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  • Hi everyone jennifer from Tarle speech  with your pronunciation question.

    大家好,來自Tarle speech的Jennifer帶著你的發音問題。

  • We have three words today nutrient  


  • nutrition and nutritious and these words all  refer to substances that provide nourishment.


  • So let's take a look at our words: We have nutrient nutrition and nutritious.

    是以,讓我們看一下我們的詞。 我們有營養品營養和營養的。

  • All right so let's start with syllable number one  new - nice and easy touch the tip of your tongue  


  • to the back of your top front teeth for thatsound air will move out of your nose for that  


  • nasal n sound; and then puck your lips for the oo  and make that vowel nice and long. New new. Yes  


  • it's just like the word new. For nutrient, nextwe are going to move to the tree syllable. To say  


  • tree you are going to touch the tip of your tongue  to the back of your top front teeth for that t  


  • and then you are going to move it away either  


  • back away from the teeth or down to the  bottom of the mouth for the r tr tr tr

    擺脫牙齒或下到嘴底的r tr tr tr。

  • It's not a ch sound it's not a cha  it's a tr tr your tongue is staying  

    這不是一個ch音,不是一個ch,是一個tr tr,你的舌頭是停留在這裡的。

  • is moving more down or flipping back  


  • not just pulling back I do have a video on that  sound i'll link it, um in case you are interested.


  • And then you are going to smile  for that long e tree tree tree


  • So let's put those first two syllables  together new tree nutri nutri new tree.


  • And then we're going to end with ant short  unstressed u sound mouth is just relaxed,  


  • and then say that n touch the  teeth, air comes out of the nose,  


  • and then as you pull the tongue away from  the teeth air just pops out of the mouth.


  • unt unt unt


  • nutrient  


  • nutrient nutrient nutrient

    營養素 營養素 營養素

  • Now for nutrition and nutritious,  


  • what we're going to do is we're going to shift  that stress to the tr, to that middle syllable,  


  • and we're no longer going to say an e. It's  going to be a short i. So you're going to relax  


  • your mouth a little bit for that short i, E is up  here , short i, ih, is just down here. Your tongue  


  • will go from way high for the e, pop down a little  bit, still going to be flat and high for that ih.


  • E ih E ih

    E ih E ih

  • And then we're going to end with shunpucker your lips for that sh sound,  

    然後我們要用 "順 "來結束,撅起嘴脣發出 "順 "的聲音。

  • air moves out. Move to that short uh sound and  then end with the n by touching the tip of the  


  • tongue to the back of the top front teeth. Air  moves out of the nose for the shun or shus.  


  • Then you are just going to do the sh shortuh s and then the s sound key here is make sure  

    然後你要做sh短u uh s,然後是s音,關鍵是要確保

  • your lips are pulled back and no longer puckeredFor that s sound tip of the tongue is either down  

    你的嘴脣向後拉,不再撅起。 對於這種情況,舌尖要麼向下

  • or behind the back of the top front teeth. Let's  put these all together: new tri shun new tri shus 

    或在上門牙的後面。讓我們把這些都放在一起:新三順 新三順

  • Let's give them all a try. nutrient nutrient nutrient 

    讓我們都來試一試。 營養素 營養素

  • nutrition nutrition nutrition nutrition nutritious nutritious nutritious  

    營養 營養 營養 營養 營養 營養 營養 營養 營養 營養

  • nutritious nutritious nutritious  nutrient nutrition nutritious

    營養豐富 營養豐富 營養豐富 營養豐富 營養豐富

  • So I hope that you were getting a lot of your  nutrients from your foods that have that are  


  • very nutritious and good for your nutrition. So give it a try I know people are going to notice  


  • the difference. If you found this helpful  we'd love a like a share and a subscribe,  


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    查看我們在google play itunes上的產品,以及我們在Tarle Speech的課程。

  • Thanks everyone have a great week!


Hi everyone jennifer from Tarle speech  with your pronunciation question.

大家好,來自Tarle speech的Jennifer帶著你的發音問題。

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如何給NUTRIENT, NUTRITION, NUTRITIOUS發音 - 美國英語發音課程 (How to Pronounce NUTRIENT, NUTRITION, NUTRITIOUS - American English Pronunciation Lesson)

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