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  • This week, the battle over the Green New Deal is ramped up in the U.S. Young folk across

  • the country staged demonstrations to pressure their representatives to support the Green

  • New Deal resolution, which would seek to transition the United States to 100% renewables in 10

  • years all while supplying jobs to countless Americans.

  • In this struggle to push Congress to support the Green New Deal, dozens of activists were

  • arrested in a peaceful protest in Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's office.

  • Young protestors were also turned away by California Senator Dianne Feinstein, and it

  • was all captured in a video that went viral.

  • In other news, a recent analysis reveals that we have space to plant 1.2 trillion trees,

  • and if planted, those trees could offset a large chunk of our current CO2 emissions.

  • NASA also just released a report about trees.

  • They discovered that the Earth has more vegetation than it did 20 years ago, and this 5% increase

  • in flora is due in large part to the conservation, forestry programs, and increased agricultural

  • endeavors in China and India.

  • But the researchers are also quick to point out that this increase in green does not offset

  • the damage to native plants and ecosystems in tropical regions like Brazil.

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This week, the battle over the Green New Deal is ramped up in the U.S. Young folk across


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气候活动家与参议员范斯坦就绿色新政发生冲突(Climate activists clash with Senator Feinstein over the Green New Deal. | OCC News)

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