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  • Japan is facing a serious conundrum.

  • It has sunk so much money into the Olympics.  

  • Officially, 15.4 billion US dollars, and if Tokyo cancels the Games, the country stands to lose an estimated 16.5 billion.

  • So, organizers are loathe to stop the Games.

  • But citizens see a public health danger if the event moves forward

  • The majority do not want it to happen, especially because most of the country remains un-vaccinated.

  • Aussie Spirit.

  • The Australian Olympic softball team is the first international squad to arrive in Japan

  • And they're facing unprecedented restrictions.

  • No restaurants,  no sightseeing, and certainly no socializing.

  • I think that these athletes well know that they have to take great responsibility for their own behavior as well.

  • They're committed to do thatthey're committed to not only look after themselves but do the right thing by the Japanese population as well and be ready for the Games.

  • Most people in Japan do not want the Olympics Games to happen.

  • They're questioning the sense of 15,000 Olympic and Paralympic athletes from more than 200 countries traveling to Japan at a time when serious COVID-19 cases have recently hit new highs

  • And the nation's slow vaccination roll out isn't helping either

  • "Japan has been working hard to roll vaccines outbut demand did not match with supply - And that was from the very start." 

  • Japanese Olympic athletes are now being offered jabs

  • But only about two-and-a-half percent of Japan's population has been fully vaccinated so far

  • Despite all this, the organizers are standing firm

  • "Sports events are held all over the worldand as I've said, there are no examples of clusters of the infection spreading.  

  • Therefore, we believe that we don't need to think about canceling now." 

  • The arrival of Australia's softball team ishuge show of confidence in the beleaguered event

  • All team members tested negative after landing.

  • But the question remains: will this be enough to restore the confidence of the Japanese public in the Games?

Japan is facing a serious conundrum.


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Olympic athletes make awkward arrival in Tokyo for beleaguered Games | DW News

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