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  • You have big ideas


  • To stream on your business


  • And drive sales through the roof


  • But to get there, your idea is the business apps

    但要達到目標, 你的機會就在企業APP

  • And business apps have always been too expensive


  • Especially in times like these


  • Behind each one is a world of complexity


  • They need a data center with office space,

    要有數據中心, 辦公空間

  • power, cooling, bandwidth, networks, servers, and storage,

    電力, 冷氣, 寬頻, 網路, 伺服器, 和儲存空間

  • A complicated software’s stack


  • And a team of experts who stalk and figure around them


  • You need development, testing, staging, production, and failover environments

    需要開發, 測試, 模擬, 生產, 和故障轉移環境

  • And when there’s a problem, good luck

    有問題時, 你就自求多福吧

  • You contact tech support


  • They don’t know, so they blame someone else

    如果他們不知道, 就會說是別人的問題

  • Oh, and your versions come out


  • They would upgrade


  • But that might bring the whole system down


  • Now, this is for one app


  • When you multiply these headaches across dozens, or hundreds of apps


  • It's easy to see why the biggest companies with the best IT departments aren’t getting the apps they need.

    就很容易了解, 為什麼大公司即使有頂尖IT部門也沒辦法做出心目中的APP

  • Small businesses don’t have a chance


  • How computing is a better way to run your business?


  • Instead of running your apps yourself


  • They run on a shared data center


  • You just "plug in," like utility

    就"插插頭", 像插電一樣

  • This makes it fast to get started and it costs less


  • It’s like Gmail, compared to Microsoft Exchange

    就像Gmail, 和微軟Exchange不同

  • With Gmail, do you need servers and storage? No

    有了Gmail, 還需要伺服器和儲存空間嗎? 不必

  • Do you need a technical team to keep it up and running? No

    需要有技術人員來維持運作嗎? 不用

  • Do you have to do upgrades? No

    你需要更新嗎? 不需要

  • When you use any app that runs on the cloud, you just log in, customize it, and start using it.

    用任何雲端APP, 就只要登入、設定就能開始使用

  • That's the power of cloud computing.


  • This model is so much better. It's changing the way we think about software.

    這方法好太多了, 正扭轉我們對軟體的概念

  • Not just for consumer apps, it's also been used for business apps.

    這不只用在消費者APP, 也可用在企業APP上

  • We call this "Enteprise Cloud Computing"


  • Businesses are running all kinds of apps on the cloud these days.


  • including custom-built apps


  • Why? Because you can be up and running in a few days

    為何呢? 因為你可能只營運個幾天而已(就不用了)

  • which is unheard of with traditional business software


  • They cost less because you don't need to pay for all the people, products, and facilities to run them.

    企業雲湍APP費用少, 是因為你不需付人事費、產品費、設施費來讓軟體運作

  • And it turns out they're more scalable, more secure, and more reliable than the vast majority of apps out there.

    結果, 這比起其他多數現有的APP, 更可廣泛運用且更安全可靠

  • Here's why. They're based on an architecture called multi-tenancy.

    原因如下. 企業雲湍APP是以"多租戶技術"的架構為基礎,

  • With a multi-tenent app, there is a copy of the app for each business that's using it.

    每個使用多租戶式APP的企業, 都會拿到此APP的副檔

  • It's one app that everyone shares, but it's flexbile enough for everyone to customize for their specific needs.

    這是一個給所有人共用的APP, 但又保留彈性, 可按自己需要來設定

  • So it's like a giant office building where everyone shares the infrastructure and services, like security.

    就像是巨型辦公大樓, 裡面所有人共享設施和服務, 像是保全

  • And each business can customize their own office space.


  • This means apps are elastic. They can scale up to tens of thousands of users or down to only a few.

    這意味著APP是很彈性的, 可以大到涵蓋數萬用戶或是少到只有幾人

  • Upgrades are taken care for you, so your apps get security and performance enhancements and new features automatically.

    後續更新也是幫你顧好好, 你的APP會自動加強安全性和高效能並新增功能

  • Now, the way you pay for cloud apps is also different. Forget about buying service and software.

    現在你付費的方式也不同了. 忘了以前要買服務和軟體的日子吧

  • Your apps are from the cloud. You don't buy anything at all

    因為你的APP來自雲端, 你不需要買任何東西

  • It's all rolled up in a predictable monthly subscription. See only pay for what you use.

    費用每月計費、價格清楚, 用多少付多少

  • Finally, cloud apps don't eat up your valuable IT resources so you CFO will love it.

    最後, 雲端APP不會占用寶貴的IT資源, 你的財務長肯定會很喜歡的

  • And you can focus on projects that really impact the business like deploying more apps.

    你還可以多注意真正會影響業績的計畫, 像是利用更多的APP

  • Cloud computing is a simple idea but it can have a huge impact on your bottom line.


  • For more information, go to the salesforce dot com slash cloud computing


You have big ideas



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