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  • Hey guys!

  • We're here today in Akasaka Mitsuke to go try out..

  • Itamae Sushi Edo!

  • What is it? It's a sushi place that has some sort of an Edo twist to it.

  • Wooo, nice!

  • Now what is an Edo twist we're gonna find out!

  • We're gonna go back to the past!

  • Today at this restaurant you actually get to wear a yukata!

  • And eat amazing sushi, I can't wait to try that out!

  • Now some of the sushi they have here that I'm definitely looking forward to is the tuna!

  • They have it very fresh, straight from Tsukiji Market!

  • So let's go ahead and dig in some of that! And let's go!

  • Let's go!

  • Welcome to Itamae Sushi Edo!

  • Enjoy high quality sushi in a unique atmosphere.

  • Before we start with the main courses, let's get some drinks!

  • So the cool thing about this place is when you order matcha you actually get to make it yourself,

  • they give you all the tools to do it.

  • So i'm gonna do it right now, this seems awesome!

  • Cheers!

  • Delicious!

  • There's something on the menu called the Edo Tower, that seems pretty crazy so..

  • Wait hold on, let's get it here for everybody to see!

  • This Edo Tower here!

  • Arigatou Gozaimasu (thanks)!

  • Take a look at this, this is the Edo Tower!

  • I mean this thing is huge, it has shrimp, it has salmon, it has tuna in here that they cut fresh.

  • And they prepared it all right in front of us!

  • So I'm gonna go ahead and give this a shot.

  • The texture is like really smooth and it's really really kinda like buttery.

  • And it just dissolves in your mouth.

  • This is really good!

  • Now I'm going to try the salmon because...Victor already tried the tuna obviously.

  • I think this salmon looks amazing!

  • Ohohohoh nice!

  • Don't even need to bite, chew, dissolves in your mouth!

  • Awesome!

  • Next up on the menu, a Tuna Steak served Volcano Style, with real flames coming out of the top!

  • This gives the meat a nice roasted taste while keeping it savory and tender on the inside.

  • The taste?

  • Perfect!

  • After that, a rainbow sushi, Edo-style!

  • Here we have Sea-Urchin which is called Uni in Japanese

  • I love Uni, it's tastes like the ocean

  • I don't know how to pick this up!

  • Tastes like the ocean?!

  • And the result is...?

  • I think it's pretty sweet, very creamy, the oceany flavor is not too powerful.

  • Perfect!

  • I'm gonna have some more!

  • Wow look at this! Alright this is the Maguro Tataki.

  • That looks nice, waaaow!

  • I wanna try just that actually!

  • Cheers!!

  • Almost tastes like butter!

  • I mean you can't go wrong: delicious sushi, awesome atmosphere...

  • Plus it's not that expensive for high quality sushi straight from Tsukiji Market.

  • If you guys are interested in Tsukiji Market definitely check the video we made over there!

  • It's down there in the description below.

  • Definitely check it out!

  • If you guys liked this video, don't hesitate to give us a little thumbs up at the bottom

  • and subscribe to our channel for more yummy content coming up soon!

  • See you next time!

  • Arigatou Gozaimashita

  • Arigatou Gozaimashita

Hey guys!


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FRESH and Delicious Japanese SUSHI at Itamae Sushi Edo | Akasaka Mitsuke, Tokyo [4K]

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