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  • Hey there, welcome to Fact Point.

  • Today we are going to reveal some of the weirdest laws from different countries around the world.

  • So friends, let's check out what are some of the absurd reasons why you may get into legal trouble.

  • Number One:

  • Until the year 1964, if you were in Ireland and tried to commit suicide, you would be penalized by the court and ordered death by hanging.

  • It makes perfect sense, right?

  • You want to commit suicide but are caught, and then you are made to go through all the legal hassle and finally given (the) death sentence.

  • Keep it up Ireland. Not really.

  • Number Two:

  • Did you ever dream of riding your own horse to the school ?

  • All of us have.

  • We can't imagine there must be anyone who doesn't want to go (to) school on their own horse.

  • if you live in the US state of Montana and ride your horse to the school, the schools are supposed provide, under law, shelter, food and water to your little ride buddy.

  • So now you finally have an excuse to be regular at school.

  • Here is the number three:

  • Various communities, religions, and groups of people around the world believe in re-birth, the holy reincarnation.

  • But hey, if you try to get a reincarnation in China without the prior permission of the government, we will see you in the court, and probably in jail.

  • But no worries, try to get reincarnated elsewhere, but never forget: With great power comes great responsibility.

  • Yet another weird law:

  • If you are a woman living in Mississippi, you are not supposed to drive a car unless your husband is right outside the car, ahead of you by at least 100 feet, and waving the flag to the traffic, warning them that a woman is driving a car.

  • After all, we all know how bad the women drivers are, right?

  • Good one, Mississippi, Good one!

  • The final absurd law comes from (the) UK.

  • It is illegal for you to beat or shake any carpet rug in the street of Metropolitan Police District, and if you were thinking that's not stupid, you can not shake the doormat before 8 a.m.

  • Carpets have feelings.

  • Don't hurt them (or) else law will take its own course, and carpets will be given justice.

  • So those were some of the most weird (weirdest) laws from around the world.

  • Let us know what do you feel about them.

  • Write below in the comments.

  • Do you think they should not be repealed ? Do you have an amendment to suggest?

  • Run your imagination wild below in the comments.

  • And yeah, for more interesting videos, don't forget to subscribe.

  • Have a fine day ahead.

Hey there, welcome to Fact Point.


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Weird Laws In The World - Fact Point(Weird Laws In The World - Fact Point)

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