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  • guys greetings from chile el  cafayate or califos oh my gosh

    來自智利 el cafayate 或 califos 的問候,我的天哪

  • oh my gosh yeah i wish we were insulted right now  i'd be wearing shorts and a t-shirt and i'd be  

    ,我的天哪,我希望我們現在受到侮辱,我穿著短褲和 T 卹,

  • sipping on wine no i'm just kidding actually we're  we're still thrilled to be here in patagonia it's  


  • just cooling down rapidly it should be warming up  really well that's what patagonian weather really  

    只是迅速降溫它應該會很好地變暖這就是巴塔哥尼亞的天氣真正 的全部儘管我的意思是有一天

  • is all about though i mean one day it's warm and  it's not as windy next day it could be raining or  

    天氣 溫暖並且第二天沒有那麼大風可能會下雨或

  • considerably colder like it is right now yeah  so today like we mentioned in our last video  

    相當冷,就像現在一樣 是的,所以今天就像我們在上一個視頻中提到的那樣,

  • it's a travel day we are continuing onwards to el  chalten argentina however we had to check out of  

    這是一個旅行日,我們將繼續前往 el chalten argentina 但是我們不得不

  • our airbnb early because they have another guest  coming and they have to clean so but they were  

    提早 退房, 因為他們有另一位客人來了,他們必須打掃所以,但他們

  • really nice in terms of letting us keep our bags  yes yeah so we just walked into town we walked  

    在讓我們保留行李方面非常好 是的 所以我們只是走進鎮 我們走進

  • into town we found a little place where to have  brunch it's called olivia's bagel shop yeah and  

    鎮 我們找到了一個可以吃早午餐的小地方,它被稱為奧利維亞的百吉餅店是的,

  • in there it was all tourists using the internet  yeah awesome yeah we noticed they had they had  


  • fast internet yeah they had great bagels oh my  bagel with um salmon and cream cheese and avocado  


  • was delicious you had avocado toast but they toast  yeah we started off with coffees we moved on to  

    很美味你有鱷梨吐司但是他們敬酒是的我們開始 喝 咖啡我們開始

  • tea then cake oh you got cake that's right oh my  gosh we were we were gobbling up killing time and  


  • gobbling up a lot of food yeah and we killed a lot  of time because now it's time to go get our bags  


  • make our way to the bus terminal um figure out how  we can print some tickets and onwards we go yes

    巴士總站了,想想我們怎麼做打印一些票,然後我們繼續前進 是的,

  • i've already loaded the bike okay

    我已經裝好了自行車 好的,

  • hello guys we have made it to el chalten argentina  greetings from el chalten patagonia oh my gosh  

    伙計們,我們已經到達了 el chalten 阿根廷 來自 el chalten 巴塔哥尼亞的問候 哦,我的天哪,

  • so excited to be here it's beautiful here the  chicken capital of argentina right it sure is  

    很高興來到這裡,這裡很漂亮,阿根廷的雞肉之都,沒錯 在接下來的六天裡,我們

  • we're gonna be doing a lot of trekking over the  next six days but we realized we didn't give you  

    是否 會進行很多徒步旅行,但我們意識到我們沒有給你

  • a whole lot of information about how we got here  how much we paid where we're staying so let's do  


  • the technical stuff technical details so we took  the bus from el calafate argentina with a company  

    一些技術性的事情技術細節,所以我們乘坐巴士來自 el calafate argentina 與一家

  • called chelten travel yeah we paid a thousand  pesos which at this time let me tell you how  

    名為 chelten travel 的公司 是的,我們支付了 1000 比索,現在讓我告訴你

  • much it is in dollars give you the exact caught  off the press moments 16 us dollars per person  

    它是多少美元,給你準確的新聞時刻 每人 16 美元,

  • that's a good deal so yeah a three hour bus ride  it was um you also stop halfway which is really  


  • cool you can stretch your legs go to the bathroom  there's a tiny fee if you want to use the washroom  

    很酷,你可以伸展雙腿去洗手間 , 如果你想使用這家小 酒店 的洗手間 ,

  • in this little hotel but if you buy something you  get to go for free it's a place called la leona  

    需要支付一點費用, 但如果你買了一些東西,你就可以去免費 這是一個叫 la leona 的地方

  • it's a hotel located about halfway yeah so yeah we  got here our hotel was basically down the street  

    這是一家位於大約一半的酒店 是的 所以是的 我們到了這裡 我們的酒店基本上就

  • from the bus terminal so we were able to walk  yeah we're staying at a place called vertical  

    在巴士總站 的街上 所以我們可以走路 是的 我們住在一個叫做垂直

  • lodge so 54 us dollars a night 54 usnight it includes breakfast  

    小屋 的地方 所以我們 54美元一晚 54 美元一晚 包括早餐

  • yeah but beautiful views we'll show you the  breakfast in a future vlog for sure but um  


  • it's great that we have it that's one last thing  to worry about in terms of groceries are going out  


  • we should also mention that something that  i thought was really cool is when we pulled  


  • into the town before we went to the bus stop  they took us to the information center the  

    在去公共汽車站之前 把我們 帶到鎮上時他們帶我們去了信息中心

  • basically the park information center yeah so  this town is located inside a national park  


  • which is kind of unusual so right at the entrance  we stopped got some information they told us the  

    內不尋常 所以就在入口處 我們停下來得到了一些信息 他們告訴我們

  • rules they gave us some maps so that we can  you know head off and go hiking on our own  

    規則 他們給了我們一些地圖 這樣我們就可以知道你自己去徒步旅行

  • and what's a little bit different when you visit  los glaciates national park from the north side  

    當你從 los glaciates 國家公園參觀 los glaciates 國家公園時有什麼不同北邊

  • is that you do not have to pay an entrance fee  yeah so the other park what was 800 pesos yeah  

    是你不必支付入場費是的 所以另一個公園是 800 比索 是的 400 比索 是的

  • and 400 outside yeah 400 for uh for a national  here nothing um yeah there's so many trails it's  

    400 是 400 對這裡的國民來說沒什麼 嗯 是的 有這麼多的小徑 它將

  • going to be so exciting it's just going to be  like a lot of do-it-yourself stuff yeah we're  

    是如此令人興奮 它只是去就像很多自己動手做的事情是的,我們在

  • here so i can't wait and tomorrow's going  to be a nice weather day so we're going to  


  • get right at it and now we're going to give you  a little room tour so you can see where we're  


  • staying i like this place it's very spacious so  i think you guys will too hello room tour room  

    住的地方我喜歡這個地方,它非常寬敞,所以我想你們也會太棒了 房間遊覽室

  • guys i gotta admit this is so much better than  i was expecting yeah i just we've stayed in some  

    伙計們 我得承認這比我預期的要好得多 是的 我只是我們最近住在

  • some smaller hotels recently i was like oh we  might be a little cramped in here not at all  

    一些較小的酒店 我就像哦,我們可能會這裡有點局促,一點也不

  • this place is massive yeah i'm gonna take a step  back just so you guys can see yeah so the thing  

    這個地方很大 是的,我要退後一步,這樣你們就可以看到是的,所以

  • that really stands out is look at the size of this  bed i think it's a king-sized bed oh my oh my oh  


  • someone's ready for a nap and the mattress is no  i'm actually i'm ready for food okay forget that  


  • so the bed is fantastic if we move over here  we have a nice little dresser right hanging up  


  • our clothes left us our towels safety deposit  box oh guys it's so nice to have a work desk  

    我們的衣服給我們留下了我們的毛巾保險箱 哦,伙計們,有一張辦公桌真是太好了,

  • we can do some video editing here and the views  let me show you guys the videos audrey go bye


  • and if you just flip around here we're gonna head  into the bathroom that's the last place to show  

    ,如果你只是在這裡翻轉,我們將進入浴室是最後一個向 您

  • you so again this is actually a very spacious  bathroom too but when i sink we have the bidet  

    展示的地方 所以這實際上是一個非常寬敞的浴室o 但是當我下沉時,我們有坐浴盆,

  • we have the toilet and we have a shower withtub oh my oh my so yes it's gonna be fantastic um  


  • uh it's just i'm so happy that we have  some space in our room i don't know why  


  • i was just envisioning this this time it  looked smaller in pictures it did it did  


  • they had very nice photos of the property but  it just didn't look as spacious as it is so  


  • it's such a nice surprise and um yeah we're very  happy with uh with the location and everything  

    這是一個很好的驚喜,嗯是的我們對這個位置非常滿意, 包括早餐的

  • breakfast included and guys we're hungry we're  going to go get something to eat but also  

    所有東西 ,伙計們,我們餓了,我們要去吃點東西,但

  • this the cool thing about coming in december  is you get extended daylight hours because it  


  • is the summer and just being at the very south of  patagonia i believe it's like it's like daylight  

    是夏天就在巴塔哥尼亞的最南端,我相信這就像 早上 5 點鐘左右的 日光

  • at like 5 00 a.m and sunsets around 10 or 10  30. so yeah it's perfect so we're going to get  

    和 10 點或 10 點 30 分左右的日落。所以是的,它很完美,所以我們要去

  • some food and then we're going to go a little do  a little bit of hiking there's a lookout point a  


  • mirador and we should have excellent views of of  the town and some of the mountain ranges here so  


  • hopefully we'll be shedding some of the weight  we've gained over the last few weeks while we're  

    希望我們能減輕過去幾週我們在 這裡徒步旅行 時增加的體重

  • trekking here oh my goodness i've just been eating  way too much on this trip guys i've been wearing  

    哦,天哪,我在這次旅行中吃得太多了,伙計們我 每天

  • leggings every day for good reason my jeans  don't spit so yeah we need we need to move a  

    都穿 緊身褲,因為我的牛仔褲不會吐口水,所以是的,我們需要移動

  • lot while we're here we'll move our skeletons oh  your skeleton yeah move your body yeah that's a  


  • bit of an inside joke from a previous trip but uh  yeah let's go get some food and do some tracking


  • i didn't know this place did pizzas like that's  not why i brought us here it just looked like a  


  • cool place hello greetings from patagonicus this  is the first restaurant we saw it looked really  


  • cool it's nice inside to do craft beers and  stuff like that not going to have any because  

    很酷 裡面很不錯 可以做精釀啤酒之類的東西 不會有任何東西 因為

  • we are hiking a bit but we did find ourselvespizza right here this is the napolitana with ham  

    我們正在徒步旅行 但我們確實在這裡找到了比薩 這是拿波里塔納火腿

  • yeah eight slices 500 pesos good price it smells  nice and garlicky oh it does i am very hungry so  

    是的 八片 500 比索很好的價格,它聞起來很香,很香哦,我真的很餓Ÿ所以

  • yeah just gonna have some pizza do a little bit of  groceries i think and then we're gonna do a hike  


  • sunset is officially 9 45. what time is that right  now it is 6 47 so we still have three hours okay  

    夕陽正式9 45.什麼時候是,現在是6 47所以我們還是3小時還好

  • we do kind of have to go hang a bit though  let's make it happen let's make it happen  


  • well guys we are back in the guest house briefly  just to drop off the groceries we stopped at the  

    好伙計們我們短暫地回到賓館只是為了放下我們在 超市 停下來的雜貨

  • supermarket i mean i don't know i don't know if  you can call it it feels more like a general store  


  • food wise i would say the selection is beyond  limited and you had read online that people  


  • recommended like buying your food supplies in  calafate and bringing it with you but we didn't  


  • think it would be this limited especially if  you're into fruits and vegetables but we didn't  


  • we did find apples and bananas so uh a little bit  of a win there but they're expensive like a dollar  

    找到蘋果和香蕉,所以呃有點勝利,但它們很貴,就像 每個蘋果

  • per apple i was like oh okay yeah they're 40 pesos  yeah yeah about 75 cents but still yeah more than  

    一美元 ,我想哦,好吧,是的,他們'重新 40 比索 是的 是的 大約 75 美分 但仍然是比

  • what we're used to paying so yeah that's one  thing we've learned here groceries are expensive  

    我們習慣支付的要多 所以是的這是我們在這裡學到的一件事 雜貨很貴

  • not a lot of variety another thing we've  discovered is that there's like no internet no  

    種類不多 我們發現的另一件事是沒有互聯網

  • almost basically basically in in the town there's  basically nothing there's not much internet out  

    幾乎基本上在鎮上 基本上什麼都沒有 這裡沒有太多互聯網

  • here but i mean what come out here to hike so  we're gonna do that so so as a heads up i was just  

    但我的意思是在這裡徒步旅行,所以我們要這樣做,所以提醒一下, 當我們登記時

  • told like when we checked in that your data on  your mobile isn't gonna work and it hasn't we've  

    ,我被 告知您手機上的數據無法正常工作,而且我們已經

  • been here a few hours i've not been able to getsignal also the wi-fi goes down constantly like we  

    在這里呆了幾個小時了我一直沒能收到信號,而且 wi-fi 也經常斷線,就像我們

  • were just trying to process the payment for the  hotel on my credit card and we've tried multiple  

    只是想用我的信用卡處理酒店的付款, 今天下午 我們試了很多

  • times this afternoon the internet finally worked  for that finally worked so but there is free wi-fi  

    次,互聯網終於成功了工作如此,但 中央廣場 有免費無線網絡連接

  • in the central plaza so if you want to like check  your emails and you've got patience and you've got  


  • time you can go sit there and do your thing took  us a few times to connect but while we were having  


  • our pizza we were able to yeah and yeah the pizza  would you mentioned the price that was over 600  

    披薩的時候,我們可以是的,是的,披薩會是你我嗎提到超過 600

  • pesos yeah it's just so it's over 10 bucks perfect  little snack for us to welcome dinner for us  

    比索 的價格 是的,它只是超過 10 美元,這是我們歡迎晚餐的完美小零食,

  • yeah hiking and yeah we're losing daylight hours  so we need to get cracking and i want to say i'm  


  • not complaining about the lack of wi-fi because  obviously we're here to do hiking and enjoy  


  • nature it's just a heads up for you guys coming  so you know what you're getting yourselves into


  • yes

  • do  

  • do


  • well we have started our trek  


  • we are making our way up to mirador de los  condores which means the lookout of the  

    ,我們正在前往 mirador de los condores 這意味著 我知道太陽神鷹

  • sun's condor down rapidly i know so we are trying  not to jump too too much we're starting a bit late

    的瞭望台會 迅速下降,所以我們盡量不要跳得太多,我們開始有點晚了,

  • yeah so supposedly it's 45 minutes to  the top from the center of town and yeah  

    所以據說從山頂到山頂需要 45 分鐘鎮中心,是的,

  • we're gonna try not to get too distracted  taking photos we're not the only ones buzzer  

    我們會盡量不要太分心拍照 我們不是唯一一個

  • beating this experience there's a family up in  front of us so yeah we've got a little bit of  

    打破這種體驗的人 我們面前有一個家庭 所以是的 我們喝了一點

  • coffee i think we can do it i mean we got it  we're going up there don't trip over this log  

    咖啡 我想我們能做到這一點我的意思是,我們得到了它,我們要去那裡不會絆倒此日誌

  • up there and it's just a kilometer the thing is  it's steep wee bit steep i'm feeling it already  


  • foreign


  • um  


  • hello hello guys hello we are back oh my  gosh so tired it's late it's bedtime oh  


  • yeah but what a great first impression of this  town huh yeah you need to hike up and see it from  


  • a vantage point like that it's amazing as the  higher we got the more of the mountain ranges  

    一個有利的角度 看它 ,這太神奇了,因為我們爬得越高,山脈就越多

  • revealed themselves yes and beautiful views of  the town it looks so colorful because all the  


  • buildings are painted different colors the booths  are different colors yeah so it's nice compared to  

    建築物都塗上了不同的顏色 攤位是不同的顏色 是的 所以與 el calafate

  • el calafate this town it definitely has more offrontier feel it's not nearly as big or developed  

    相比 這個小鎮 很好 它絕對有更多的前沿感覺 它幾乎沒有那麼大或發達

  • but it just feels like this kind of like this  little oasis here in in a valley surrounded by  

    但它只是感覺就像這裡在 群山 環繞的山谷中的這個小綠洲

  • mountains it does it's amazing so i mean we're  thrilled that we have six nights here we're  


  • gonna be able to do so much trekking we've kind of  already planned some of the tracks we want to do  


  • and we've got gorgeous weather tomorrow so yeah  we're just gonna get after it yeah tomorrow's  


  • meant to be the best weather day so we're gonna  try and do the longest hike yeah we're gonna be  


  • seeing fitzroy the the famous if any of you have  seen the patagonian gear yes mountain range yeah  


  • fitzroy it's the yeah it's the iconic uh it's  the iconic mountain out here so yeah at our  


  • hotel they start serving breakfast 6 30 a.m so  we're gonna try to be up early get a good start  

    酒店,他們早上 6 點 30 分開始供應早餐,所以我們要盡量早起,有一個好的開始,

  • we've been getting organized here charging  batteries doing laundry by hand yeah so that's  


  • gonna be more afternoon it's better afternoon  not too glamorous not too glamorous anyways um  


  • but yeah we're ready for bed i mean it's still  daylight out but what is it like 10. well yeah  


  • that's totally true i think it's it's past  ten anyways thanks so much for watching guys  


  • and we'll have some travel adventures  from el chalten coming your way

    ,我們必須從查爾騰鎮一些旅行冒險降臨到你的 你

  • you


guys greetings from chile el  cafayate or califos oh my gosh

來自智利 el cafayate 或 califos 的問候,我的天哪


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艾爾查滕的第一印象+抵達巴塔哥尼亞的TREKKING之都,阿根廷 (FIRST IMPRESSIONS of El Chaltén + Arriving in the TREKKING CAPITAL of Patagonia, Argentina)

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