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  • A War for Taiwan is brewing

  • As China's military ambitions surge

  • Can the world turn back the tide?

  • Welcome to China Uncensored, I'm Chris Chappell.

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  • So, Taiwan is preparing for war  against China. I mean, it should.

  • The Chinese Communist Party  has vowed to conquer Taiwan.

  • And Chinese jets have been  harrassing Taiwan constantly.

  • In mid June, China sent a record  28 fighter jets toward Taiwan.

  • And recently China deployed stealth fighter jets  

  • to their military units that  monitor the Taiwan Strait.

  • That deployment was announced  on Chinese state-run media.  

  • Which seems kind of counterproductivesince they're supposed to be stealth jets.  

  • Look at how stealthy our jets areHere's exactly where we're sending them!” 

  • But the Chinese military's increasing  incursions on Taiwan's airspace  

  • have put a tremendous strain on the Taiwanese  military, as well as the Taiwanese people.

  • Now, in an interview with CNNTaiwan's Foreign Minister Joseph Wu  

  • says Taiwan is preparing for war.

  • (We need to prepare ourselves  for a possible conflict… 

  • We hope it doesn't happen. War between  Taiwan and China is in nobody's interest… 

  • At a time when China is trying to  expand its authoritarian influence  

  • Taiwan is on the front line.

  • China's expanding authoritarian influence is  exactly why the US has been increasing support for  

  • Taiwan. That's true of both the Trump and Biden  administrations. And that tells you something.

  • Recently, “The U.S. and Taiwan  agreed to hold regular talks  

  • on issues ranging from technology supply  chains to meat imports following their  

  • first Trade and Investment Framework  Agreement meeting in five years.”

  • And Taiwan is pushing forfree trade deal with the US.

  • Obviously the Chinese Communist  Party is not happy about any of this.  

  • It interferes with their plan to make Taiwan  completely dependent on China economically.

  • Actually, that's pretty much their  plan for the rest of the world, too.

  • Anyway, the Communist Party has particularly been  targeting Taiwan's Foreign Minister Joseph Wu .

  • Party member Zhu Fenglian, who's a spokeswoman  for China's Taiwan Affairs Office, saidJoseph Wu  

  • has repeatedly and arrogantly  provoked 'Taiwan independence.'”

  • We will take all necessary  measures to severely punish  

  • such 'Taiwan independence' diehards  for life in accordance with the law.”

  • Taiwan independence? Taiwan *is* independentThat's why it's not under Communist control.  

  • As for the threats, Minister Wu has this to say.

  • They cannot tolerate Truth. And  if they keep saying they want to  

  • pursue me for the rest of my life, I'm not  really concerned about that. So for that,  

  • I think it's an honor to be  targeted by the Chinese government.

  • I like this guy.

  • A Chinese Communist occupation of Taiwan  would be a disaster for the Taiwanese people.  

  • Look at what's happened to Hong Kongers. And Hong Kong was never even a fully independent  

  • democracy. To transform the democratic Taiwan into  a part of the authoritarian PRC would be brutal.

  • Which is why many countries  are concerned about Taiwan.

  • Japan's deputy defense minister says Taiwan  must be protected as a democratic country.

  • And yes, he called Taiwan the c-word. Country.

  • He also said the world needs towake  upto China's threat to Taiwan.

  • China responded by saying his comments were  “highly sinister, dangerous and irresponsible”.

  • What's really sinister and dangerous is  the Communist Party's military ambitions  

  • in the South China Sea. All of  China's neighbors are worried.

  • Chinese warplanes have skirted  Malaysia, aimed at showing dominance.

  • Indonesia and the US are  building a multimillion dollar  

  • maritime training center  together to counter China.

  • And the US State Department just  approved a multibillion dollar arms  

  • deal with the Philippines, the biggest one yet.

  • And that's specifically toenhance the  Philippines' 'minimum deterrence' capability  

  • as it grapples with an ever-more  assertive China in its adjacent waters”.

  • Meanwhile, the USS Ronald Reagan  

  • has entered the South China Sea for  routine freedom of navigation operations.

  • This does not necessarily mean war will happen.  

  • If a strong deterrence can be maintained, that's  actually the best hope we have of preventing the  

  • Chinese regime from starting a war against  Taiwan or in the South China Sea. But that  

  • all depends on whether the world truly wakes up  to the threat of the Chinese Communist Party.

  • And this episode is sponsored by Daily Pnut.

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  • Once again, I'm Chris Chappellthanks for watching China Uncensored.

A War for Taiwan is brewing


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台灣準備對抗中國的開戰(Taiwan Preparing for War Against China)

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