronger, and as your willpower gets stronger you have more strength to change the other habits in your life.

  • So what can we do with this knowledge?

  • Well, for one, it shows us just how important it is to stick to our keystone habit.

  • If we can successfully stick to this habit and get it to that line of automaticity, it will mean that the amount of self-discipline we have will also increase dramatically.

  • And this is the reason I structured the course this way.

  • We put the focus on building a keystone habit instead of focusing on getting rid of our bad habit.

  • That's because by building the keystone habit, you will eventually become strong enough to get rid of the bad one.

  • And that's why you'll notice that the large majority of people who are extremely successful have an obsession with self-improvement.

  • They're always looking for ways to use their willpower to improve their lives.

  • And they may not know it, but this obsession with improvement makes them strong enough to accomplish the tasks that make them so successful.

  • So drill this into your mind by actively trying to change your life by being interested in self-improvement by sticking to that keystone habit you will become stronger.

  • So keep strong and carry on because you're getting stronger every single day as long as you stick to this.

  • And that sums up everything we need to know about willpower.

  • At this point in the course, you should already be building up your keystone habit.

  • If you find yourself slacking, remember, all you need to do is stand back up and stick to this habit.

  • If you follow this one simple task, you will get much stronger.

  • In our next lesson, we're gonna speak about the effects of our social environment on our habits.

  • How you socialize actually has a huge effect on how likely you are to overcome your bad habits.

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  • Besides that, guys, stay tuned.

Improvement pill here. Welcome to lesson 10 of the tamed course.


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How To Build Your Self Discipline(How To Build Your Self Discipline)

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