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  • In English, there are three words which mean your 'date' word.

  • These are those.

  • The first is the true use of 'date', which means a romantic meeting.

  • They both like each other.

  • Well, I'm not sure about her, but, they both like each other, they go out somewhere.

  • That's called a 'date'.

  • The next kind of meeting you wouldn't call a 'date'.

  • You wouldn't 'date' your dentist.

  • Maybe some people would, I don't know.

  • But in this case, when you meet your dentist, that's not called a 'date'.

  • That's called 'an appointment'.

  • A Lawyer, doctor, psychologist...

  • People who provide a service to you.

  • Third kind is this one.

  • Again, this one, we wouldn't call it a 'date'.

  • It's for business, so we'd call it a 'meeting'.

  • All of them you use the verb 'have'.

  • But what about if you just meet a friend?

  • There's no romance.

  • There's no dentistry, and there's no business being discussed

  • What then?

  • How can you say: 'I'm meeting a friend?'

  • It's exactly that.

  • If it's romantic, you 'have a date'.

  • If it's for a service, like a doctor, lawyer, dentist, you 'have an appointment'.

  • If it's for business, you 'have a meeting'.

  • If you're seeing friends, 'you're seeing your friend'.

  • Or 'you're 'meeting your friend' - Both are okay.

  • So I hope that is a little more clear now.

  • Let us know what you have troubles understanding.

  • We'll try and make a video for you.

  • See you in the next class. Bye!

In English, there are three words which mean your 'date' word.


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"Date", "Meeting", and "Appointment". What's the difference? - English grammar

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