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  • hi everyone welcome to my channel as probably know color is the most important

  • element of appearance this is the first thing that anyone pays attention to

  • it can make you stand out and look absolutely awesome or it completely

  • ruin the impression so today we're going to talk about color analysis how it was

  • born how it works and what is your type and finally how you should and should

  • not use it there's going to be a ton of information and examples and I'm really

  • excited to share it with you so let's get started I like the idea of figuring

  • out what works for you and your life rather than following trends and the

  • idea of gradually creating a wardrobe that goes along with your individual

  • style knowing your color type gives you an idea of what colors work best for you

  • but knowing how to apply it gives you a freedom to be creative and master your

  • own style basically a color type is the mixture of your skin color your natural

  • hair color and your eyes color and these three components make an extremely

  • large number of possible combinations to make it easier people developed a theory

  • of a seasonal color analysis that was inspired by the swiss expressionist

  • painter Johannes Itten when he was painting he noticed that different types

  • of appearance of people look better against the background of landscapes of

  • certain seasons now a lot of stylists define the color type using only three

  • parameters of the main color scheme of your skin eyes and hair temperature

  • saturation and brightness but what exactly are they all about? colors are

  • considered warm if they contain enough yellow or yellow red they're considered

  • cool if they contain enough blue black white and gray shades are neutral

  • basically everybody's skin is warm until you're not dead but in color analysis we

  • talked about skin undertone it's a teeny tiny difference that your skin tends to

  • be on the cooler or the warmer side you have cool undertone if your skin appears

  • to have it pink and blue under natural light you

  • have warm undertone if your skin appears more yellowish orange e in golden under

  • natural light all of this applies to the hair and eyes color is tuned so if you

  • have a cool undertone it would be better to follow a cooler side of the color

  • wheel when choosing your personal color palette and the opposite when you're on

  • the warmer side you're also can be somewhere in between and it's called

  • neutral undertone it gives you a lot of variety the next one is saturation it

  • refers to how women rich and intense at color is it describes how close the

  • color to pure grade if you have a high situation your face features are clear

  • and sparkly and you have a pretty high contrast between the ice can and hair if

  • you have a low situation your colors are soft muted dusty nothing bright and

  • upper powering for high saturation features would be better to use clear

  • saturated colors and for a low saturation features your perfect match

  • would be muted palette meaning all the colors mixed with great impression that

  • depends on how low your saturation is and the last one is brightness it simply

  • means how close a color to pure white or pure black you tend to be on the lighter

  • side if your hair and eyes are pretty light like you have blonde hair light

  • green or blue eyes you're on the darker side if your natural features have deep

  • rich dark coloring dark hair and eyes skin may or may not be dark if you are

  • white colored your soothing colors would be on the brighter side mixed with white

  • if you are dark colored your perfect colors will be deeper mixed with black 3

  • parameters of your color type are useful not only when choosing clothes but also

  • for your hair color makeup nails and accessories the whole point of color

  • analysis is to find colors that match your skin tone here I color your face in

  • general so items that are not in direct contact with your face can actually

  • different in theory everything is quite simple in schematic but in practice

  • there are a large number of exceptions and nuances your color type should be

  • used as a guide as a starting point not a set of rules don't rely entirely on

  • your colors because of per NCO from being creative and exploring your own

  • preferences but knowing color theory definitely can help you make a better

  • choice for your wardrobe palette so apply the knowledge and listen to

  • yourself thank you very much for watching I hope this video was helpful

  • for you and if it was please let me know giving a thumbs up and hitting the

  • subscribe button below so I can make more content for you and I'll see you

  • again in the next video

hi everyone welcome to my channel as probably know color is the most important


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COLOR ANALYSIS Simply Explained | How to Find Your Personal Color Palette(COLOR ANALYSIS Simply Explained | How to Find Your Personal Color Palette)

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