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  • So, you've been in the capital a few days and you've sampled the best food that London has to offer.


  • Pizza Express, Greggs, and the Boots Meal Deal.

    Pizza Express、Greggs 和 Boots 的套餐組合。

  • Now, that's great and all, but what you're really looking for is something unique.


  • So, we'll be showing you our 10 favorite unique restaurants in London.

    所以我們要告訴你 10 個倫敦最獨特的餐廳。

  • We'll whizz by the world's first cheese conveyor belt, sample some white chocolate mashwhich, believe me, is much better than it soundsfeast next door to the Prime Minister, be surrounded by cats, dine in a Victorian toilet, and much, much more.


  • If you're new here, we make travel movies from our home town of London and around the world, hoping you might just find your next holiday inspiration.


  • This is Suitcase Monkey, looking for unique dining in London.

    這是 Suitcase Monkey,尋找倫敦獨特的餐廳。

  • First stop on our list is Rabot 1745, and this place is heaven for anyone who loves chocolate.

    我們的第一站是 Rabot 1745,這裡對愛巧克力的人來說是個天堂。

  • That's because every single dish on the menu uses either cacao, which is the seed chocolate is made from, or the roasted cocoa bean as a subtle ingredient.


  • The food all draws on Caribbean traditions with a contemporary British twist, and the addition of chocolate on the menu makes everything appear original.


  • My personal favorite was the main course, a slow-cooked portion of beef with cacoa mushroom dumpling.


  • On the side, we pecked at white chocolate mash and Caribbean sweet potato with cacao barbecue sauce.


  • The chocolate theming is a gimmick that could cheapen the experience, but it's actually quite a swanky place.


  • Owned by Hotel Chocolat, the serving presentation is more elegant than you might expect.

    母公司是 Hotel Chocolat,餐點表現可能會比你想像的還要更精緻。

  • And, so, I think, overall, its a great place to visit if you're intrigued by what is essentially a very posh Mars Bar.


  • Next up is The Attendant, which is a restored Victorian toilet, originally built and used since the 1890s.

    下一站是 The Attendant,是個重新裝修過的維多利亞廁所,最初建於 1890 年代並使用。

  • Now, to put the 1890s into perspective, this means you could be eating an avocado in the exact spot where Jack the Ripper did a poo.

    現在從 1890 年代的角度來看的話,你會在開膛手傑克上廁所的地方吃著酪梨。

  • And if that isn't unique, I don't know what is.


  • The original public toilet was closed in the 1960s and was remodeled, cleaned, and reopened 50 years later.

    原本的公共廁所在 1960 年代關閉後,重新裝修、清理,並於 50 年後重新開張。

  • There's a nice mixture of lighter snacks such as bacon rolls, porridge, and granola, to full plates of traditional brunch staples: Avocado, hummus, lentils, grilled halloumi, eggs, they're all in here.


  • Served with a tasty coffee, it was a satisfying menu and, yes, apparently, those tiles are original.


  • This next suggestion is something that won't be unique to lots of people, but for Londoners, is something of a rarity.


  • A place we have visited more than anywhere on this list is The Quince Tree Cafe, and what makes it stand out is its surrounding and tranquility.

    我們去 The Quince Tree Cafe 的次數,比其他清單上的餐廳還要多,它之所以會這麼突出是在於它的周圍環境和寧靜。

  • Turning off the main road, you walk down this narrow alley and feel as if you're entering into a hidden oasis.


  • Greeting you at the end is London's oldest garden center, which has been inspiring people since 1851.

    最後看到的會是倫敦最古老的花園中心,從 1851 年就存在了。

  • It's the most peaceful dining entrance I'm aware of.


  • The Quince Tree Cafe itself is just as lovely.

    The Quince Tree Cafe 餐廳很美妙。

  • The main seating area is inside this large greenhouse, but there's also a roofed area outside more open to the elements.


  • With all of this, it's easy to feel like you're in some English countryside town and the whole setting already makes it worth the trip.


  • But, thankfully, the food also holds its own.


  • Again, it hosts a mixture of small or large dishes, so should work for most appetites and budgets.


  • These chorizo croquettes served with a tasty mayo were awesome, as were these avocado deep fried chips with a chili jam.


  • If you've seen my Hidden Gems in London video, I suggested a walk along the canals of Little Venice.


  • The Quince Tree Cafe is just a few minutes away, so makes for a convenient starting location.

    只要走幾分鐘就會到 The Quince Tree Cafe,所以是一個很方便的起點。

  • Now, here's a little Suitcase Monkey fact for you.

    告訴你 Suitcase Monkey 的小秘密。

  • I love cheese.


  • Out of 365 days, I reckon I will enjoy a cheese sandwich on about 300 of them.

    一年 365 天中,我大概有 300 天都在吃起司三明治。

  • And on the days I'm not enjoying one, its because I'm somewhere abroad and feel I need to be less English and, you know, eat like the locals.


  • So our next stop literally blew my mind when I discovered it.


  • Enter the world's first cheese conveyor belt restaurant named Pick and Cheese.

    進到全球第一間迴轉起司的餐廳 —— Pick and Cheese。

  • Presented in a really cool cloche, each of the 25 different cheeses are all paired with complementary condiments.

    25 種不同的起司分別放在一個很酷的鍾型罩裡,每種都有搭配的佐料。

  • We had clothbound cheddar with tomato relish; Spenwood, which is a hard ewe's cheese, served with truffled potatoes; and my personal favorite, which was this Kingham cheese, paired with a walnut fudge.

    我們拿了 Clothbound 切達起司搭配蕃茄佐料、Spenwood 硬羊奶起司搭配松露馬鈴薯,還有我的最愛,就是 Kingham 起司搭配胡桃軟糖。

  • We also added in some smoked chorizo, adding some spice, and everything was coupled with a variety of crackers.


  • This also goes down in history as the earliest time I've had a wine in my hand on a Sunday morning.


  • Pick and Cheese is only a few months old, being situated inside London's newest market named The Seven Dials.

    Pick and Cheese 位於倫敦最新的市集——七晷區裡,才剛開幕沒幾個月而已。

  • I'll actually be doing a future video on all my favorite London markets, so please subscribe for that if you haven't already.


  • Now, if you are a lover of cats, then Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium is for you.

    如果你是愛貓人士,那你一定要去 Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium。

  • This place is super popular, so you will almost certainly need to book in advance.


  • These rescue cats are obviously the main attraction, so, of course, there's some games, some sleeping, some drinking, some stroking, some attention, and some being ignored.


  • The tea room is split over 2 floors and has a nice, subtle, but distinct wonderland theming.


  • The layout is also really well-designed, providing lots of space for the cats to explore.


  • The food is traditional English, with soup, high tea, scones, sandwiches, and cakes.


  • I think if you're treating a cat lover to a unique dining experience, this would be the perfect surprise.


  • For these last few suggestions, I want to rattle them off fairly quickly for 3 main reasons.

    這幾間餐廳之所以會放在最後推薦,有 3 個主因,我會很快帶過。

  • One, I think they are a bit more niche, so I wouldn't universally recommend them to everyone.


  • Two, some of these I don't have as much footage for.


  • And three, it'll really help me justify these meals as a genuine expense for the taxman.


  • So, here are 5 quick suggestions you might also want to consider.

    有 5 間你可能會想知道的推薦餐廳。

  • The first is Swingers.

    第一個是 Swingers。

  • This is 18 holes of crazy golf that also serves food and drinks for your enjoyment.

    這個有 18 個洞的高爾夫場,也有提供飲食給你享用。

  • Great fun for either a couple or a small group.


  • Second we have the Jazz Cafe in Camden.

    第二個是卡姆登鎮的 Jazz Cafe。

  • One of Londons most famous live music venues, you get to enjoy your food from the balcony while listening to live jazz, soul, funk, and blues.


  • And how about the Paternoster Chop House?

    那 Paternoster Chop House 呢?

  • This is the actual restaurant where the popular UK TV show "First Dates" is filmed.


  • Now, we are massive fans of the TV show, so spent our first anniversary here.


  • Even without Fred and his team, it's great to see Merlin's bar and make that infamous walk towards the unknown.

    就算沒有 Fred 和他的團隊,能夠看到沒什麼名氣的 Merlin 酒吧變成家喻戶曉的地點很高興。

  • Fourth, we have Sketch.

    第四,是 Sketch。

  • This place is probably most famous for its incredibly pink Instagrammable gallery room, where you can enjoy afternoon tea.

    這間店可能是以他值得上傳到 IG 的驚人粉色畫廊而有名,你可以在那吃下午茶。

  • But it has numerous rooms that are each something to behold.


  • It is expensive here, but its toilets are almost worth the price alone.


  • And lastly, there is dining inside the Houses of Parliament.


  • Now, this is technically classed as a pop-up since availability isn't always open.


  • But when it is, you get to walk around the inside of Parliament, see the House of Commons in actionor not, as things can sometimes beand then sit down to some English food in a room overlooking the Thames.


  • For further inspiration, check out my other London food guides as well as our international travels around the world.


  • And follow us on Instagram to see us exploring live as it happens.

    追蹤我們的 Instagram 來看看我們現在的動態。

  • Thanks for watching Suitcase Monkey.

    謝謝你觀看 Suitcase Monkey。

So, you've been in the capital a few days and you've sampled the best food that London has to offer.


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